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  1. Park in Franklin Delano Park across Broad Street or the Navy Yard. Both places are free.
  2. We don't lose as many people to injuries at the linc than we did at the vet. Players and opposing team fans.
  3. One star. Next time post pics.
  4. You who. Joanie. Where is you?

  5. Chip would sign Dez in a minute if the price was right. Kelly is all about the bottom line. That's why he cut those other guys.
  6. I hope Evan shows up next week
  7. I go to 10 games a year you bunch of whiny nancys. Stay home and watch it on your big screens.
  8. Much much more than you can afford
  9. You guys would like RnR.
  10. followed by New England, Seattle and the Colts
  11. If you don't like it, don't go
  12. Hey Harry, you are near my section