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    If he goes to jail, don’t be surprised if the refs bail him out...
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    Not surprised. Hopefully the AFC East will begin to be more competitive now. They've sucked so badly for the past 20 years, giving the Patriots an easy road to the Divisional Round every year.
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    Browns have legitimately no excuses to not be in the playoffs next year. Great move imo.
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    Don't agree. Adding a bunch of names. Have a lot of age in there as well. I think now is the time that the best value is there in free agency, but I don't necessarily want players who are on the decline. I haven't studied all of these players, but I've read up on all of them. You're falling in love with names.
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    Breaking the law. It’s the patriot way. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wcvb.com/amp/article/patriots-owner-robert-kraft-charged-in-florida-prostitution-sting/26429577 Here for the jokes 🍿🍿
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    "Hey do you mind calling me Tom?"
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    Got to get another ring, to bad its a prostitution ring.
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