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OFFICIAL: Browns hire Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski as HC

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Mike Holmgren was there and couldn't even fix the Browns. Poor franchise is cursed. They had Bill Belichick, a team many felt were a contender and then their owner moved them to Baltimore. The expansion team hasn't done a damn thing. They have been back since 1999 and have had two winning seasons, only one with double digit wins, one one trip to the playoffs. Zero playoff wins since 1994. The last time the Browns made the playoffs in 2002, TIM COUCH took them there. Butch Davis was the HC.

He didnt have enough time IMO. He was there only what 3yrs or something? They are in alot better shape the day he was fired compared to the day he was hired. He has that roster on the come up. The defense was very good last year.. okay not very good but well above average. That offense held that team back IMO. They still ended the season with what 6 or 7 wins? They were in alot of games that they lost b/c they were a young team that hasnt learned how to win yet IMO. They should have beaten the Eagles in week #1 and there was atleast 1-2 other games that they should have won but the offese let a strong defensive effort goto waste

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