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  1. Ridiculous that Zeke didn't win that. Nice to see Dak so humble though.
  2. Coughlin tried to hire him years ago to be an assistant coach with the Giants when he was still at UNH. He must like him.
  3. Apparently the Jaguars interviewed Chip for their HC position before taking the interim tag off Marrone.
  4. Only 30 years old. Wow.
  5. Skins looking at Wade Phillips (if he doesn't get brought back in Denver) or Gus Bradley for DC. I would not enjoy that.
  6. The Eagles don't need people to conspire against them. They do a fine job of shooting themselves in the foot on their own.
  7. Well, he was all about speed.
  8. If Chip gets fired & doesn't end up with another team, will we still get to hate him?