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  1. Agreed. I posted once in the Duke thread a year ago and it still pops up
  2. Good to have Foles back, RTK must love the move.
  3. People, do not fall for this obvious trolling.
  4. OMFG you are such a tool
  5. I just figured we had signed Rueben Randle
  6. He has done things few others have done, deal with it.
  7. And the Ruben Randle debacle. He is so butt hurt over that he has had me on ignore since the camp body was cut.
  8. Just watched it, one of the better 30 for 30's
  9. What the heck happened to him, did Cleveland ruin him ??
  10. Speaking of Pats 26 minutes Falcons 16 minutes Falcons must be getting killed
  11. Lets go Birds..........................
  12. FYP
  13. Atlanta is a well oiled machine