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  1. Yup boldin is tough, not very fast but fly trap hands and super physical in and out of his routes.
  2. To this Point Dak has been a good game manager, he hasnt turned the ball over, he has shown some poise running the offense, but he still hasnt thrown a td and has one totall TD a rushing one. I like Dak and he's been impressive but i think Wentz showed in his first game that he can make some special throws. Having said that i hope Wentz has a better career because if Dak is having the better career than it probably means dallas is winning more than the eagles.
  3. liked both those guys, im sure both will find jobs somewhere.
  4. yeah i'll go with Gronk and whoever, it could be bill belicheat and Gronk and it would still be better just because, Gronk.
  5. Maybe he's hanging out with Shawn Andrews, or smokin blunts with Run Ricky Run

    6 hours ago, Utebird said:

    The original blog was cool , lots of well informed posters discussing eagles stuff, but after a while it just became an inclusive ole boys club full of circle jerkers.

    im all for the blog until it turns into just another elitist whats up forum.


    You make a very reasonable point.  I'm hopeful that this reset causes your wish to come true.

  7. Bite your tongue, 80's music was the greatest Era of music ever!!!
  8. i dont think its all as cut and dry as strength of schedule. the league has alot of parity, it not like back in the 80's and 90's when a team could look at schedule and mark off guaranteed wins, not much separate playoff teams from non playoff teams anymore. Having said that Foles had a magnificent year, he only threw 2 ints and had a record breaking qb rating, thats not all strength of schedule, sure some can be attributed to supporting cast but how many guys succeed without having a good supporting cast,cant fault foles for doing what he did with what he had, its not like he had pretty good season he had a record breaking season, alot of it had to do with kellys system and defenses being lost and alot of it was right place right time, give credit where credit is due. Having said that foles is like a one hit wonder 80's big hair band,(take your pick) just because they never had another big hit doesnt make that one big hit less awesome.
  9. I agree with everything you said except that no one hates foles, there are plenty of Foles haters on this board, in fact i think its more a love hate relationship, its the haters that wont shut up about him. im aware of all the circumstances of Foles record breaking season, seeing as im an eagles fan and watched it all unfold, sometimes guys get in the perfect situation and take advantage of it, Foles did that for one season and it was alot of fun, he nor the eagles or chip could sustain that which leads us to now an im ok with that.
  10. that would in turn conclude that foles is was better than vick. I dont know why people cant just give foles credit for one really good season, ,even if everything lined up for him that year those same things were in place for vick and he didnt take advantage of them foles did, sure it was a fairy tale season for foles and the eagles and foles may never even come close to ever replicating those numbers but atleast give the dude credit for that one good season. Bobby Hoying really sucked but for a couple game stretch in his first few starts he was a total stud, other than that he sucked, Foles was that for a whole season, the rest of the time he sucked, why is that so hard to grasp for people. Good luck to foles not sure why people would have any hate towards him, he was a good teammate on and off the field worked hard and had one memorable season full of alot of fun, good luck to him.
  11. Icould easily see foles making a team as a back up and hanging around the league for ten years, if what he did with chip his first year is so easy then why didnt vick do it? Foles is no world beater but who knows guys like rich gannon chris chandler brad johnson jake delhomme were career backups who found lightning in a bottle later in their careers , so not ruling out foles all together.
  12. your job has marijuana on the no drug policy as the rest of corporate America does, because Marijuana is culturally associated with criminal behavior even though im sure your job allows you to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes because both of those arent criminalized. criminalizing marijuana was a joke in the first place, it needs to be de criminalized nation wide so we can stop with the stupid stereo types, i mean every year 10s of thousands of people are committing crimes while intoxicated people are dying due to consequences of alcohol consumption yet alcohol is sold at every sporting venue, they once upon a time had a bowl game where two beers play football against each other, could you imagine if they had the blunt bowl? the hypocrisy of white corporate America is played out, they want to come off as being morale and banning marijuana to protect their athletes from the pitfalls of addiction while those smae athletes are addicted to league prescribed pain killers, the league and corporate white america dont care about the athletes well being all they care about is lining their pockets and the stigma behind marijuana keeps them from doing so.
  13. This, Its been admitted that marijuana was made illegal and criminalized back in the day so that police could target black communities, seems the NFL is still following the same stupid logic. Both Alcohol and nicotine are more dangerous and unhealthy and addictive than marijuana, the only reason the NFL keep it against the rules is because of the negative stigma pot has associated with it and how it negatively affects their ability to advertise and acquire corporate sponsorship from white America. Im white, i've never smoked pot or done any drugs but i think the criminalization of marijuana is beyond stupid and the NFL following suit is equally stupid.
  14. how would the ref judge whether or not the hit was with intent to hurt or just a good solid football tackle. Football is a violent game one cant officiate out the violence, if one doesnt like the violence go watch something else. personally want to limit players ability to hurt eachother through helmet to helmet contact and using ones helmet as a weapon, get rid of all hard pads and hard helmets, then players wont be using their heads as a weapon, go watch rugby, plenty of big guys trying to hurt each other with far less head injuries and long lasting head injuries.
  15. Always liked coleman, he was always a hard worker, smart, didnt have top measurables not the fastest or biggest but a good team guy, but yeah he didnt really fit chips, or davis system, in carolina he plays more center field deep middle where as in philly he was asked to move aorund more, cover the slot drop in the box, man up zone and he's not very good man to man and seems to fit better the scheme in carolina, good for him.