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  1. I hope Manning owns that terrorist propaganda rag by the time this is done.
  2. You really have no clue what you're talking about.
  3. Probably because they didn't record them back then... He was drafted as a high upside, boom or bust guy. That's all he was coming out of college - raw talent. It's true he wasn't a natural hands catcher and didn't run low 4.3's (though again, most reports have him as a 6'3" 210 pounder running low 4.4's at the combine). The guy was a dynamic raw talent. I wouldn't say top 4 all time (Calvin and Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, and Charles Rogers come to mind off the top of my head as guys who all had better natural athleticism) but definitely a unique, elite individual talent.
  4. Your crazy if you don't think TO was that talented. He was drafted in the 3rd round as a small school prospect based purely on upside. That was his draft profile - boom or bust raw athlete. Owens had good, but not great speed. Combine numbers don't exist, but he supposedly ran a 4.4 flat. His best physical attribute was his physical strength. The guy was an absolute bull. And he could run... not Desean Jackson obviously, but guys his size shouldn't be able to run like he did - not just in a straight line, but he had quick feet and excellent balance to go along with the strength and speed. Seriously, have you people seen the guy play? Not just in the past few years, but with the 9ers? They used to give him end arounds, and he'd routinely break tackles after the catch and take it to the house. A superb talent. Not in the same league as Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson, but easily an "elite" raw physical talent. And yes, he was a ridiculously hard worker as well. He maxed out his potential. Got to respect that.
  5. No... they changed their blocking scheme because one of the greatest OL coaches the game has ever seen became available.
  6. Eagles suck,take it from A Cowboy fan.

  7. One of the few people on this message board that knows what he's talking about.

  8. The one thing that concerned me before the draft about him was a serious lack of strength. If I remember correctly, he had some really poor vertical jump and broad jump numbers for a guy who was supposed to be a top flight running back prospect. The good news is that he was only 20 years old when he took those tests so his body has time to mature. I still am not ready to hitch my offenses wagon to the idea that he is the back of the future for this team. If a guy like CJ Spiller or Jahvid Best is available in the draft, I'd have a hard time passing on that kind of talent based solely on McCoys presence.
  9. That's going over board. He should end up being a good, solid player. But special players are, well, special. Westbrook in his prime was special. Chris Johnson is special. Peterson is special. Expecting McCoy to be as good as those guys is just setting your self up for disapointment.
  10. He's handling the starting duties right now... and he's averaging 80 yards a game as a starter, which translates to almost 1,300 yards over a 16 game season. He obviously is still very raw, but he's certainly "ready" to play. He isn't killing this team with mistakes and under developed skills.
  11. You and me both. But I won't be holding my breath.
  12. There is a lot more to being a home run threat than just pure speed. From what I've seen, that isn't his great strength in the way it is for a guy like Chris Johnson or Westbrook or Barry Sanders (obviously the best ever in this respect, just using as an example). McCoy is a good back with a lot of upside. And he's certainly fast and shifty enough to break some long runs. But I don't expect to see him breaking off 50 yard TDs every week. I expected that of Westbrook. That's the difference.
  13. How many "special" players are there at the position? AP, Chris Johnson...................................... and? Special is a term you shouldn't throw around loosely. McCoy may never be an all-pro. But he's a talented player. He's not the home run threat Westbrook was. But then, Westbrook was the best home run threat at RB in the NFL for most of his career. McCoy is a slasher type. He's going to bust off 8 yard, 12 yard, 17 yard type of runs through the game. He's got a nose for the end zone as well, given his college career. I think he's certainly talented enough to be our lead RB for the next 7 years, but at the same time I'd love to pair him with a guy who was more of a hime run threat (ideally CJ Spiller) and add a bigger, more physical back.
  14. "My P is this big... around."
  15. I think we have established that Vernon is not a mere man, but a God who's presence requires the sacrafice of the eldest daughter of 100 families for every day he graces us.