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  1. Thats what happens when the GM completely ignores what was a big issue last season(OL), and brings back the same guys to do it again. I didn't think it was possible, but they've actually regressed. They get no forward push whatsoever
  2. So local media is saying something positive about their local teams? How dare they feel optimistic and try to get their readers excited about a season that hasn't started yet....
  3. McAdoo has been sort of hinting that Hall could possibly move to safety, which I would not be opposed to at all. They've got next to no experience back there
  4. Ok, thats not bad at all. Very safe deal
  5. I'm not sold on anything, to be honest. The defense was so bad last season that I cant allow myself to get overly excited. I wont be convinced that they've turned the corner until I see it on the field, but on paper, I like the moves they've made defensively
  6. I like the move. He brings experienced depth, and it sounds like he's gonna stay in the slot. No word on contract details yet
  7. Well, mentioned it in your initial post, and have made repeated mentions of it in subsequent posts, even though you initially started the thread to report his injury. Where's the correlation between the injury and being ghey? Who has the issue? It sure as hell isn't me, jack***
  8. Yep, a moronic rhomophobe. Mom and Dad must be so proud of you...
  9. You started believing that the second he became an eagle, didnt you? Of course you did...
  10. How stupid of him to want the ball, especially when you consider that he broke the previous record set by Randy Moss for having the most receiving yards in history in his first 2 seasons, and thats after missing 5 total games due to injury/suspension. Lets keep the ball away from a player like that... No idea if he likes men, but I wouldnt care. I'm not an ignorant rhomophobe
  11. Nor would I I dont think he deserves it
  12. The rings are largely why Eli will get in, which is why I think the whole HOF process has become so questionable. As I said earlier, I have set the bar a bit higher as far as the HOF goes, and I dont see Eli as a HOF QB because of it. He's very good, and I'm glad he's a Giant, but HOF....I dont see him in that light. There have been far too many idiotic mistakes, terrible decisions, and horrible throws over the years, and I cant get past all of it.
  13. Thats a fair statement. If he keeps up at this level, and doesn't suffer a serious injury, considering him a lock would be realistic.
  14. Watt is well on his way, but he has played only 5 seasons. Impossible to say whats going to happen, and whether he'll be able to keep up his current pace
  15. Big Ben is about the only one that I'd consider a shoe-in from the same era. Agreed. Eli will probably get in, and I'd be happy to see it, but at the same time, I dont think I'll ever view him as a true HOF QB. I guess I think of the HOF as 'all time great'. Obviously it's not, because there are plenty of guys in there who dont fit that criteria. I guess it has been watered down over the years. I like Eli, and he's a very good(and occasionally great) QB, I just dont think he's HOF-worthy. I have the bar set a bit higher when it comes to that sort of thing, I guess.