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  1. Didn't Seattle have Law Enforcement Appreciation Day the day they played the 9ers last year? Winning.
  2. I think the Anthem thing is just a secondary reason aside him just simply being a bad quarterback. Not standing and respecting his country certainly didn't help, but the reason he doesn't have a job is because he is the type of quarterback that was only mildly affective when he was younger. He didn't grow into a game manager or any type of leader. Career done.
  3. White people make everything better. I kid.
  4. He's starting to border on Marcus Vick kinda dumb.
  5. Everyone take note. Until some other team boos Santa or throws battery-filled snowballs at the Cowboys (I'm baffled that this hasn't happened again somewhere) this will be the only ammo we have to fire back when we hear the McNabb criticism. And we didn't trade for that pick either. So they're worse.
  6. Soooo many people wanted to give the farm for him too.
  7. This has cropped up with him one too many times for me to benefit him with any doubt at all. It has nothing to do with his being a Cowboy either.
  8. I wouldn't look too much into him challenging Cousins. They converted him to WR for a reason.
  9. This is an awful long argument over just simple semantics.
  10. Oh boy were those calls necessary. Definitely obvious. Edelman was getting mauled out there.
  11. Clifford Franklin ....no Rudy fine, Tom Brady
  12. I have felt for a long time that it should come down to the kickers, similar to a shootout in hockey. Start out at extra point range and add 5-10 yards until someone misses.
  13. I don't think a smart person would. These guys want to get a ring and you go where the best chance is. I don't think I could understand a player that wouldn't play for NE rather than a Cleveland or San Fran type team for half a million less a year or so. I know full well I would.
  14. I doubt it. Why would someone need to be bribed to play on the greatest team of this era?
  15. It doesn't hurt that many players will accept less money to play there. That is the position you need to be in.