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  2. "Tomlinson speaks the truth and says Zeke quit on the team " Everyone in the media tends to eventually become a typical media hack, wanting to be more 'outrageous' in their opinion than the next guy, to stand out and be quoted. Except for a very few.
  3. Despite the fact Eli plays for the Giants, I always admired him. I wish his replacement is found and he could go into the sunset smoothly. It is the cycle of life (age) NFL style. No bad reflection on him, it is just plain Father time, which none of us can defy forever.
  4. Actually, he is surprising many in the media circle with his amazing ability to be able to predict plays, just by their formation. His call during the NE-Saints game was uncanny. His best however, is explaining the full set of responsibilities of a QB, which all fans are appreciating because even long-time ones of the game had no clue all the intricacies to the position. He always has been likeable and respected, so that is a plus, even by some you Eagle die-hearts. I wish he would get into coaching with Dallas however, which may be in the cards in the not-too-distant into the future.
  5. That OPI call was TERRIBAD.
  6. Do you not remember this guy? Unless you're a Fing neuroscientist stop acting like you think you're an expert.
  7. He was a thug who hung out with gang members and smoked pcp doing what thugs who hang out with gang members and smoke pcp do.
  8. Great game between two pretty bad teams with a lot of work to do. But two teams that in a rebuild should give their fans a lot of excitement and be a lot of fun to watch.
  9. I mean I for one thought it was a real shame that the Chargers just SD in the first place. Especially with no stadium ready for them in LA and having to play at the StubHub but you can't give up on things that easily?
  10. The Chargers were begging to get into the LA market
  11. It was a great back and forth game that showed a lot of offense. It was very thrilling at the end because the Niners were trailing and kept fighting, including getting the onside kick possession at the end.
  12. Wow! If that's true and happens then I'm not even sure what to say... What a shambles for everyone involved. LA wanted a team back yet are unhappy with the teams they have and aren't getting behind them? What exactly did they want?
  13. Managed to get wifi on the plane so I watched from midway through the second quarter. What a game! Full of entertainment.
  14. Im not watching it. I just really want to know because it feels like im missing out.
  15. Refs let the holding go in th endzone but they called that OPI, stupid
  16. Yeah--I didn't see much of anything on that one replay they showed.
  17. If you're asking, why are you still up watching it?
  18. What's so great about this game?
  19. That offensive PI looked bogus. I need to see more angles on that. That may have ruined an otherwise awesome game.
  20. I don't see Hoyer pulling this one off.
  21. Mostert recovers the onside kick.
  22. This is an amazing game
  23. Unbelievable game!
  24. Wow. Wild game.
  25. Great run by Hyde there.
  26. Welp, that didn't take long! Nothing says "success" like not being able to sell out a football stadium the size of 1-AA Delaware's.
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