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  3. This first Championship was extra Sweet... beating the greatest QB of this era, Defending SB Champs, a Patriot team positioned to set New NFL Historical highs with it's Iconic coach. Our Birds beat this team playing it's best game of the season... Hell this was the greatest Offensive game in the NFL Playoffs or Regular season... EVER. WOOOOOOOOooooo. I could have never imagined as Sweet a Championship in any Dream before this Fairytale Season. Foles for the fifteenth pick in the draft and we keep our heehehehee 32 pick...just love saying that. Move up if there is someone we really like or move back an get picks. Great news, we got the Best GM in the game getting ready for HIS TIME of the season. What's Howie gonna do for an encore ooohhhhh boooyyyy I can't wait.
  4. Cooks was a runner ... no penalty regardless of the hit.
  5. Number 1 draft pick

    He will be one of those guys that will need to stay on the bench for a few years.

    I rooted for the Giants both times. I know this is sacrilegious but I have a lot of respect for the Giants organization.
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  8. Number 1 draft pick

    Typical USC hype each time one of their QBs enters the draft. Matt Barkley was the exception, though if he had came out early, then he would have been an early 1st round selection.
  9. How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    It amazes me that since the Ravens have been in the league, their offense has really not been all that good. They've done a poor job of developing home grown offensive talent. No history of WRs except free agents, RBs are few and far between, TEs have been ok with Todd Heap and Dennis Pita (keeps getting injured though), OL has been ok, but Jonathan Ogden is the only one I can remember being pretty good. And obviously with QB they were able to hit on Flacco. That's pretty piss poor for a HOF GM in Ozzie Newson. Yes he hit it out of the park with getting great defensive talent, but that's not enough. As much as Roseman has been ridiculed, look at what he's been involved with bringing to the Eagles.
  10. How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    BK thanks for wishing the Eagles goodluck. I don't know about that second part of your statement, but we'll see.
  11. How many years does a Super Bowl win buy a coach?

    I said 4. Provided that the team goes back to playoffs 2 out of those 4 years.
  12. Number 1 draft pick

    Yeah . . . even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now & then. <g>
  13. Number 1 draft pick

    Nope. The Browns should stay in the NFL so that we can continue to mock them. That's value. It's fun for us.
  14. Number 1 draft pick

    For the life of me, I have no idea how Darnold is projected as the best QB.
  15. Finding every team's EDP445

  16. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    Kids - remember we're picking at 32! Well at least for now. Gawd - we're pickin at 32, lol! 3 this am I was watching the Jenkins hit on Cooks, looking at it w/ different eyes. Let's just say I'm glad Jenkins didn't get called on it. More fun was the hit on Brady on the same play - welcome to the Black and Blue division you prissy sots!
  17. Finding every team's EDP445

    He's probably making enough money on his videos that the income from them paid for his trip to the Super Bowl. I read about a guy recently who had his monetization privileges removed by YouTube because his videos were getting to the point that big advertisers didn't want their ads associated with his content (filming dead bodies and such). That guy was apparently making $1.2 Million per month on YouTube.
  18. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    We would need to move up for Okafor.If we get the 15 from AZ for Foles,then it's doable.At any rate if we are "stuck" with the 32 pick,then I look for either McGlinchey(OT) or Edmunds (LB-can play OLB or ILB) as our first shot
  19. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    Looking at LB's (OLB) then I have to give a nod to Tremaine Edmunds from VT. Kids FAST!!
  20. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    Well if you find the right guys 4 years is enough.If you like them enough you will pay them,so at this point not really worried about the 5th year option
  21. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    Yeah like him also
  22. Post Game Show

    I watched Post Game Live on NBC Sports Philadelphia, after NBC went to their TV show, that went until something like 1 AM.
  23. Why has the AFC been such a clownfire?

    AFC QB's have been a dumpster fire, going back to 2001 when Brady became the starter.. Tom Brady 8 SB appearance. 37 playoff games. Peyton Manning 4 SB appearance 2 with the Colts, 2 with Denver. 27 playoff games. Ben Roethlisberger 3 SB appearance. 21 playoff games. Joe Flacco 1 SB appearance. 15 playoff games. Rich Gannon 1 SB appearance. 7 playoff games.. Those are the QB who have made the SB since Tom Brady took over.... Just to give an example of how tough the NFC is.. Rodgers is the best QB in the conference has played 16 playoff games with 9-7 record...1 SB...
  24. I had the pleasure of living amongst Giants fans in Jersey for 25 years. All they care about Super Bowls. Period. And, they laugh at those old championship titles. My in laws were Dallas fanatics--same treatment.
  25. Those red phone boxes can be pretty lethal too so watch them...
  26. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    I'm w/ you Ham depending what happens in FA, need LB. Know we're over 9 mill over the cap but that'll change, then wouldn't be surprised if we look for an LB in trade or FA.
  27. [Spadaro] RB Picture Good, With Some Questions

    32 is practically round two. A 2 and a 3 would be steep unless it’s the end of those rounds maybe. The other consideration is that first rounders you get a fifth year option. So pick 32 has that going for it. An extra year before you have to squabble over a contract is pretty big(with good picks).
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