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    I would start with worrying about your spelling first. Then I would worry about the next game which is the Panthers.
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    Take and post some pics if possible. Feel free to mix in some of hot English chicks, if possible....
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    God bless them. I hope they live forever!
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    I mean nobody should be surprised by this. Moving two teams back to LA so close together was always going to be a mistake.
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    I’ve travelled down from Manchester. Huge Eagle fan presence. Not seen any Jags fans. It’s going to be like a home game. Hopefully Eagles respond. Excited come what may. Wearing the Foles jersey tomorrow. Wentz is the guy, but this might be Foles’s last year as an Eagle, so Foles was the choice.
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    There not staying in a hotel prince harry invited the whole team to stay with him so prince harry and Wentz can try and pull a wife swap and see if their wives notice
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    Lol yes. Spend your time worrying about Dink n Dak and their scary 28th ranked passing attack if you’d like.
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