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  1. Not ready to make that absolute statement.
  2. Pederson's speech after the game suggests that he saw low effort. If the reports that he told his players they were auditioning for their jobs for the next six weeks are accurate, then Pederson wants more effort.
  3. Miami's defense is coming on strong. I'll grant you the TD pass, but it won't be enough.
  4. Classy speech. And many of you showed too much respect. You're damaging the stereotypes regarding Eagle fans.
  5. Oh, okay. My bad. What was I thinking?
  6. Not sure it's either/or. And I'm not suggesting that the FO take a side. Just that they open a dialogue. That said, the emotion in this thread already is probably a good part of the reason it couldn't be considered.
  7. Dave, I don't want this post to get embroiled into another debate over the protests during the National Anthem. Instead, I'm wondering if the Front Office would be open to using its platform to facilitate a healthy conversation between Philadelphia's police force and with those concerned about police brutality in the Philly area. This fan would respect a move by the org.
  8. Let's see if he's man enough to be embarrassed by the trade and man up before we declare victory. Titans wouldn't have let this talent walk without good reason unless Chip was their coach.
  9. Turner made some noise, but let's not forget the other big bodies who made noise in the preseason but couldn't make the leap. Ironically, I can see the face of one of them but can't recall his name. LOL.
  10. I get it. It just doesn't square with the narrative or Lurie decorating the walls of the Nova Care center with pictures of civil rights leaders and humanitarians to remind all that character matters.
  11. I found that paragraph I wanted. Still not in love with it. Time will tell, I guess.
  12. I don't have all the facts and I'm not pretending to be in full moral outrage. I don't like what they are disclosing. Some help understanding the FO's thought process would go a long way.
  13. Dave, for what it's worth, it would good for Roseman to offer up a paragraph to help the fans reconcile how the team found a way to make peace with Mills' history of domestic violence. Always a Bird's Fan, but I have a hard time stomaching this decision.
  14. Can't read anything in this thread, so yes, still going.
  15. Not defending Chip, but Kap was at odds with the SF Front Office before Chip's arrival.