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    Linc has never been loud, or feared, or had poor field conditions. You are thinking of the Vet
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    Never draft a wide receiver in the 1st named Mike Williams.
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    There are countless good stories about Coach Groh out there. Can't find a single bad thing said about the man. He is a pure stickler when it comes to mastering the fundamentals. "Night and day when compared to past coaches" seems to be the mantra by the sideline reporters during mini camp. I know Rounds 5 & 6 are probable projects but if this guy has helped turn Agholar around then getting Hollins and Gibson into contention shouldn't be insurmountable. By all accounts, Jeffery keeps getting mentioned as working extra hard, in camp and in the gym on his own time. Always in Eagles apparel and recently changed his twitter backdrop to the Philly skyline. He's embraced being in Philly and seems he would like to remain in Philly. Man do i hope he has the season to make that so! All of that being said, and we've briefly touched upon this in other threads - just think of the benefits that this culture will have on the newer guys for years to come.
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    when I was younger, I agreed about creating a hostile environment. Now that I'm in my 40's, a father, a husband, I don't like that kind of stuff. I would prefer to go to a game where I can enjoy myself, maybe talk a little trash with an opposing fan, but no one takes it so personally that someone has to get hurt. I guess I'm old, but I'd like to think I just matured.
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    Reeled another one in. What are the excuses for last year?
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    Dak being accused of using a machine to sigh autographs. If true that's fraud. He fits right in with the culture in Dallas
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    Let's see, last year, ... 36 drops and 6 games lost by one score . LJ gone 10 games, and very mediocre run game. Everyone keeps saying" will Carson make the leap" ...simple answer, he don't have that far to leap, and with the new toys at his disposal, at the end of the year, ppl will say "wow , Carson had a great year" when the reality is, he got more reliable receivers, and a hammer for short yardage. Yes I think he had some things to clean up, but he was really pretty darn good last year. The Defense got better too CBs are looking better, but I will hold judgment on them for now. D line should be very strong, I am hoping they dominate at the line of scrimmage. Second year with new coaches and scheme, I am always a little bias, but I think the Eagles have a good shot at taking the division.
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    Dave - you left out a few things. That Dallas OL is dealing with replacement parts, so is NY. Dallas also has secondary problems. Take away Zeke and they're in trouble. NY can't run the ball and therefore one dimensional. Like the news on Grymes, if he can step up the CB position will not be as weak a link as previously anticipated.
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    I would settle for the term "Dominant",elite or not lol
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    I'd rather get rid of international games.
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    Haven't signed into this site in YEARS! I think..... who knows.... wow, the emptiness over at "the Eye" is a whole new level of depressing. When a part-timer like myself gets nostalgic and emotional about it, it makes one wonder how the regulars are all holding up..... *sigh*.... all I have left are memories of the old boys.... I like to think that Bri is somewhere in a shed, screaming at the faltering wooden planks that are barely holding it together.... I like to imagine Southy is sailing the seas somewhere majestic w/ a crew of Don Pardo, Broz, and maybe even that curmudgeon JB..... alas.... the quite solitude of singularity leaves me speechless these days.... and a bit poetically scriptive.
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    Would like to see us dominate vs the cowbelles.I am sick of hearing from my Dullaz buddies.I want to snuff Zeke in the backfield and make Dak run for his life.I make few predictions,but I predict this defense takes Eli out for the year :)
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    Huge mistake going for it beginning of the second qtr. 4th and 2 at the Giants 23. If they kick the FG there, they are only down 2 points at the end of the game and could have won it with a FG instead of going for it on a 4th down. What is also not mentioned was the play calls in Dallas of their first meeting. He was in FG position late in the game with a TD and conversion lead. They need to run it up the gut three times and kick the FG to place the game out of reach. Instead, sack, penalty and they are now out of FG range and have to punt. That series of calls also cost them a win....
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    Interesting point from Lawlors' Jim Johnson article, that although there was a lot of player turnover, Johnson adjusted his scheme to the players he had, finding the best way to get them to attack offenses. Note - he adjusted his scheme. I've said for a while that Schwartz - although good - is too inflexible with his D, trying to get the players to fit his scheme but not adapting his scheme to fit a players' strengths. Inflexibility leeads to sub par performance. See we have some newbies - welcome. It's the slow season, will heat up shortly.
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    After Chip destroyed the personnel of this team, I give major credit to how quickly the FO is trying to rebuild the team. They aren't dragging it out- they are trying as hard as they can to create a winning, championship team. This year's team isn't the finished product by any means, but the moves they have made are really solid ones. Kudo's for that thus far.
