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  1. Seems like the Saints didn't get as much as they wanted for him
  2. On offense-Brady On defense-The Boz
  3. Nope, God hates Atlanta more than the Eagles.
  4. No, I loss like this will set that franchise back 5 years
  5. Best Coach and QB combo ever. As much as people hate the pats, they may be the only thing between the cowboys and another superbowl
  6. Around May/June will be moving to New Hampshire (near Manchester) and would like to know how many Eagle Fans are near there? I have lived in 4 different states and each time I was able to talk to the owner of a bar to have the Eagles Game televised because the one thing that trumps an owners fan loyalty is $. So knowing how many Eagle Fans would patronize an establishment will help sway a bar's decision. Can I get a roll call for any NH Eagle Fans that would like to go somewhere for games. Thank You
  7. Especially with everyone and their cell phones
  8. Hey Danny Boy, Good ol Danny Boy.
  9. Redskins are failing big time. Mcnabb looks bad and the skins just missed a field goal.
  10. Good old danny boy must be pissed.