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  1. Thiesmann was the worst announcer there was but eventually grew into a pretty darn good one. It took Phil Simms FOREVER to be a good commentator and now that he's finally got it down...he's gone.
  2. I'll nix 20 no jumping rules to get my kickoff returns back.
  3. I was always in favor of a 2 UC=ejection rule. There should also be an aggregate UC rule over the season that leads to suspensions. All of this should TAKE the PLACE of Goddell suspending players on whim after singular personal fouls. The targeted single infraction ejection is not needed, bad rule.
  4. Hard to get on a bandwagon when you don't know who the Qb is.
  5. You made my day with that, thank you.
  6. Sanchez is one of those guys you will see playing in a game 6 years from now and you say, "He's still in the league??" Semi competent backup Qb's with good locker room credentials have absurdly long careers.
  7. Yeah Cooks is probably not that happy about this. I mean yes, he's got a great chance to get a ring but at 25 yrs old you're not THAT worried about that, you want your money first. In Tenn or Philly he was a no doubt #1 getting a truckload of targets from a young franchise Qb and looking down the barrel of a big time extension. With New England he's really just the deep threat of a spread around offense, maybe even gets less targets than he had in NO. Plus he is likely just a short term piece to get Brady whatever rings he can get over 2-3 years, NOT the long term #1 he was in Tenn/Philly.
  8. Hard to believe Howie couldn't top that offer. Price tag is about where I thought it would be.
  9. It's not even intangible. The ability to field the ball in baseball is pretty darn tangible, they just can;t come up with a proper method to quantify individual defensive metrics into wins. i don't think its a mystery that the A's are terrible in the playoffs cuz they can't catch.
  10. Oh trust me, DePodesta has calculated the $$ value of draft picks. It s a principle tenant of Moneyball. I gave a rough and simplified gist of how they do it in baseball, but it's pretty close. As for the brilliance of it all. Let's keep in mind that Billy Beane's Oakland A's still haven't won a WS, or played in one for that matter. Everybody evokes the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys when a team racks up a a gazillion draft picks, but then forgets about other teams that did the same to no avail. If the Browns are going to blow all those picks on their PFF ratings for college players, then they still suck.
  11. The way this works is they calcultae how much a replacement level player costs over the 4 years of the rookie contract, let's say its 7m/yr so 28m. Then you subtract what you pay a 2nd rdr which is about 6m for the same period. Then the 22m gets multiplied by your expected "hit rate" on 2nd rd picks to produce replacement level players, let's say 65%. There you have it, the pick is worth ~16m. Somewhere in there you also have to calcultae that cheap replacement level players are maybe more valuable in NFL because of salary cap and also calculate lost opportunity cost because the 2nd rdr is for 2018. Put it all together and i get the feeling the pick is not worth 16m and the Browns did this just because they can and thought it was cool to be different. Maybe the biggest benefit for the Browns is getting to the salary floor by acquiring picks instead of dishing out bad contracts.
  12. Oh absolutely! This all seems like a case where you laugh at both teams, but I'd laugh at the Texans much harder. How does Rick Smith get away wit this? If this were a new GM cleaning up after a fired one it's at least an understandable deal, but RSmith cleaning his own mess by shipping away a 2nd rd pick????? I did also, thought it was easily the worst deal of last years FA.
  13. Pretty sure Browns have made the "replacement level" calculation and multliplied by the bust risk. This is a baseball move. Without doing the math I'd say $16m for a 2nd rd pick sounds a a bit high.
  14. WR was already strength of offense. Nice pickup but doesn't change the storyline on the Giants which is still about the O-Line, running game and decline of Eli Manning.
  15. The only thing that keeps this rumor from being the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, is that all 3 franchises involved have track records for being ridiculous.