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  2. Don't think so. I still have to go to boards to comment even though I'm already logged in when reading the front article. Really screwy!! Especially telling me to log in when I'm already logged in. I'm not a techie but it doesn't seem that difficult to do. Maybe it's a wall that can be eliminated or changed to read logins on the entire site and just in certain areas.
  3. Chiefs' list of general manager candidates grows Print By Nick Shook Published: June 26, 2017 at 12:03 p.m. Updated: June 26, 2017 at 02:50 p.m. John Dorsey's unanticipated exit from his general manager post in Kansas City has the Chiefs searching for his replacement as we near July, and the names are starting to pile up. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport has reported on what is a growing list of candidates. Here's who we have so far as Clark Hunt attempts to fill the vacancy: Brett Veach, Chiefs: Veach is Kansas City's top in-house candidate, Rapoport reported, per a source informed of the situation. Louis Riddick: The Chiefs have reached out to former Redskins and Eagles executive to set up an interview with the current ESPN analyst for next week, sources told Rapoport. Ryan Cowden, Titans: The Chiefs have requested permission to speak with Cowden, who serves as Titans director of player personnel, Rapoport reported. Cowden has overseen all areas of scouting for the Titans since being hired by Tennessee in May of 2016. Scott Fitterer, Seahawks: Rapoport reported the Chiefs have requested to interview Fitterer, per a source informed. Fitterer is one of Seattle's many rising talents and rose to help run personnel from the college scouting ranks. A lot of Seattle's draft success should be credited to Fitterer, Rapoport wrote in January. George Paton, Vikings: Paton was a target on the Chiefs' list -- K.C. requested to speak with the Vikings assistant GM -- but for a variety of reasons Paton will stay put in Minnesota, Rapoport reported per sources. Paton was also a favorite for the 49ers' GM job back in January before San Francisco ultimately hired John Lynch.
  4. Does Dave even answer questions anymore?
  5. I feel we have enough talent at CB to be better than we were last season, but I am hoping that either CJ Smith or Aaron Grymes win a starting role. All we keep hearing is how both of these players are making plays at almost every practice, but for some reason they get beat out by Mills and Robinson. We already have seen enough of Mills to know where his floor is, but what we have not seen is Grymes and Smith. I can understand giving an experienced player like Robinson a chance to prove himself here and even see the benefit of giving Mills a shot at starting again since he has seen some of the best WR's the NFC East has to offer. We need to see if he can improve upon last years performance. The bigger issue is speed and how our starters lack speed on deep passes. We really need to fix that deep pass problem and perhaps getting more help from the safeties is the answer. It's just that I would like for Grymes or Smith to step up enough to at least show what they can contribute or tell us that they are not ready instead of hyping them as possible starters.
  6. That list is based on the NFL 100 list and where the players fall I believe. As a Cowboys fan I don't pay much attention to what they post. The NFL top 100 list is a joke anyways. I love Dak and think he's only going to get better in the next few years. He doesn't seam like a one year wonder. One report said the best think about Dak is from the shoulders up. That's one thing Draft experts can't see. But he has to continue to improve on what he has done last year. Just Wentz and other young QB's you have to see improvement. It's going to be very difficult for Dallas to match the 13 wins last year with a tough schedule and our very young defense. Giants, Washington, and you guys have gotten better as well. But we all have unknowns and weaknesses on our teams.
  7. I don't think Dak deserves to be 5th. Stupid homer clickbait.
  8. Totally agree. As long as they don't rush SJ this year. I don't think they will. I'm taking the approach that Rome wasn't built in a day. We have the foundation to build upon (assuming we have the CB position settled and it appears we will by PS end). If our DL plays up to its potential of consistently having 4 serious pass rushers (with Cox being moved all over the DL for matchup purposes) and the LB team improving its contribution this season, we might just have enough firepower up front to give the CB's some breathing room from the fact of having fewer balls thrown into their area than last season. Seems to me we just have a better quality of CBs to choose from now and it's just a matter of time to develop the chemistry of working together and honing their skills.
  9. WOW, there are posts, replies - this place has EVERYTHING! Congrads to the b/u IT interns Have to agree Stine RE Blount not being a 3 down back. I wanted him yrs ago when he could produce more.
  10. Yup, it's beyond me, I'm not a techie but it seems to me it doesn't seem to be that difficult to accomplish. I'm thinking if I'm already logged in, I should be able to have direct access to areas of discourse at that point, and not have to go to another area where I'm already logged in to do the same thing. Can't be for security reasons since I'm already logged in when this occurs.
  11. No, he is not a 3 down back and never will be. By definition that is what a franchise RB needs to be. He will punish defenses. He will get those short yardage first downs. He will be solid in those areas. But that is why we signed him. To help out in those areas, which he will.
  12. They need Sidney Jones to play to his ability next season and probably add one more starting caliber CB to make this unit a top 5. Normally a good DC can hide a couple players with a good scheme. So I think this defense will make tremendous strides this season and will be a real strong point starting next year. I would like to add depth to the Linebackers too. An injury there could be a real issue.
  13. There's the Gordon/Blount combo again. Love it. We keep using this and a new tap beer will be created!! Give me a Gordon Blount, lol. GBFL, rounds on me this time!!
  14. The great Eagles defense of 1991 received some attention this past week. Football Outsiders wrote a piece on the greatest defenses of the past 30 seasons and ranked Gang Green as the best of the b... View the full article
  15. Still cannot get into the message boards from the front door.When is the Tech team draft? They need replaced
  16. If they are grading the QBs on the Cowboys schedule then Dak should not be on that list. Or else it's just a grading of 11 QBs in the league. Also, Palmer is too high, he's garbage.
  17. Almost July Here!

  18. Haha, this is hilarious. I don't really agree that Alex Smith and Cousins should be above Wentz, but it sure is funny to see.
  19. I hate Drew Brees but in no world should Dak be higher than him lol.
  20. Holy backwards factually incorrect meme... Extreme liberals are annoying pc idiots but most poor people are hillbilly Republicans. On welfare as well.
  21. I like kaeps website
  22. Yesterday
  23. The reports said he some sort of deferred payment deal in place for that. Not sure the specifics or cap implications of it.
  24. This is my biggest issue! I don't care and people who do really need to sort themselves out as its pathetic really.
  25. I've tried to imagine what it would be like to be born into all of THAT . . . there's a number of advantages, obviously, but basically you're put into a box and put on display, like any animal in a zoo. Anything you say or do is recorded & catalogued for future reference. You appear here & there, hither & yon, smile politely and wonder to yourself, "WTF am I doing?!?" And who cares anyway?? At best it's a self-perpetuating, meaningless existence . . . except to say that it continues a tradition that goes back some 2000 years or so. With that in mind I'd like to see Charles & Camilla in a castle with a moat. They deserve it.
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