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  1. There is no doubt that the '91 and '92 Eagles' defense was pretty sick in its own right. I remember that game
  2. Yep, it was awesome to find a card you needed for the set And the gum....holy ish, it literally broke apart, it was hard as a rock most of the time lol Ugh...that sucks, especially for cards that old
  3. Loved watching those early 90's Oilers teams
  4. I'm sure he's going to be made to compete for the backup position, but having a backup with some real game experience isn't the worst thing in the world, I suppose.
  5. Yep, pretty much this right here. Damn shame, because I have a LOT of cards from the late 70's thru the 80's that are not worth as much as they might have been.
  6. There was only one LT, and he......ain't
  7. See? No football watching is required. Just crunch the numbers, and you too can pretend to be right all the time!
  8. Yeah, but you dont normally act like a horses a**, so your screen name is forgivable The Eli pic is quite funny to me, and the only people that are going to try to make something out of my screen name are pathetic homophobes. The Giants have been called the "Gmen" for many decades, so thinking that it could mean something else is just more weak assed bull****. Making fun of the name "skippy" wasn't meant to be what you thought it was, so just sit back down and shaddap.
  9. The guy calls himself "skippy". That should immediately tell you what you're dealing with He doesn't actually watch the games, he just has someone read him the boxscores in the paper the day after the game, and then he waits for the almighty rankings, which always tell the whole story. Only losers watch football games
  10. I'd be a bit wary of giving up a 1st, if only because there is an extremely small sample size in which to judge the guy as an NFL QB. That being said, if they can work something out for a 2nd and a later round pick, I'd be ok with the Giants taking a shot. They definitely need to get started on finding Eli's replacement sooner rather than later
  11. Oh cripes, that would be a classic Giants move, and no one would be surprised I'd love to see them address the issue in FA, rather than the draft. I dont know how much time they're going to have to wait for another WR to develop with Eli being 36.
  12. Thank him again. According to Mike Garafolo, they told Larry Donnell(UFA) that they weren't offering him another contract
  13. Not surprised, but I thought that maybe they'd try to keep him at a much lower price He'll get picked up, and if I had to guess, it'll be in the division. Just a gut feeling
  14. Defense travels It would be a coin flip between Reggie White and LT for me.
  15. If you could even consider turning your back on your team after any loss, you aren't a true fan. Frontrunning losers find other teams, or quit watching altogether. Being a fan means taking the bad ish along with the good.