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  1. With this offense, and now no JPP? Hate to say it, but 0-4 is a very distinct possibility at this point
  2. Yikes This is a big hit to the defense. Ah well, I said before the season that I'd even be happy with 8-8 because it would mean improvement, and I stand by that. Anything more than 8 wins is a bonus from here on.
  3. Yahoo article Thats a damn shame. They mentioned the possibility that it was a suicide. Maybe he was having CTE symptoms RIP
  4. The offense will be the downfall of this team. It's staggering at just how horrible they look from top to bottom. Yesterday was the exposure, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they didn't win another game. The defense isn't going to be able to win every game for them, which is basically what they've been doing all season long
  5. Seriously? Dont bring that BS in here
  6. Now that was a ticky tack PI call. Ridiculous
  7. This world is getting more and more f'd up every day RIP Joe
  8. Lots of people are taking Oakland seriously. Why the hell wouldn't they? Thats a very good football team
  9. Right over your heads. Not surprised at all I just know that I've been keeping up with what's been going on on the EMB, and Suddenly, there are a lot of so called Dallas fans showing up that weren't here even just a couple of months ago. Stephen is the only one with the balls to stick around through thick and thin, while the rest of you crawl out from under your rock only when the weather is fair. Yes, because I've been beating my chest and telling everyone that the Giants are world beaters. Check my posts, moron. I've been saying the exact opposite, so once again, you lose. Go back into hiding with the rest of the front runners
  10. You guys crack me up. Crawling out of the woodwork, thumping your chests at the first opportunity Haven't seen so many Dallas "fans" away from Dallas since ohhh.....1995...
  11. These next five weeks are gonna be great. Not much room for error for any of the teams in the mix
  12. An excellent defensive game plan
  13. No doubt about it. The offense was f'n pitiful for most of the game, and Eli is starting to show that he's got a lot of mileage on his arm. On the rare occasions that he throws deep, it's just not there anymore. If he wasn't under throwing, he was overthrowing. It was excruciating to watch that game, but I'll take the W. Pitt is probably going to embarrass them
  14. It's hard not to love this Raiders team. They are fun as hell to watch and they never give up They still need to work on the defense a bit, but they can definitely make some noise in the playoffs
  15. We're just trying to keep you updated on the great news The Giants WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!