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  1. David, Next time you're going to "work late", can you at least CALL? I had to wrap the ENTIRE dinner up in tin foil and the roast got all soggy. Dont EVEN get me started on the asparagus! There, I said it, NOW you know why I didn't make coffee this morning. And by the way, if you're going to "borrow" one of my ties dont take the one I laid out for work that day. Cal

  2. F'ing Wannabe Scumbag.

  3. Missed you baby doll!

  4. How many F'ing clones does this make for you now? LOL!

  5. Stupid Dallas fan... LOL!!!

  6. Hang in there 5! I hope you are doing well! My thoughts are with you and your family!!

  7. Dear MILF,

    Nice hoots.



  8. Man. You're missing all the pun-tential over in T Montanas Bed wetting thread! LOL!!

  9. Now that DFC is gone, will you posts some nudes? You can just PM them to me if you want. Thanks!

  10. Whats up Whada? I hope you and yours are doing well. Good to see you're still around.

  11. I hope you took my comment to your woman as a joke DFC, if you didn't your an idiot. :)

  12. I have a pube mohawk, its WAY cooler than DFC's head mohawk...

  13. Congratulations,You're Gay!!!