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  1. And he should have removed that black tape that was covering her nip, I mean why was she wearing that?
  2. Yeah I don't think anything will actually come of it. I don't know why, for some reason I just started discussing it in a general sense. I think I recall a photo of Zeke in bed with some chick she took a selfie around draft time last year. It just reminded me how these girls are like sharks out there trying to get these guys.
  3. She may have had no problem with it. I myself was commenting on the state of rich athletes getting caught in situations like this and some ambulance chasing lawyer gets ahold of the girl and all of a sudden she's offended, shamed by the viral video, etc. Your bolded point would make no difference. She flashes her own boobs, her choice. He pulls her shirt down of his will, and he could be sued. That's the nature of litigation and females taking advantage of these young and stupid guys that just all of a sudden got millions. Eagles Nelson Agholor went to a strip club and a stripper accused him of rape last year. Turns out it was a false claim. There are gold diggers out there, trying to get pregnant, trying to get something on video so they can cash in. These guys need to be careful.
  4. Don't underestimate lawyers and the protection of women. I'm taking this to extremes to make the point, but what about a woman abused by a live-in boyfriend or husband? The argument that "she stayed" doesn't negate the abuse. There are women out there who have consensual sex and then later claim they didn't really want it and it was rape. People defend women and demonize men. There are false rape claims that attempt to get money or ruin a man's life. Men have to protect themselves. Hopefully this becomes a non-issue, just saying it could happen.
  5. Feature request: the ability to remove a thread that you've posted in from an activity list. I'm not talking about the "follow" feature. I have an activity filter for threads I've posted in that have new replies. Sometimes, I post in a thread and am no longer interested and it keeps showing up in that activity list. If there were a feature to "uncheck" it from items I've posted in or something like that, that would be helpful. Minor, luxury request but thought I'd mention it.
  6. Until someone gets in her ear and tells her there's money to be made if she all of a sudden becomes upset. Women and the media will rally behind her that there was a power dynamic of a rich male entitled athlete and that now that her video is all over the internet and she's feeling shame, she feels like she was basically raped. That's why men - especially wealthy/celebrity men - need to be extra careful out there.
  7. Maybe he was looking for more milk.
  8. The Internet went wild with it last season. Today I posted this incident in RnR with the video and this photo.
  9. It's amazing his little Ewok paw could manage to pull it down.
  10. In the past I thought the space was filled up more. It looks like the image is cut off and we're only seeing the very top, as Va points out in the zoomed in version above. It's not a big deal, just looks like there is more intended to be shown. They used to rotate players at the top too like the main page.
  11. Mine looks the same.
  12. Pathetic. That's why we get all the annoying trolls here, their own boards don't allow them. What a pussified website.
  13. Don't do it Mike, you got a good gig. Don't let them ruin you.
  14. Here's Chip's hot take on finding the right defensive coordinator for your scheme
  15. And now here's Chip Kelly with a segment on retaining star talent.