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  1. This is priceless. People are coming up with some great stuff
  2. Sure did Who was gifted 10 points? And how?
  3. Someone was gifted 10 points? Do tell
  4. Just breaking now: Shane Vereen out for the season with a triceps injury that'll require surgery PFT
  5. Highlights are embedded in the article Right around the 4:18 mark is the Tye INT. You can see it as clear as day, right from the snap, that he didn't fight to get into position, and didn't go for the ball at all when it was in the air.
  6. Hopefully, you didn't pay too much for the chloroform, or the girl, because we all know that the only way your sorry a** is getting any action
  7. Well, seeing as how the QB is to blame for every single INT, even if his receivers blatantly screw up, which *gasp* actually happens now and then... You just have to consider what you're dealing with. Best to not even acknowledge it I'm one of Eli's biggest critics, and even I can concede that not every INT is his fault. Anyone with a set of functioning eyes, and even a minute understanding of the game, knows this is true
  8. Of course it happens to every team, but it seems to happen to the Giants a bit more frequently I'm not suggesting that the Redskins are beneath them as a team, but the Giants have, historically, played down to their competition, and have done so for years
  9. That was the kind of game that the Giants love to lose, and even with a coaching change, it continues to happen How they were still in that game yesterday, after all of the stupidity and piss poor mistakes, is beyond comprehension. They deserved to lose, and I hope it woke them up a little bit. Minny is probably going to slap them around, at least IMO. Eli always seems to play horribly against them
  10. The Bucs game ended in a spectacularly hilarious fashion. Jameis ran beyond the LOS, but instead of continuing to run, he was still looking down the field, inching his way forward until he got blasted from behind, and with 0:00 time left on the clock
  11. They're making it look easy as hell against the Steelers. I'm genuinely impressed In other news...
  12. The kid is damn good, cant deny that
  13. And on top of it all, Richburg, the starting Center, got ejected for two unsportsmanlike penalties. The CENTER!! Gotta laugh games like this one off
  14. Credit to the Skins, they were able to move the ball when they had to You can practically bet the house on the Giants losing games like this one. They've been doing it for years. I wasnt the least bit surprised by how this one ended. Classic "bad Eli" making a truly stupid, **** throw
  15. Even I was laughing at that. What a moron