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  1. Sorry Bronx, the majority said the racist stuff was BS. Only a few race baiters bought into it, and a couple in particular bring up race any chance they can.
  2. Chip should sign Riley Cooper for Kaep to throw to.
  3. Of course. Always root against division rivals.
  4. Well unless he's changed anything, they already know his plays, snap count ,etc. so they should have an easy time defeating them.
  5. I'll try this out on a tablet an iPhone later and see if I get the same result but I've been able to do it so far.
  6. Make sure your chrome is up to date as well as any pending system updates on your phone. Do you have a tablet you could try it on to compare?
  7. Testing this on mobile. I just tapped the quote box and hit backspace and it removed the quote box.
  8. Hmm. What about just placing the cursor in the reply box and holding in backspace until everything deletes?
  9. Well it works for me and that's all I care about. Seriously though it might be different platforms or devices. I'm on Android on a Samsung Galaxy S6. There are some things on here that don't work for me that work for others. It's screwy.
  10. It does for me, did you think I was just making that up?
  11. You have to tap the box on the top left corner then hit backspace and it will delete.
  12. We don't want facts in this thread Don, we want Chip hate!
  13. Older player coming off injury and his best years behind him? Lock him up!
  14. Oh, thanks. It doesn't make sense that it would be under account settings with private things like email address and password, and not in the "Edit profile" section where you edit things that display to other users.