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  1. one also has to take into account the inflated passing stats of an era where the NFL has has favored the passing game, long gone are the days where defenses actually were allowed to play defense, in an era where a premium is placed on protecting the qb plenty of average qb's( Eli Manning) put up bigger numbers had they been in an earlier Era where they actually faced defense. i think it would be better to compare Eli's numbers with his peers of the same Era and how he stacks up, obviously he has the two rings but other than that and maybe one season his stats compared to the same guys over those same years are average in comparison.
  2. yeah always liked Rivers, but he has had zero playoff success and of course Eli plays in a bigger Market where he get more national attention and press, which always helps with the voters, Rivers is a better QB has better stats just not the team success or national attention that ELi in new york and being Peytons little brother gets.
  3. Cam chancellor has got a few more years before he even gets consideration for HOF, as for Iupati, not sure he's even the best at his position right now, let alone HOF How about Jason PEters???
  4. I don't know that there are any eagles bars here in Utah, I know of a few posters on the boards from Utah but bars in Utah are few and far between let alone eagles bars. Good luck though, if you can't find any you can always go to church like the rest of us😋
  5. That bears play off game was great, eagles were under dogs headed into soldier field and the bears were pretty hot at the time and the eagles just went in and spanked them, damon moore had a great game before tearing his knee and being lost, sad for him because the eagles had offered him a contract extension and he turned it down then tore his ACL.
  6. Just watched 1996 dallas game in dallas, actually first time i've seen that game, had seen the big play at the end of that game a thousand times but never saw the game as i was living in new zealand at the time. Awesome game, Erik williams and william fuller punched each other in the head the whole game, Bobby Taylor was matched up with Irvin the hole game and shut him out first half, Ty Detmer after winning his first 3 starts gets his 4th start and looked like a seasoned vet, passing for 1 td and running for another, ricky watters was the first back to gain 100 yards against the cowboys defense that year and irving Fryar had his 3rd 100 yard game in a row, first eagle to accomplish that feat since mike quick. Just a really fun game to watch, the cowboys were the favorite to win but early but they had no answer for detmer watters and fryar, but the game went back and forth, herschel walker took the opening kick off all the way to the 7 yard line a few plays later emmitt runs in for a td, The eagles get the ball and respond by systematically moving the ball down the field with short passes and watters runs and score on a 7 yard jaunt by watters to cap off a 14 play scoring drive. Dallas responds with a FG as the defense shuts downs dallas passing game eagles score another td as detmer runs in on a qb draw from about 5 yards out and at halftime the score is 14 10 and aikman goes into half having thrown for 42 yards with his leading receiver being eric bjornsen with 12 yards. second half dallas makes some adjustments and irvin gets a few catches and emmitt gets another td Detmer answers with a strike on a crosser to irvin for a td game goes back and forth and it looks like who ever has the ball to end the game will win, eagles march down the field in the fourth tied and sputter in the red zone when fryar goes out with a concussion and settle for a Fg with just over two minutes left to go up by 3. At this point i knew how the game ended but i was still anxious, Troy Aikman orchestrates the hurry up offense throws a pretty fade route to irving on 3rd and 3 to get the cowboys inside the ten then a couple emmitt smith runs down inside the 5 and im thinking maybe im confused and this is a different game than im thinking of, 3rd and goal from about the 3 dallas is money and is going to go up with about ten seconds left, then it happens Aikman goes playaction no one bites he feels some heat forces a pass to some fat TE no one has ever heard of james willis truns his head picks it off in the end zone and its over right? Wrong dude lateral it to troy vincent at about he 5 yard line then vincent waeves his way through the shocked dallas offense all the way to the end zone for the game, set , match. what an awesome game throughout, and an awesome ending one of the best eagles games ive seen with so much raw emotion from both teams that obviously had no lost love for eachother. if one hasnt watched this game or just wants to see a great fought game go watch this one on you tube you wont be disappointed.
  7. That 1994 San Fran game was charlie Garner's break out game, the miners definitely hadn't game planned for garner who got his first start as Herschel walker was moved to FB garner I think had two TDs over 100 yards and the niners looked totally lost, great game, terrible end of that season as they won I think their first 6 then lost there next 6 Kotiite, was a maroon.
  8. Eagles playoff win in new Orleans, Fred Barnett caught a bomb to end the half Heath Sherman had a monster game, was the first playoff game I ever saw, too bad they got spanked by the cowboys the next week to finish another promising but unfulfilled season.
  9. Brady and Billichick both have two things in common, they both are ultra competitive and both dont mind bending the rules and cheating to win.
  10. Not sure why one would understand reed over dawkins Rod Woodson, woodson has more ints more tackles more sacks more return tds also played KR and PR he made the pro bowl as a corner a safety and a returner. Reed was great at playing center field, he wasnt an in the box saftey didnt cover man didnt blitz much he was good at playing center field maybe the best center field ever, but as far as being a complete safety like dawkins or woodson he was not
  11. yeah i can get down with that, page was pretty undersized even for his day, but back then O-line were alot smaller as well, Sapp is a turd but he was pretty good, i probably mis spoke when i listed him but like i said i didnt put alot of thought into it, and some of those older guys werent really on the forefront of my mind. As for White i will not give any attention to any stupid cowboy, i dont care how good he was he's a cowboy and as such doesnt deserve any of my time. :)
  12. regardless of what you think the majority of nfl fans will out warren sapp in the top 5 of NFL all time DTs, im mean the guy was a 7 time pro bowler 4 time all pro and super bowl champ and had almost 100 sacks as a DT. having said that you are right i dint do alot of research i made the list of the top of my head just to start some discussion on a bored day, having said that i think if i would have given it a little more though i would have said John randle instead, he was dominant and i have a soft spot for guys that are under sized under achievers. scholars and the such will probably disagree and put page or mean joe greene up right at the top and rightfully so but im going with randle :)
  13. I never saw jim brown play either but i can look at the stats and old films and tape and read history and come to the conclusion that he was a really good player. If people could only make judgements based on having seen everyone ever play then no one could ever make any judgements because no one has ever seen every one play.
  14. Are you having a seizure or is that a stock reply for this thread?