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  1. The Seahawks should've asked for a 5th rounder. Swapping late round picks is basically nothing.
  2. From the refs, yes...schedule, no
  3. The first episode will be Jameis taking out his OL for free seafood.
  4. Cowboys fans are happy to see him go because of the Bryant noncatch against GB.
  5. He will share party bus stories with Tony Romo on CBS.
  6. I'm glad Simms is gone. I never really liked him as a color guy. But, I can't see Romo holding that gig for more than a few years. He shouldn't be a HOF QB and there will be a bigger name that will come down the pipeline that will be more of a draw than Romo is.
  7. Chip's going to try to claim him, even though Chip doesn't have a job.
  8. Is it the one starring Tony Danza or Tony Zendejas?
  9. Yep. The Skins were becoming better under McCloughan. Now they are imploding overnight.
  10. The Skins are imploding. GM can't stay sober...fired. Cousins wants out. Their WR corps is getting fleeced. Tough times ahead.
  11. There will be more like him.
  12. Goodell couldn't wait to get off that stage
  13. McGinest said "kiss this mother f'r" on TV
  14. I can't watch NFLN for at least a month now after this.