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  1. Please do it. Tie up their salary cap for years in Cousins.
  2. I doubt that. There's always going to be a college that will hire the big name, thinking he's just more suited for college than NFL like many failed college-to-NFL coaches. Some school will take the risk.
  3. "he is like your Popeye. Eat his spinach."
  4. But NovaCare. Julio can live there and be hooked up to machines that train him like a beast, just like Drago in Rocky IV.
  5. Simple. Designate NovaCare a safe zone.
  6. He's got a Mexican first name, we'll get the Trump administration right on that. "Bad hombre."
  7. Oh, cool. Nice to see former Eagles get coaching gigs. I feel bad for the Browns fans, they are so loyal. Complete opposite of the bandwagon fans of some teams that get good for a few years and fans show up out of nowhere. They don't deserve the dysfunction. At least the city won an NBA championship for their fans.
  8. And then screw it up in Browns fashion.
  9. Why would Coughlin hire him? They have vastly different philosophies.
  10. Fans murder Ray Lewis on twitter
  11. Immediate starter and 2nd on depth chart?
  12. I think we'll be fine there.
  13. You're #1 this month, and for the last year you're first and I'm 2nd. So our trajectory is upward!