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  1. Can you imagine the headlines if there was PED testing 30 or 40 years ago? It's a shame they weren't testing, might have saved Lyle Alzado's life.
  2. I'm pretty sure that the Army and Navy aren't too worried about football players not joining the military simply because they'll be expected to actually fulfill their obligation. Their coaching staffs may be, but the military has a slightly different objective than their football programs. The military exists to kill people and break things (and, of course, deter our enemies from wanting to try to kill our people and break our things). THe military isn't there so that kids can get a free education, then immediately bolt to a professional sports career. Those men signed a commitment to serve our military. The privilege of playing football while in school, is just that. A privilege. If John Smith decides to go to the University of Maryland rather then Annapolis or West Point, I'm pretty sure the Army and Navy will survive... Besides, if people stop volunteering, we can always re-institute the draft...
  3. So tell us who we need to get fired and we'll begin working on it.
  4. One thing I'll say about all of them. The M1 Garand isn't a light weapon, I have one and just holding it gives you a great respect for those Soldiers and Marines that had to carry it every hour of every day during WWII and Korea. It's a great rifle and was groundbreaking, but after a while with an M1 in my hands, my M16A1 (clone) feels feather light. lol Much respect to those Soldiers and Marines for their discipline, dedication and attention to detail to be able to do what they do. I had a platoon sergeant (SFC) at Fort Hood who loved DnC... he was a former Drill Sergeant... and LOVED, LOVED DnC. So he got permission to form a mini drill team. I volunteered for it (anything cool, I volunteered for, even if it was the gas chamber). We weren't nearly as good/skilled as those in the videos above, but we had a good time. We'd have kept at it and continued to practice to the point of 'performing', but on August 1st, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait and that was that. It was cool to be in the line with all of the M16's rippling down the line though. Fun stuff! I miss stuff like this:
  5. I did notice that with the Marines, and meant to comment on it. For the Army, there was a Sergeant First Class which is an E7 (Their platoon Sgt. I would assume), a Staff Sergeant (E6), a couple of Sergeants (E5) and the rest aren't wearing rank on their sleeves. I never got dress blues, so I don't know the regs on them, but a couple of the 'solo' Soldiers were introduced as a Specialist (E4) and a PFC (E3). So I'm assuming that only E5 and above wear their rank when in their Blues. If those two hadn't been introduced with their ranks, I'd have assumed the rest were all PV1's (E1).
  6. This video isn't about college... Neither are these:
  7. I blame McNabb. (He wasn't the other driver ... coming from a bar... was he?)
  8. Not to mention just the 'life experience' that you get. (I added a little to what I said above, probably while you were quoting me).
  9. In many (MANY) ways, the military IS far more valuable than college. I believe that if anyone wants Federal assistance for tuition, they should have to serve at least 4 years in the military. Otherwise, there's no Federal aid.
  10. Not sure how many may remember this, but it impressed me back when he did it:
  11. We called them 'ate up' (sometimes written as 8 up). Or if the person was especially worthless, "ate the F*** up!" "Private, you are ate the F up! Get in the dirt and beat your F'n face!"
  12. I was still tucking my laces in 25 years after I got out of the Army and I still finish a meal well before everyone else. lol