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  2. I'd counter that with are the WR getting pushed enough during camp? We need the O to carry the day. The WR need to start the season crisp week one versus the Skins. Who is improving if Agholor is looking spectacular versus the corners?
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  4. D Vermeil and Andy Reid each guided Eagles teams to the Super Bowl. They were hired as young coaches and built the team up over several years to the point where the Eagles were among the best t... View the full article
  5. #EaglesCamp is almost here. #FlyEaglesFly — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) July 20, 2017 Training Camp is almost here. Carson Wentz and the rest of the quarterbacks, ro... View the full article
  6. I believe the secondary will improve by leaps and bounds because they are in camp defending a much more skilled WR corps then last season, when a CB goes against the likes of Jeffrie and Smith and company they will compete to make the team, that will make the secondary better!
  7. It's been a long summer. Glad to see we're finally gonna have something to talk about.
  8. If our DL works like it should our CBs will be just fine
  9. Impressive and deep group of OL players! Not enough roster spots to keep most of them though.
  10. Wentz has got IT!!!!!!!!!! Set the record and had receivers that could not hold on to the ball. Wow, I can't wait to see this year.
  11. I've always viewed reaches in terms of talent/projections. Like a guy is projected to go in the second/third round and someone picks him up in the first. So in this case Foster was a projected top 10 pick (based off performance) who fell for a shoulder issue and I guess football IQ. At this point we have to wait and see if he is going to be a steal or not. But based on my opinion of a reach he wouldn't have fit the bill at 14.
  12. I love this site. But the IT Team not so much. It used to be really easy to post.
  13. As a raw talent he's an exciting prospect. He's got the tools to be a dominant force in the NFL. But he's got injury concerns, he had that failed drugs test and I do worry sometimes about the longevity of Bama players to stay healthy in the league. I think ultimately the Niners did a brilliant job to move back up in to the first and get him. As a talent he's a mid first round guy but those other issues rightly moved him down.
  14. Seems a big problem at CB is speed, or the lack of. Neither Douglas or Mills are fast enough, making them susceptible to the deep ball. Some of this can be made up through technique and footwork, but you can't teach speed.
  15. They had opportunity to draft guys that were ready to play more this year than Jones and Douglas. The draft didn't provide any RB assistance this season so they made the move for Blount. They know CB needs to be addressed. You know Rosie is looking into every opportunity. We don't want to have to give up the farm for one. I wouldn't be scared to let him use high future draft capital on the corner position though.
  16. R.mat is just one player we could release to have cap space will be more and we still have some cap room as well.....If the Eagles want to make a move for a CB they could and if by the end of PS we think we need to we likely will
  17. Not sure I agree with all this think Douglas could push for playing time....Robinson/Mills I want to see in the slot think that is the ideal spot for both let the best man win.....Brooks i think is a wasted effort.....CJ Smith/Grymes hoping one can step up and take a job....Grymes seems to have the hype but personally think Smith is better
  18. Never said it had to be a top CB but plenty of FA could help us like how you talk band-aids and FA being FA for a reason but you wanted Blount(didn't get resigned for a reason) and is the complete definition of a band-aid player
  19. What I have been saying exactly not jumping the gun on anything let the young guys battle but at the end of camp/PS IF(big if) we think we need to address the position for whatever reason then do so.....I have been a top advocate of going young CBs I want Philly to draft 3 guys this year but at the same time I realize they might not be ready and if not have a bridge guy can be useful
  20. Why does a FA have to be a band aid????? Or if we traded for a guy????
  21. Mike Fisher, who is always dead on when reporting on the cowboys said the NFL was going to give him a firm warning up until this last incident....I think he gets 2 games and it's appealed down to 1, or gets 4 and it's appealed down to 2. the DV thing was BS, they have texts of the chick asking people to lie about what happened, threatening to blackmail Zeke and the witnesses who were there said nothing happened...but like you said, the league has been burned before so they were just keeping this open indefinitely so that if something did happen they couldn't be accused of rushing to close the case like they have done in the past. bottom line to me is there have been a lot of little things, so I could see him getting something
  22. 10 CB's on the roster. With an improved pass rush and our safeties we'll see who rises to the top in camp. I'm just excited we'll finally have something real to talk about! We all have expectations for certain players, I want some pleasant surprises in those last spots on the 53. Remember there's no mid camp cut down this yr and we'll need some cap in reserve for some late signings. MS2 due a half mill bonus by the 3rd day of camp, could be an early casualty.
  23. So I like the idea of letting the young guys battle it out in camp and the preseason and seeing what we have at the position. Then executing a trade to fill that final hole. Maybe finding a player that gets cut to fill a specialty role.
  24. So this is how I see the CB position: Jones starts the season on IR. Douglas needs development time and is possibly more a fit at S. He too could be a possible IR candidate. But I would want to have him practicing and getting that game day prep going. Even if he just plays a small part this season. I kind of sees Mills as that potential good all around backup Gameday DB. Teach him some S. This also helps disguise coverage if you bring him in. We are talking playing five or six DBs most downs now so he can contribute. There are much worse options than Ron Brooks as your slot corner. I just don't really even want to waste time on Patrick Robinson unless he comes out proving to be an ideal fit. So I want to give every opportunity to see what Grymes and CJ Smith can do.
  25. Rookies report tomorrow! There's enough blame to go around, swear Howie had the worst luck at that position as well. Another part of the problem were those evaluating the talent, which I feel is now improved and they'll keep plugging away. Last I read, Mills was getting reps at S, prolly as an expected move next yr - he's not a starting CB. Vets come in Wed - let's get some pads on!
  26. Likely to release players R.Mat alone frees up 4m So you're gonna get a top CB for 3-4 million? BTW they are FA's for a reason and your just going to spend money on another camp body-terrific
  27. How many have we really overpaid to fail Nnamdi and Maxwell(who really never got a chance was stuck in Chipper terrible D and went on to play well for Miami).....Troy Vincent another CB we signed that played well for us Maybe we have the staff now to bring young guys along and avoid the band-aids again???? Rmat is still here,so if you plan on pulling this off,your timing best be perfect
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