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  1. Gutsy 4th down calls too already. Doug and Carson both acting like experienced veterans.
  2. Doug Pederson is already a better play caller than Chip Kelly.
  3. Could you shorten that to like 20 seconds? I get that it's probably for the game day threads to not slow things down or whatever. But sometimes you want to reply to people without multi-quote or having posts confused as to who is talking to who, and you don't want to leave the thread open and wait a minute (I know, a real first world problem there).
  4. Unfortunately, Dallas will know every play and snap count.
  5. Single or double space should be pretty basic to adjust.
  6. Yeah, put that back. I HATE the merging posts.
  7. Each time manually? No permanent setting? This is the current year!
  8. At least this time we got some improved features and functionality and the bugs are minor compared to previous iterations.
  9. It also seems we can no longer change the amount of posts per page right?
  10. Hitting enter makes everything double spaced. So you can't make a list of items without it being double spaced unless you use bullet points. This makes the post too long. I don't see a setting to change to single spaced.
  11. No, but I've had the "show new replies" box pop up and if you click "show replies" it jumps to them and then you have to scroll back to your post in the reply box and continue.
  12. At least a lot of us were shooting down that idea. There's some sanity in here!
  13. There were a lot of Eagles fans who wanted the Eagles to trade up to #2 and draft him. Some wanted to trade for him/sign him after he was done with the Redskins. We know him from playing on a division rival. The team we just beat said they didn't think Carson was worth a top 20 pick, and said they plan on attacking his slow release. We won, and we're gloating.
  14. Quote issues continue as well. 1. Click quote: the last post you made shows up instead. Have to delete, then click quote again. Every time. 2. Go back to a thread you posted in prior, go to the quick reply box and the last post you made appears. You have to delete it first. Some users have issues where they simply cannot delete the quoted text on mobile. This apparently is due to custom keyboard apps such as Google or others instead of using the standard app that came with the phone. It may also be a phone setting, as I noted previously there was a message on my phone asking if I wanted to "block quote widget" or not.