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    Sen,... here is my take. Blount, if the team is doing poorly... does it matter? Do we want a happy bunch of losers? Not sure what his motivation to be an arse would be, it was obvious he wanted to go back to NE, and obvious how fishy it happened?? But, no issue with the weight clause if he signed the contract, basically says we won't pay you unless you stay in shape, kinda obvious. As for Wentz and the WRs. We've seen plenty of times where QBs and WRs don't need much to be working well off the bat. Aren't you in Denver area? Good examples of how that worked. But in reality, we don't need SB level play or chemistry yet, just to take the next steps and make the playoffs. As for the Eagles and their current situation with division and schedule. The Giants are the team I think will be the competition in the East, unless Eli gets zero protection. The schedule, I absolutely love it. The reason why, is that I simply just compare it to the rest of the division, that's really only what matters. No teams off a bye, staying out West for back to back when its cold... getting Denver at home between KC and NE for them... and getting Oakland to travel across the country on Xmas and play in the cold. Arizona is much tougher at home, they come here. The extra games are early at Carolina, love that fact...and the gimme game vs the Bears which is by far the easiest in the NFC North. Also love opening on the road in Washington, you know everyone is up for that, and then when you need the home game later, we get it vs them. Not that it is an easy schedule overall... but I like it compared to Dallas, NYG and Wash! Barring disaster with injuries... I will be dissapointed with less than 10 wins! This is logic, not emotional. I've thought the CB situation has been a disaster anyway, so my expectation is not as bad a dropoff as most fans who for some reason liked Carroll and whatever else they had lately??? But I like the OL and DL situation much better now. Plus actual NFL talent at the skill positions. That's just me.
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    Right now, the strengths and weaknesses of their division rivals shouldn't be the Eagles main concern, because no one can yet know how those team's strengths & weaknesses will differ from last year. Instead the Eagles should be thinking more about their own strengths and weaknesses, and be intently focused on accurately gauging who their best athletes are--per position. Over the past several years, as it turned out, some of the best Eagles players in the pre-season didn't become their starters, and in some cases weren't even on the team when the regular season began. For example, in each of the past two years the Eagles have let go or traded a key player that ended up starting for the team that won the Super Bowl. And in both cases that player was let go from a position that turned out to be the Eagles biggest weakness that year, such as at OL in 2015 (Mathis), and at CB in 2016 (Rowe). Now, once again, I find myself wondering what similar mistakes will be made in the upcoming 2017 pre-season? For example, I can envision CBs Aaron Grymes & C.J. Smith playing their hearts out during the pre-season and looking good enough to be our rightful starters (just as WR Paul Turner did last pre-season on a team full of 2nd rate WRs), only to lose the starting job once the season begins to players with more 'proven' experience like Brooks, Robinson & Mills (who probably won't all work out). Conversely, I can also see the Eagles confidently making Grymes their new starting slot corner in 2017 and letting go of the veteran Brooks, only to find that they desperately need Brooks half way through the season, just as they did with Rowe last year. No current CB should be let go during the pre-season without a superior CB being added to the team (as the Eagles will need all the help they can get at the position). The same is true for linebacker. At BleedingGreenNation.com, this morning I read Brandon Lee Gowton's list of players he thinks the Eagles are most likely to let go or trade, and got a laugh when he wrote that "future Hall of Famer Paul Turner" will likely find "a place on the Eagles' practice squad". That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. Every Eagles article I've read in recent months has focused exclusively on Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor (and Torrey Smith) as our potential starting slot receiver in 2017. Yet no one (except me) has proposed that Paul Turner could potentially turn out to be our best slot receiver in 2017 (with Jeffrey & Smith on the outside). The astonishing part of this is: it's not an outrageous suggestion--given that (1) Matthews has clearly become injury prone at this stage of his career, and (2) no receiver in recent NFL history has played as badly as Agholor did in his first two seasons, with a similar amount of snaps, and gone on to become a top starting WR in the NFL (or even an especially good one). It's never happened before. (Apparently not even WR Chris Carter, who had a drug problem in Philly, had stats as bad as Agholor's.) And yet with all the recent glowing talk about Agholor's performance at the recent OTAs--about how good he looked & the many great catches he made (with Jalen Mills defending him), I get the impression the Eagles think Agholor is ready to become our top slot receiver for 2017 and may even challenge Jeffrey & Smith on the outside. Now, that can't be completely ruled out, as there's always a first time (& Mike Groh may indeed get Agholor back on track--since it's possible that Agholor's dismal play over the past two years wasn't entirely his fault). Therefore, by all means give Agholor a final chance to prove himself in the 2017 pre-season & if he does, great! (then the Eagles will have the option of trading him for a very good linebacker or potential starting cornerback!). In other words, no matter what the eventual outcome is, right now, it's best for the Eagles coaches, media, & fans to remain positive and optimistic on Agholor, as the team can only benefit from encouraging him: since clearly Agholor himself needs to believe he can do it. And who knows, maybe he will put 2015 & 16 far behind him, and silence all criticism in 2017. I hope so. But, at the end of the day, what the Eagles should really be thinking about Agholor's glowing performance in the OTAs is, more cautiously--if a WR as poor (in the past) as Agholor is beating Jalen Mills in the OTAs, then Mills is likely no where near ready to be our starting CB in 2017, as many have projected. Which suggests that C. J. Smith, Rasul Douglas, Patrick Robinson, & Aaron Grymes, etc., should be given lots of extra playing time in the pre-season games to fully prove what they can do.
