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  2. Personally I hope any pro bowl Eagles find an excuse not to play. We don't need any ACLs in a meaningless game.
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  4. Houston needs to can BOB, but of those 4, Houston does seem like the best bet.
  5. If H-town gets some defense and better OL for Watson, they will likely be a SB champs in the future.
  6. GreenbleedinFL

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    Well,we better get going here,we have alot of people to hire.And to those that say "long way off",scouts are already scouting... and I would like to have decision makers in place ASAP
  7. The Cardinals won a Super Bowl? Never mind. I got confused by the bolded part of the above post appearing to say something quite different than the thread title.
  8. fanfrommd

    Assistant coaches

    Hi Dave, Should we be concerned that college offensive coordinators and NFL qb coaches are turning down the opportunity to be the Eagles offensive coordinator? It seems like the pickings are getting pretty slim. What is going on?
  9. Something took him off the rails completely. The ball obviously started rolling in Pitt, then it seems like its just snowballed out of control since then. Drugs? Something literally break in his brain? And how the hell you going to catch a battery/robbery charge AT YOUR OWN HOUSE?!
  10. It’s to the point where I’m no longer laughing at the guy. Brown clearly has mental health issues.
  11. VaBeach_Eagle

    Sources: Antonio Brown not expected to play again this season

    Antonio Brown suspect in battery investigation outside Florida home, his trainer arrested: report
  12. Only 4 Teams without Super Bowls Cleveland Browns Detroit Lions Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars I'll Say the Texans
  13. Congrats on making the big dance.  There's a lot of Philly folks rooting for the Chiefs!

  14. Wrang, I would like Caldwell. A couple of simple reasons. 1. He fits a profile that would keep certain people calm as Duce wouldn't get promoted. 2. He worked with Peyton Manning... ie QB who was in total control of everything... I believe would help Doug let Wentz control more. 3. Obvious short term guy not looking for next job... so could be a place holder and then they give Duce the position... if that's what they want. 4. any head coaching experience is good, but winning experience is better. All the other stuff, that's great too.... but to me the basics here make a strong case for hiring him over some other guys. I don't need the next genius... I already have a head coach / play caller that likes to make things too complicated... an older more experienced guy that can say ... " yo, calm down and keep it simple" IMO is perfect.
  15. bwestbrook36


    You know how people like to overreact to players that were once Eagles and now are an ok player 7 years later.
  16. madriver

    2020 NFL Draft

    Wow. Should be fun to watch...if the boat doesn't tip over...
  17. VaBeach_Eagle

    2020 NFL Draft

    Just saw this on Quick Slants, in the 2020 draft, the stage will be set in the fountain of the Bellagio and the draft picks will be taken to the stage by a boat.
  18. What a f'n POS.
  19. Dawkins 20

    Finalsts for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    He was! Glad to see him get in.
  20. Yesterday
  21. VaBeach_Eagle

    Finalsts for the 2020 Hall of Fame Class

    Just looked it up, he was elected.
  22. EaglesRocker97

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Dear lord, the level of projection here is astonishing. Bummed I missed the ban, like I always do.
  23. cunninghamtheman

    [News] Early Thinking On Some Roster Battles To Watch

    The NFL is getting swept up in Vegas! The draft is going to be there...on water...with players in boats. At the UFC fight Brady was caught chatting it up with the Raiders owner. Could Tom Brady move to Vegas? Exciting stuff with this new move. All the old LA Raider fans have been buying up season tickets.
  24. MR-CYN

    NFC Championship: Packers @ 49ers

    Rogers is done. Stick a fork in him.
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