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  2. I do, for one. In fact, most all Cowboys fans would care about this. But your right in that Goodell probably would not.
  3. Head coach is the weakness. I think OP is a little negative on the talent. O line above average, receivers average to above average, running backs above average, tight ends above average, QB average. D line above average, linebackers above average, secondary average or below average. Special Teams best in the league. A stud coach gets this team in the playoffs. That Doug had to remind himself a couple of games into the preseason to focus on D too is a concern to me. Sounds very Reid-esque in his obsession over calling plays.
  4. Both Rooks WR gt that Deep Speed but Gibson has that extra gear...Pumphery is someone I am going to keep my eyes on....think Pumphery has a real chance to contribute this year.
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  6. Really didn't expect much from Brooks when we signed him... but his consistency when he was healthy was a bonus looking forward to hi Next Evolution in this D...
  7. I have been a Eagle fanatic for last forty years. Very experienced with the disappointment, I've experienced many Paper Championships... I truly believe in the talent that Howie, Joe and their staff along with our coaches have assembled. I live in Maryland About 15 minutes from D.C. many of my friends are Deadskins fans I will be at that game in DC supporting my Birds as I fanatically do EVERY YEAR... I don't care where we play in America bring it on. I want my team face the BEST Teams playing their best ball. No Excuses, No SHUDDA, CUDDA, GET'er Done. I haven't felt this confident about my Birds since Big Red and the NAY..SAYERS are out in Full force against us...I LOVE IT..hehehehe...😈🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅.
  8. I don't know if anybody else saw it this way,but I really thought that the D took a nose dive when R.Brooks tore his quad and the secondary had to be shifted around. The starters were sub-par and the depth even worse other than Jenkins & McCleod when they were in their respective Safety spots. Brooks may not be an All-Pro,but nonetheless I feel he is solid in the slot.
  9. Some people are naturals at speaking in front of a group of people and some are not. I myself clam up in front of a group of people where you're the solitary one and all eyes are on you. I'm sure that it's even worse when you know that it will be viewed by the nation. That is how I see DP. Comfortable behind the scenes,but nervous when the eyes of the nation are on him and he knows that every single word he says can be scrutinized.
  10. We'll see, although I would not want Sherman unless he left his mouth in Seattle
  11. Who cares about a 2,000 yard season?
  12. Malcolm Butler,Trumaine Johnson and Richard Sherman have already been given permission to make a trade. I'm sure there are others we'll find out about too. Probably worth it to us to overpay slightly even.
  13. It said Orlovsky was taking snaps
  14. Thought Orlosky wasn't practicing? May have a battle at C, don't know if we're ready to move on, could hurt Wentz. Funny the cowpies cutting Whitehead, who says he wasn't even in Virginia when it happened. His flight didn't even get to DC until 6 hrs later. Punish the innocent but hands off the real offenders - great teaching tool cowpies!
  15. Glad to hear Brooks,Walker,Orlovsky and many others were able to practice. So hard to make the team injured.
  16. Going to take a major trade to get an elite CB. One scenario is for a newish guy on another team steps up and displaces a vet who gets cut/traded later on. If this pass rush is as good as it can be, teams will be opting for the quick pass. These CB's can play that, just don't have the deep speed. All in all hey, it's simply a position that ( like all positions ) that needs improvement. If the rest of the D plays well, even just one guy steps up, we should be ok. It's not like we're going to be able to go out right now and find a better CB on the street. Revis is not an option, more of a safety nowadays and we're not going to move Jenkins to CB.
  17. '58 that's what I've been saying. The good news is that you get the feeling Pedey and Rosie are aware of the problem. These young guys are getting reps thrown at them now. The situation will begin to weed(ask Gratz). There must be something in all these corners to work with. Though all seem backupish. We need three starting corners. With the pick of Jones I think it highlighted the need that much more even. So I'd have no problem investing in trading for a legit starting corner. Getting an elite guy would be great. But I'd settle for above average in the Schwartz D. On the block for the Eags: second round pick and an Olineman for a corner.
  18. I have direct tv as well just for Sunday ticket but I'm thinking of dumping it for Vue. Is there a way i can still get the sunday nfl ticket app or something?
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  20. I'm really liking that Hollins kid. Hope he makes the team. Like his attitude and from the video he looks like he makes easy adjustments on the ball.
  21. Good!!!
  22. No I am talking about games where if the O didnt move the ball, we lost those games which were quite often...
  23. He's been released.
  24. Whitehead will likely be cut if this turns out to be true. He's nowhere near as important to the team as Zeke. He's easily replaceable. Trust me, Lucky will be shown the door.
  25. "Not done making moves at CB" - DP
  26. The Eagles' newcomers were eager to take the field at the NovaCare Complex on Monday morning for the first of many Training Camp practices. Defensive end Derek Barnett, the team's first-round pick... View the full article
  27. It might have been Jones if he were healthy, but for now from a rookie stand point all eyes will be on Barnett.
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