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  1. Is this a fait accompli, or do the Raiders have time to work out a deal to stay in Oakland, like the Chargers from last year?
  2. Wilbert Montgomery with the Lions.
  3. No Cowboys fan mentioned Tony Dorsett with the Broncos?
  4. Yeah, but that was about 20 years after the celebration rules came about, originally. Before the Cowboys decided to try to intimidate/break up the Redskins Fun Bunch, the celebrations weren't penalized.
  5. I don't recall that, I just recall that the 'catalyst' was the Cowboys trying to get in and break up the Redskins, getting into the middle of the celebration as if to say "No, you're not going to celebrate in OUR stadium!"
  6. They might say it's about time, but it's not. The whole thing with penalizing celebrations, began when the Cowboys decided to take offense to the Redskins 'The Fun Bunch' celebrating a TD with their group high five, and tried to stop them from doing it in Texas Stadium. So to prevent any further fights, the league decided to put in rules against excessive celebrations. Off the top of my head, I don't recall any other incidents that may have contributed to the decision.
  7. Those are, of course, VHS. If said person doesn't have a VHS player, I would be willing to buy the VHS from one of the above links and convert it to DVD and ship both the VHS and the DVD copy to you, Dave. As long as the person who has the DVD copy, also owns the VHS, then the DVD copy is legal as you're permitted to have backup copies of what you own. Looks like a used VHS on Amazon would run under $10 and I've gotten more than $10 worth of value out of the EMB over the past 15 or 16 years, so I would do this free of charge. Just let me know, either here or in a PM, and I'll order the tape.
  8. No SSL for the Login and ACP here? As of this January, Google (Chrome) and Firefox are reporting sites that require a login, as unsafe if it's not using SSL. Will SSL be implemented here?
  9. I can understand that, from the standpoint of hometown fans. If the Eagles moved to Virginia Beach, those in Philadelphia would demand that the team history stay in Philadelphia, along with logos, and names. In the age of the Internet and Sunday Ticket, etc... I'd think that 'out of town' fans would care less about that issue. For me, I've never been to Philadelphia, so I don't have that 'hometown' connection, but as much as I'd LOVE to have season tickets to the Virginia Beach Eagles... I really would prefer the team remain in Philadelphia. But wherever the "Eagles" call home, I'm with them.
  10. But the Eagle is the national bird/national animal of the United States and Philadelphia is considered the birthplace of the United States. So there is a logical connection there.
  11. Another Theme question/comment... why not theme it a bit more for the Eagles? Put the Eagle head as the forum icon next to the various forums in place of the Invision talk bubbles. Or, mix it up a little. Put the NFL shield for Around the NFL, Dave's icon, for Ask Dave and the Eagles logo for the rest. It's really simple to do in the ACP, wouldn't even need Invision to do it.
  12. We used to use them in the spokes of our bikes.
  13. No, they weren't able to. The Oilers moved to Tennessee as the Oilers, it was 2 years later that they changed their name to the Titans. I believe they even had to get permission from the Jets to use 'Titans', because the Jets used to be the Titans and still owned the name. With the Browns, they came to an agreement that they would completely vacate the franchise and leave it in Cleveland. All employees and the owner would then move to Baltimore where they were awarded an expansion franchise, and they named it the Ravens. The Browns franchise still existed, it was just dormant (much like it's STILL dormant even now lol). When the Browns came back into being, in 1999, the franchise was just re-populated with an owner, a staff and players. Bringing it back to life. The Titans still owned 'Oilers' when the Texans came into being, and would never have agreed to give it up. That would (or could) have meant giving up the team history as well.
  14. I worked with a guy back in the 90's whose father-in-law had one of the Babe Ruth cards and left it to my friend's son. I don't remember what grade it was, but he told me that the appraisal was in the $500,000 range back then. This was probably '93 or so.