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  1. Nor would I I dont think he deserves it
  2. The rings are largely why Eli will get in, which is why I think the whole HOF process has become so questionable. As I said earlier, I have set the bar a bit higher as far as the HOF goes, and I dont see Eli as a HOF QB because of it. He's very good, and I'm glad he's a Giant, but HOF....I dont see him in that light. There have been far too many idiotic mistakes, terrible decisions, and horrible throws over the years, and I cant get past all of it.
  3. Thats a fair statement. If he keeps up at this level, and doesn't suffer a serious injury, considering him a lock would be realistic.
  4. Watt is well on his way, but he has played only 5 seasons. Impossible to say whats going to happen, and whether he'll be able to keep up his current pace
  5. Big Ben is about the only one that I'd consider a shoe-in from the same era. Agreed. Eli will probably get in, and I'd be happy to see it, but at the same time, I dont think I'll ever view him as a true HOF QB. I guess I think of the HOF as 'all time great'. Obviously it's not, because there are plenty of guys in there who dont fit that criteria. I guess it has been watered down over the years. I like Eli, and he's a very good(and occasionally great) QB, I just dont think he's HOF-worthy. I have the bar set a bit higher when it comes to that sort of thing, I guess.
  6. Nah, they were voted tops because they love to see you whine about cheating over and over again, as if it's going to make any kind of difference
  7. His rookie season proved that he can play He just....cant play anymore
  8. Scary? Nah Joe, this guy is f'd up
  9. I see what you did there...
  10. You didnt answer my question: How many QB's have you seen in your lifetime that compare to Peyton Manning? Luck was hurt not once, but twice last season. Hasselbeck is his backup, what else did you expect the Colts to do? Not put a QB out there because they didnt have one as good as Peyton? Whats wrong with you? I get the feeling that you are actually being serious about this ish
  11. How many QB's have you seen in your lifetime that compare to Peyton Manning? You obviously dont know what the hell you're talking about
  12. Enough with the "elite" bull****. It has zero to do with that stupid tag that gets thrown around way too often Starting franchise QB's make a huge amount of money in the NFL, no matter how good or bad they may be. Luck was getting paid no matter where he went, just like Wentz will, if he proves to be a competent starter in the NFL. Its nothing new
  13. It would have been incredibly stupid to NOT sign him. He's a franchise QB, and even though he may be prone to mistakes and bad decisions, he's still a very good QB, and the Colts had to sign him. The contract is, sadly, now the standard for starting franchise QB's in the NFL, and its only going to continue to rise as time goes by.
  14. I dont follow college ball, so I cant make any kind of fair asessment on that part of it. He's not a bad QB, and he even seems to be a pretty good guy as well, but I dunno.....I've never been terribly impressed with him. I dont think he's as good as the hype that surrounds him. Its probably all of the dumb decisions and INT's that helped to form my opinion. The Colts had to sign him though, because as you said earlier, franchise QB's are not easy to find. In a sense, he's not unlike our own QB, whom I have been openly critical of for many years for doing the same things, although I'm not making any kind of comparison between the two of them.