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  2. Browns Picks

    Thank you. People here like to put others down like they're geniuses. I still think getting a superstar running back and any one of the top three qb's is the way to go.
  3. Browns Picks

    I don't think it's like saying that at all.
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  5. Draft Day Coming Up!

    I know I won't be staying up until midnight to see what the team does. I'll probably wake up during the night, like I usually do, but it wouldn't shock me in the least to see a trade happened. I'm almost expecting it. But I think if a top running back is still there, the Eagles will jump. Some say if Jackson (QB) drops to 32, someone will try and trade back into the first.
  6. But their whole family has like 200 million dollars?
  7. Browns Picks

    It's like saying Eagles should have just settle with Paxton Lynch. How would you have felt if Eagles had "settled" for Paxton Lynch at #13 or #8 instead of trading up to #2 to get Carson Wentz and Wentz turns out to be a stud while Lynch turns out to be average(looks that way)? And Cowboys might have Wentz if Eagles didn't trade up to get him.
  8. This disgusts me to no end. A multimillionaire helping to rob working stiffs out of their money is the lowest of the low. In terms of the personal conduct policy, he should get suspended for at least 8 games. (He won't)
  9. Draft Day Coming Up!

    I said thus the other day, don’t let the Giants dictate your draft. You have the first pick, you have the power.
  10. Draft Day Coming Up!

    Plus your new love interest
  11. Draft Day Coming Up!

    Dream draft for back to the mid 20’s, grab the DT Payne from Alabama...beefing up DT, that nets them a 3rd, then according to draft charts a 3rd and their 2nd would get them up into the middle 30’s (top of round 2) and grab UTEP OG will Hernandez...6’3, 340lb monster who has a nasty streak....get that OL back to 2016 levels, ish, probably better. That’s if all the projections come true (they hardly ever do) If any team wants to compete with Philly they better be strong on both can talk Wentz/Foles, receivers...coaches...the biggest reason they won it all was they dominated the LOS all year on both sides of the ball. Dallas needs big upgrades at DT/OG to do that. Adding a WR won’t help at all.
  12. Draft 2018

    Major needs: 1) Downhill MLB that clears out the middle and pushes the incoming receivers to the outside, and put Hicks at the outside LB position, less injury prone area 2) Short Yardage RB than can protect the QB and run down hill through the red zone. The red zone RB is important 3) Offensive Tackle 4) Defensive Tackle 5) Tight End that can block up front. This is needed to compete with the Rams this year. They have added some good players.
  13. Browns Picks

    Quite true, BUT this is the Browns we're talking. I'd take the logical route of QB 10 out of 10 times for any other team. For the Browns, I understand they need to take off the diapers now, however they do not have the infrastructure to immediately select that QB with the 1st pick. I'd rather not take a chance of guessing if Barkley or Chubb will be there at the 4th pick. Let's not forget that when Ladainian Tomlinson was selected by the Chargers, that team, coached by Shotty, were in the playoffs numerous times. Since LT left the Chargers in 2010, that team has made the playoffs just once. A person could say that correlation does not equal causation for the Chargers' case, but it does seem very coincidental that the wheels fell off when LT left.
  14. That's because he already has a Derek Carr sex doll.
  15. Dez to be released

    The CAP is a paper tiger, teams can still pretty much keep who they want no matter their cap situation so I really don’t care but if you do care about those year Dallas is a projected 72m under the CAP....Philly....1.5 the only thing I like about that is that Dallas will definitely have no issue signing Martin to an extension and will hopefully be a little more aggressive in FA
  16. Dez to be released

    If you scroll up to previous posts you will see that I 100 give Wentz a pass for his Rookie year when the OL was shuffled because of injury and he had little help at the skill positions..The person I was replying to said Wentz was great his rookie year under those circumstances....he wasn’ injuries and suspensions piled up, Wentz got worse....but that doesn’t mean he is to blame. Now while I definitely think Dak deserves a little criticism, amd isn’t blameless, i’ll Still give him the benefit of the doubt for playing poorly under similar circumstances with what I consider and I bet most would agree is a much worse coaching staff....anybody here want to trade me Garrett for Doug? Anybody? about Garrett and a 1st rounder for Doug?
  17. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Spot on buddy. Ultimately they are the standard that we should all be thriving towards. They are what we should be trying to elumate. Well except the cheating that is.
  18. [News] This Is A Power-Packed, Star-Studded Schedule!

    Hayden Hurst-TE could be a very nice fit for us.CBS has him ranked low(like 187) but Mayock has him as his #1 TE draftee
  19. No, they would just be vacated. They no longer exist. Pete Carroll's vacated National Championship didn't revert to Oklahoma. It's just vacated. Voided. So the Lombardi's go back and are melted down. The players, coaches front office personnel are required to forfeit their rings. All fans who bought Super Bowl Champions gear are required to send it back to the NFL and any children who were born after those games and were named Eli are required to be put up for adoption with their names changed. All references to those voided games must be deleted from all existence.
  20. We don't know yet ... lets wait until September to complain.... EAGLES SB CHAMPS! Johnny Fontana!
  21. I don't know about that man. That would mean giving the Patriots 2 more super bowls
  22. Browns Picks

    Great post. Although I think 'playing it safe' is a lot like 'playing not to lose'. If you think one of these QBs can be a cornerstone player the franchise builds around for 10+ years then you 40 dash to the podium and take him 1st. A franchise QB is priceless. You can't be afraid to fail because of past failures. Don't leave your QB of the future to chance when you could've chosen. War room. 😂
  23. Giants Release Marshall

    "Skippy" isn't just a screen name for him. It defines his version of a thought process as well. Dont waste your time
  24. After a guilty verdict is announced, I'm going to have Roger strip the Giants of all W's during Eli's career. They must also forfeit any awards gained during those years...
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