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  1. Oh, cool. Nice to see former Eagles get coaching gigs. I feel bad for the Browns fans, they are so loyal. Complete opposite of the bandwagon fans of some teams that get good for a few years and fans show up out of nowhere. They don't deserve the dysfunction. At least the city won an NBA championship for their fans.
  2. Why would Coughlin hire him? They have vastly different philosophies.
  3. Fans murder Ray Lewis on twitter
  4. Immediate starter and 2nd on depth chart?
  5. I think we'll be fine there.
  6. You're #1 this month, and for the last year you're first and I'm 2nd. So our trajectory is upward!
  7. Just reading through this thread to catch up since I'm back from my travel. It is interesting, especially since we're in the top 4 of all time in likes. I always wondered, the previous only listed by post count. And we did it with much fewer posts.
  8. And no CBS because they have their own streaming. Half the channels listed on their lowest package no one watches or cares about. They could easily be in higher tier packages. Someday, someone will have streaming options that are a la carte in little blocks. 5-8 channels of sports for $10, 5-8 channels of basic cable, etc. Or a package that has channels people actually watch.
  9. No NFL Network? And can you get Sunday Ticket with the cheapest package?
  10. Right, for paying satellite customers, or streaming only in certain areas and select college campuses. I just checked again and my address is not eligible for Sunday Ticket Streaming only. So being able to get DirecTV Now for similar cost as Sling plus pay for Sunday Ticket might be worth it, I'll have to see the details.
  11. I mean it is currently only available as a streaming only package (without having their satellite package, box, etc) on certain college campuses or if your address doesn't allow satellite dishes. I want DTV and Sunday Ticket streaming available to all customers including cord cutters that don't want to go back to cable/satellite.
  12. I'm interested in DirecTV Now. If it can provide the basic networks and core channels, plus get Sunday Ticket streaming available to everyone I'd be interested. Other than that, I'm just streaming HBO Now, Netflix and Hulu on my Chromecast.
  13. You like Vue over Sling? I haven't tried either.