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  1. Civil suits are much easier to prove though as the standard of proof changes from Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (90%+) to More Likely Than Not (51%).
  2. "So you see Your Honor, thugs kill thugs. The defense rests."
  3. Well, this didn't take long... http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/19/aaron-hernandez-murder-suicide-lawyer-jose-baez/
  4. This was already hashed out to death in the original murder thread. He didn't need to pull the trigger in order to be found guilty of first degree murder due to Joint Venture Liability in Massachusetts.
  5. My two are the same. The 4 year old plays it safe and the 2 year old is a wild child. I couldn't fathom being in Heap's position right now. Just truly horrible. Hug your kids if you have them.
  6. Nice. Simms is horrendous so perhaps this move will make the CBS nationally televised games watchable. There's no way Romo can be anywhere nearly as awful as Simms.
  7. From a distance standpoint, Newark, DE is probably a perfect comparison. From a traffic/time standpoint it's probably much worse than that. I know the I-95 traffic can be horrible, but it takes forever to get anywhere in the Bay Area.
  8. LeCharles Bentley with the Eagles
  9. Joe Banner must be rolling around his his grave.
  10. Very true. Defensive metrics are improving but are still light years behind hitting/pitching. I was more referring to the constant carousel of players coming in and out of the organization. Baseball is the ultimate "brotherhood" type of game as they spend so much time together. It's pretty difficult to create relationships and grow as a team when half the roster gets turned over on a seemingly regular basis. Bill James really needs to work on an xCHEMISTRY stat.
  11. I consider myself to be a sabermetrics guy (baseball only, in football it's still way too subjective for my liking). Having said that, I grew tired of Beane and his countless worshippers years ago. It's one thing to make value conscious decisions and exploit market inefficiencies, but Beane does this almost to a fault. A lot of his supporters point to the tired old "small sample size" excuse as to why his teams go nowhere in the playoffs, but I think his teams consistently lack intangible qualities because he ignores the human element of the game. There are some things you just can't put a discounted value on. Anyways that was just an aside thought . I think the Browns made a potentially shrewd move but like you said, they need to actually do something with these picks. It seems like they've had a boat load of picks for the last 3 or 4 drafts and so far they haven't done anything with them.