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    When you consider the Wentz trade, it would be hilarious seeing him play well here if they pick him up.
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    Cowboys are always a threat to their spouses or girlfriends
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    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but is anyone else kinda creeped out that we're putting out a casting call for WRs one game into the season? Alshon, we knew about. Mack Hollins caught us off guard, but he wasn't gonna be our savior anyway. Why are we now deciding we need help versus a few months ago?
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    Board reactions: "Oh look the Falcons lose to Nick Foles again." "Time to fire Sark. There IS NOT EXCUSE FOR LOSING TO A SCRUB LIKE NICK FOLES TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal." That "scrub" beat Patriots in Super Bowl while Matt Ryan had a 25 point lead on them and lost in OT.
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    Way back when Vick was having his issues, their board had flash enabled. So I made a small, invisible flash file of 'Who Let The Dogs Out' and set it to auto play. Then I'd go in and post something totally innocent looking, but I'd attach that invisible flash file. Then whenever anyone would be on that page of the thread, they'd get the audio "Who Let The Dogs Out?!". I'd try to have it on each page at least once, especially if it was a large thread. Drove them crazy trying to figure out how that was happening lol.
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