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  1. Theres no doubt that he needs help in front of him, but how anyone can imply that he's been getting pressured on every snap and has zero time to throw is delusion at its finest. The OL is far from great, but its not the worst either, at least as far as pass protection is concerned. He missed several throws yesterday with no presure in his face, although he did look a bit more composed overall for the first time all season really.
  2. Hey, did ya hear? The Giants won yesterday!11!!1!
  3. Perspective, my good man. Life perspective
  4. There is no doubt whatsoever that its going to be another terrible season, so just enjoy the wins when they get them. No idea how they're going to fix this ish going forward, short of a complete and total housecleaning, which is incredibly unlikely IMO The ultimate Eli homer indeed
  5. A win is a win, ugly as it was. I'll take it
  6. Then how do you explain when he's rushing his throws and he's not under pressure? If you're going to tell me that he's getting pressured on every single snap, then I'm just gonna go back to believing that you're the ultimate Eli homer, and he can do no wrong in your eyes.
  7. Yeah, he should be standing in there like Wentz and get repeatedly destroyed, so morons like you will respect him. It's a great way to prolong one's NFL career...
  8. I dont have to watch them again, I saw them the first time You make it sound like hes getting crushed on every snap, and that defenders are getting through clean every time. Its not true. He has had time, and he has missed many, many throws, despite the fact that he wasn't pressured at all. The Minny game: Vikings defense led(at gametime) the league in sacks. Number of times Eli was sacked: 0 Again, the OL is not great, or even very good, but they are not complete garbage either, at least in pass protection. Eli is a big part of the problem with the offense in the last 2 games, and the OL is not 100% responsible for it.
  9. Know what I'm seeing? I'm seeing Eli panicking, rushing throws, throwing the ball into the ground, and generally looking extremely uncomfortable, and that is even when he DOES have time to throw. I dont know what games you're watching, but its not as if he's getting hit on every snap, or even getting knocked down. They HAVE given him time in games, he had a good pocket, and he still cant make the throws. The stuff I'm seeing is mental on his part, and it doesn't matter if they're hitting him or not. He's hearing footsteps when theres no one within 5 yards of him Scared is scared, and the guy looks scared. I'm definitely not the only person who has said the exact same thing. Several media guys have said it, many of them former NFL players. The line is far from great, but they aren't nearly as bad as you're making them out to be. They cant run block worth a damn, but pass pro has been surprisingly decent for the most part
  10. It's the harsh truth. I can understand that happening if he was getting planted into the turf on every other snap, but that's not the case. Mind you, I think at least part of it is the offensive game plan too, but that wouldn't explain why he looks so scared out there
  11. He's doing what is asked of him, he's protecting the football very well, and he's helping his team win games as a 4th round rookie. Sure, he's not lighting up the damn stat sheet, but stats dont mean ish, except for the W-L column I dont understand how anyone can find Dak to be unimpressive, but to each their own
  12. Tried to tell ya that very thing months ago, dude. There is still work to be done to get this team where they need to be to compete And I know you may not want to hear this, but even when Eli has had time in the pocket, he has still looked like total ish. He is not playing well at all, and looks scared as hell out there. He's feeling a rush when there is no rush, and thats a very bad sign.
  13. Reported Bronx? Nah, I liked Bronx. He could be a real jack hole sometimes, but he was funny There are plenty of others who should have gotten the axe, yourself included
  14. Right, which is why you've been trolling in Giants threads in Around the NFL...
  15. Whoa...