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  1. Its all about the U, RIP Tez
  2. Better watch yourself buddy, quoting me could get you on his ignore list.
  3. Just when I thought RTK was the king of everything, he also becomes the king of how to double talk your way out of a rape
  4. Peterson should not be in the list
  5. And 3 years from now, they may have 9 wins to show for it
  6. That is exactly what happened
  7. Usually you protect your job by selecting guys who will be good football players for your team, which he did.
  8. How bout dat mouth talent doe.............
  9. Don't feed the troll
  10. Don't feed the troll
  11. Here is some evidence
  12. 2 words, Matt Cassell
  13. Agreed. I posted once in the Duke thread a year ago and it still pops up
  14. Good to have Foles back, RTK must love the move.
  15. People, do not fall for this obvious trolling.