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  1. Can't wait for that hard hitting analysis. "You see, the key to success is keeping it simple. What you want to do is run 5 plays out of different formations, cut all of your talented players, big people beat up little people... and just watch the Lombardi's come rolling in."
  2. The Run N Shoot (Yourself in the Face)
  3. From what I've gathered, they offer up club level season tickets all the time. I know someone that was like 20,000th on the waiting list and the Eagles offered them club level season tickets. It's tough to justify 300 bucks a seat per game, so I can see why they're always available.
  4. Teams have to decide if they are picking up the 5th year option on former first round picks prior to the start of their 4th season (with the deadline typically being in May). Once the decision is made, it's made. From what I can tell, it doesn't prevent the team from franchising the player or working out a long term deal prior to the player reaching Free Agency.
  5. Yep. The second he breaks off a 50 yard TD run, people in Cincy won't care. I bet the average fan doesn't give a crap right now as it is.
  6. And if Wentz develops into an elite QB, the Eagles still win the deal by a landslide.
  7. I wonder if when they came to the conclusion to fire him that perhaps they were too late in the draft process to make the move. If that's the case then it's still a huge risk to let the guy you want to fire operate the team through free agency and the draft.
  8. Civil suits are much easier to prove though as the standard of proof changes from Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (90%+) to More Likely Than Not (51%).
  9. "So you see Your Honor, thugs kill thugs. The defense rests."
  10. Well, this didn't take long... http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/19/aaron-hernandez-murder-suicide-lawyer-jose-baez/
  11. This was already hashed out to death in the original murder thread. He didn't need to pull the trigger in order to be found guilty of first degree murder due to Joint Venture Liability in Massachusetts.
  12. My two are the same. The 4 year old plays it safe and the 2 year old is a wild child. I couldn't fathom being in Heap's position right now. Just truly horrible. Hug your kids if you have them.