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  1. I'd be a bit wary of giving up a 1st, if only because there is an extremely small sample size in which to judge the guy as an NFL QB. That being said, if they can work something out for a 2nd and a later round pick, I'd be ok with the Giants taking a shot. They definitely need to get started on finding Eli's replacement sooner rather than later
  2. Oh cripes, that would be a classic Giants move, and no one would be surprised I'd love to see them address the issue in FA, rather than the draft. I dont know how much time they're going to have to wait for another WR to develop with Eli being 36.
  3. Thank him again. According to Mike Garafolo, they told Larry Donnell(UFA) that they weren't offering him another contract
  4. Not surprised, but I thought that maybe they'd try to keep him at a much lower price He'll get picked up, and if I had to guess, it'll be in the division. Just a gut feeling
  5. Defense travels It would be a coin flip between Reggie White and LT for me.
  6. If you could even consider turning your back on your team after any loss, you aren't a true fan. Frontrunning losers find other teams, or quit watching altogether. Being a fan means taking the bad ish along with the good.
  7. And there you have it. It's why I have zero sympathy for Atlanta, even though I was rooting hard for them. They allowed a team to come back on them with a 25 point lead, which has never happened in a Super Bowl previously. Brady also broke a couple of offensive SB records as well When you let ish like that happen, you deserve to lose, OT or no OT.
  8. Lombardi's for everyone!!11!1!!! (Well.....except for the Eagles. Cant have that on my watch)
  9. Definitely not the outcome I was hoping for, but that was one hell of a football game Props to the Pats on a huge comeback win. That was impressive, and Goodell is f'n FUMING right now
  10. Hell of a football player, but.....a GM?! This is gonna be hilarious.
  11. Add me to that list. Gotta give it up for Ryan, he is killing it this season and deserves a ton of praise. I dont mind eating crow (although I still contend that prior to this season, he's been overrated)
  12. An overrated 13-3 team? Yeah ok... Moron This game can definitely go either way, and I'm leaning toward GB to win it, but its a tough call. A lot of it will come down to ATL's defense being able to hang, IMO
  13. Its about being a fan of the game, and not just a fan of your team I can give rival players credit because I'm a fan of the game as well as my team. Give me a good game with good teams and I'm happy as hell. Last night was a great game