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  1. Wow, everybody is calling me condescending here lately, maybe there's something to that ...... Okay, seriously now. I feel about the Giants the way most in Philly feel about Dallas, having lived there during the Parcells years. I believe that the national media is greatly made up of Giants fans and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that a bias towards favorite franchises exists in the NFL offices. The slap on the wrist for the walkie-talkie is a great example. Having said that, if the Eagles had hired coaches and front office personnel and built a team the way that perennially winning franchises do, none of that would matter. But they haven't, and never will as long as Lurie owns the team. There's your problem.
  2. Haven't you heard? There's a huge conspiracy against the Eagles by the NFL brass. It's been going on for years now.
  3. It can't be repeated enough times, my friend. I guess people have to be woken up to this reality one at a time, if necessary.
  4. Wentz is clearly the real deal - his poise is very impressive, he looks like a veteran in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage, and he can make all the throws. The potential is there for him to be a big time QB. So far, so good with Pederson's playcalling and game management, but those were two dreadful teams they beat. But good teams are supposed to beat up on bad teams, and the Eagles did that. I'm just not excited about it anymore, HB. The NFL isn't 'must watch' the way it always used to be, and the quality of play is so absolutely putrid it's scary. Every game is a matter of what team will look worse - Dallas / Washington was a classic example. The Pats are about the only team left where you can count on good, sound team football from week to week. The Eagles seem to be as good as anyone else in a very bad league. I don't see the team they flat out can't beat in the NFC, and that speaks volumes because I look at this Eagles team on paper and I see 8-8. The trick will be getting beyond being pretty good, which will be out of Roseman and Pederson's comfort zone. They both have known nothing but this level throughout their careers, and taking that next step can be like your first dive into the deep end of the pool.
  5. No offense, but where the hell have you been for the last 30 years? Why would the media ignore it when this is what they do? This is all they do. The American media is not about reporting actual news, or serving the interests of the public, and hasn't been for many, many years. The media is about generating clicks, selling papers and subscriptions, and getting viewers, and today that is done by sensationalizing every story and taking hot button issues like this one and blowing them up trying to create a national firestorm. Check out any sports website (CBS Sports, ESPN, etc.) and you'll see breathless 'reporting' of this anthem idiocy all day long, as if the public is 100% in support of these fools. But check the comments section of any article and you see a much different story. People are pissed off, but the media goal of generating clicks was successful based on the amount of comments. And to the 'organizers' behind this whole movement, any attention is good because it rouses the ignorant to action. And having public figures like these jacka$$ players involved is a cost free bonus.
  6. Facts are not the friend of rabble rousing activists whose only goal is to stir up the uneducated masses to support their political aims. These players are such obvious pawns, allowing themselves to be used by a group of people whose interests do not and never will include 'improving' anything, but gaining more power and controlling the behavior of ignorant people by creating an 'enemy' that really doesn't exist.
  7. Edited to make it perfect.
  8. How about the Front Office uses its platform to build a championship football team and provide entertainment for its paying customers, and leave the 'conversation' about alleged police brutality to people who actually know what the hell they are talking about? This fan would respect that a hell of a lot more.
  9. You listen to Jenkins' quote and it is a mish-mash of gobbledygook that has zero substance and zero actual meaning. He throws around words and phrases but ultimately says absolutely nothing. These are people making a ridiculous amount of money for playing a game (for which I don't begrudge them a single bit) and live in a world most people only dream about carrying on about some sort of 'injustice' that they couldn't be further removed from. Want to show you care? When the cameras are off, spend your time and money in the inner cities trying to actually make a difference in real peoples' lives instead of some contrived made-for-TV 'demonstration' to draw attention to yourselves and solve nothing. The reality is that if the NFL had even the slightest amount of balls, they would tell these nitwits that while they are in uniform and in a stadium they are employees, and like any employee at any job, there will be no public protest drawing attention away from the only thing that matters to the NFL, which is selling the product.
  10. You know, I've kind of made it a practice not to respond to flame throwing nitwits whose lives revolve around their social media created 'identity', but I'll make an exception here with you. Who here is miserable and complaining aside from you? I'm just pissed that KOJO came up with that killer Lurie line instead of me. But fans exchanging opinions, ****ing and moaning about their teams, and arguing a bit has been going on as long as there were sports and fans of teams - it's what they've always done and always will do. You have a laundry list of all the things Philly fans complain about, but one thing you didn't mention is that real fans don't quit and switch teams or disappear for years when they don't get their way. Only bandwagon jumping losers do that. Speaking of which, how is your transition away from being a Lakers fan going? I'm assuming you're going there because the Lakers aren't competitive, and I'm sure you've created some violation of your principles that is forcing you to abandon them now. I have a suggestion - bypass the Clippers and go straight to the Warriors. You have the perfect warped reasoning - you were allegedly a Sixers fan before abandoning them for something or other, so you can claim that since the Warriors were originally in Philly, you've really been a fan all along! And just think, you'll soon be a "fan" of a repeat champion, with many good years ahead. Think about it, but don't worry, your secret will be safe with me.
  11. Even if Wentz can play, there's also the issue of whether Roseman is capable of building a championship roster around him and Pederson is capable of coaching that roster. A whole lot of "ifs" in play here moving forward.
  12. RG3

    Neither did most of the rest of the team - should they all take pay cuts? Should a contract only be honored if it benefits the Eagles?
  13. I get what you're saying, and respect that. You're a "good fan", whatever that really means. My "fandom" changed during the latter Reid years, and will never be the same for a couple of reasons. As I stated (some might say ad nauseum - go figure!) often here, the passion as a fan was beaten out of me by Reid (and Lurie, for leaving him there forever). That and the rapidly declining state of the game into an often unwatchable borefest. It returned a bit with the energy and excitement of Kelly coming here, but the fan base and media last year made me sick to my stomach. Chip was done here for all intents and purposes after the opening night loss to Dallas. He coached horribly last year, and was given what I now view as his reprieve in being released from this place. I believe it would have been very different if Gamble had been allowed to remain, but that point is moot because Lurie was always going to have his boy Roseman here as part of things for whatever reason, and that guaranteed it would never work. So the best thing for Chip was getting the hell out of here anyway. Now this bogus "search" and the hire of a glorified low level assistant no other franchise would ever even think about as head coaching material, because why, exactly? He fit the 'mold' Lurie wanted here, someone he felt safe with, someone malleable who would fall into line with any of the kumbaya idiocy this joke of an owner wanted. That press conference was nothing short of embarrassing. I had to shut it off before it ended. I spoke my mind, and will back off now and "see what happens" like everyone else, but the days of "living and dying" with the Eagles were over a loooong time ago. The only thing I dread (for lack of a better word) is Brady retiring. Watching the Pats is pretty much the last vestige of seeing real excellence, and I would definitely miss that..