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  2. Wentz > Dak

    No he cant. But i think he is more accurate in the pocket than both of them. I dont think it would have been closer at all. We ran the ball for 200 yards while wentz completed 51% of his passes for 168 yards. He did make some nice plays on the move but he missed alot of throws in that game. Wentz is still young and people forget this. On the year hes been alternating games in accuracy almost religiously. 60-65 one week. 50-55 the next. Wentz was absolutely amazing monday night vs washington but all 3 of his performances since that game would have been easily replicated by nick. Wentz has a far higher celing than nick but he isnt single handedly carrying this team most weeks.
  3. Kaepernick still no job

    people keep forgetting, he bought his last contract out and said he would never play as a backup.... his GF insisted on them terms...
  4. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    no, he's making too much money doing commercials. period
  5. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    exactly , likethe saying those that cant do teach .
  6. Wentz > Dak

    he is not the right WR for Dak imo .
  7. Wentz > Dak

    I don’t know, take him off the Dallas offense and there would be 9 in the box all day. I know everyone like to say he’s trash etc...but Despite Dez not getting 1000 the last 2+ years teams still double him and get the CB he’s playing saftey help over the top, and like I said earlier, other teams still try and double him in the red zone. Dallas would be less effective without him. Is he overpaid? Sure, but it isn’t my money, and Dallas ian’t Cap strapped anymore. and going back to what I said earlier, if he was actually used like a #1 wr scheme-wise, he’d get 1000 every year easy. Some of it is also on Dak.
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  9. Wentz > Dak

    yup I like the Cowboys wasting 14 Mil a year on a guy that has not had a 1k yard year since he got his payday Keep him until he is 40
  10. Kaepernick still no job

    Dam Kap got himself a job and got back on the Field Pulling Cable
  11. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Safe travels man! Happy Thanksgving! My 7 hr drive doesn't start til tomorrow.
  12. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    This was the three seconds they spent on discussing our loss of Jason Peters. But yeah, that graphic was pretty awesome. Gotta admit i was thinking it. I'll so happily eat crow for Thanksgiving.
  13. He's gotta be doing it for the shock value publicity. I can't imagine someone being that dumb with everything they say and not realize that they're coming across as a complete tool.
  14. Reid Is Incompetent

    Wow. You do realize that you cant win a Championship if you dont win in the regular season and make the playoffs......right?
  15. Skip Brainless has made my short list of people i'd like to slap.
  16. Wentz > Dak

    I don’t think you are getting much for him, I mean he isn’t getting you a 1st rounder or a high 2nd. So I keep him. Part of the reason Dallas is so good in the red zone is team still have to double him down there and that’s worth more than the conditional mid round pick he’d bring
  17. Wentz > Dak

    I don’t think Foles makes the improvisational plays that Wentz and Dak can make. Philly would have won the other night of Foles played, it it would have been much closer
  18. Wentz > Dak

    Dude, I talked the guy into giving me 21.5 points and I still lost! I’ve never cheered so hard for a garbage TD
  19. Yeah, I do think DB’s should just grab on every play, because they are only going to call it so much
  20. I used to like Collinsworth but Romo has put every other one of them to pasture.
  21. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    Great players or former players don't always have the best talent evaluation. Actually a lot of them are pretty bad.
  22. Reid Is Incompetent

    Again, you're evaluating him based upon our experience and what you want as a fan. This is a game of money and losing teams don't make enough. Owners want coaches that win and get fans excited so they will spend more money on the team and in the stadium. If your a perennial loser and your choice is between an unknown or a guy who has a long history of playoff appearances then you chase the guaranteed money.
  23. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Can't help feeling bad for Treggs. I like him but we let him go to of all places cleveland who of course don't know how to use anybody - he has 1 catch for 12 yds.
  24. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Leaving soon for PA. Thanksgiving at her Moms', otherwise known as the lions den. Question popped into my pea brain. Coaches always getting props for making adjustments. For me more credit should be given to the peeps in the booth who are studying what's happening on the field, compare it to what the opponents have done in the past and relay that info and suggestions. Who are our people in the booth?
  25. Peyton Manning An NFL GM?

    I think Peyton would make a really good GM. I'm not sure coaching would be his bag... Obviously on paper it should be because of his experience and intelligence but I'm not sure he's got the personality to inspire? But certainly to be a GM making those strategic decisions I think he could be great.
  26. Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    So you are blaming Cousins for that loss? The bad ref call on intentional grounding is simply a bad ref call. Running a sweep on 3rd and 1 is not a Cousins thing, it's a coaching F-up. And allowing the Saints run thru you like a ish thru a goose is not Cousins fault. It was a team loss, which is good from an Eagles POV. But this year, he has the WR core of McNabb in 1999-2003, only without the benefit of a Duce on the roster. Don't get me wrong, I hope they punt Cousins to the curb, but not for the reasons you think. I want them toe start the LONG walk in the woods looking for a franchise QB. Fun Fact - The redskins are the only team in the NFL to NOT have an 11 or more win season, since 1991. And yes, that includes the Browns(11-4 in 1994)
  27. [News] The 9-1 Eagles: What The Numbers Mean

    Interesting debate re; 2 pt conversions. Really comes down to the situation and the opponents' capabilities
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