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    The time when we finally get to see a glimpse-just a tiny taste!-of what this Eagles team could become this year is slowly getting nearer. Three weeks till Camp & 5 weeks till PS Game 1. PRAISE THE LORD! I've had it with thinking & reading WHAT IF? Even though I know that's part of the territory for this part off the offseason.
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    Spuds, nice article. Good information on the division opponents. Personally I think the Eagles are still one year away. I'm not sure Torrey Smith is much of an upgrade although Jeffery, if he can stay clean AND healthy, IS a MAJOR upgrade. I'd like to see Jeffery as an Eagle long term IF he can stay clean and healthy. CB looks to be the major weakness vs Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, OBJ, Marshall, Pryor, etc. I REALLY hope the defensive line is STELLAR. They will have to be. I don't necessarily like getting free agents from Super Bowl winning teams. Some of them clearly are worth it and time will tell with Blount and Long. They have their ring. Effort wise, I question Blount going forward. I think Long is a professional and his effort will not be an issue. I like Schwartz....don't love him....as D coordinator. I hope after last year that he can figure out how to better use Kendricks. Kendricks is/was a serious playmaker. Find his strengths and use them better so that we can see more playmaking results. The BEST teams have the best O LINEs. I know the Eagles were lauded as having the best O line in the league recently. Say what? An aging, although I love him, Jason Peters is a shell of what he used to be and did not deserve the Pro Bowl nod he got last year. LG seems to be a revolving and leaky door. Kelce is a very athletic center, but he struggled with penalties and being overmatched often last year. Brooks was unavailable too often last year. Johnson is fantastic, when he is there. He is one PED test away from being gone permanently guys. The backups are exactly that, backups. The team I detest so much went back to their Super Bowl winning formula and what a turnaround. I think Dak is a very mediocre QB. I will go to my grave saying Aikman was only an above average QB. Handing the ball to a good (not great) Emmett RB and watching him run through holes the size of a diesel truck was enough to make me sick every week. I could never understand why other teams didn't replicate that formula. I hate Dallas. I mean, I really hate the Dallas Cowpies and Jerry egomaniac Jones. But they could be the class of the division for many years again. Unless, the Eagles really improve their defense and Wentz and his weapons develop extremely quickly and efficiently. Giants offense will be REALLY good.....IF they can block. Some games will be awesome for them and some will be dismal. They won't compete in the playoffs with that OLine. Redskins? Lots of question marks. Trent Williams is a stud. The other T mentioned is good. Interior line is subject. Redskins have DOMINATED the Eagles over the past two or three years. That is embarrassing.
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    Hmm. Doesn't want politics brought into TATE. Then makes a political post following. 🤔
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    Don't see another team taking DGB, made himself a track record. On a different track; CARSON Wentz just took another step towards becoming a franchise QB. He invited some of his teammates to hang out at his place. In the break between OTA’s and Training Camp, Wentz will be hosting a week-long passing camp for skill position players, at his home in Fargo, North Dakota. I’ve been wishing for an Eagles QB to do this since Donovan McNabb used to host teammates at his home in Arizona. https://eaglemaniacal.com/forum-2/
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    Letting DGB go now was a very smart move. Last thing you need in the locker room is negativity and that was his M.O. Now maybe the WR's can concentrate on improving while learning the Offense. Huge part of the Eagles success depends on this group and Wentz....
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    The whole Celek thing drives me nuts too. For the exact same reasons mentioned, it boggles my mind why we just stopped using him, at least once in a while?? He went from an almost-guaranteed catch to guaranteed blocker. He' is great at blocking and if he's not going to get his props anywhere else then he should get mentioned in the O-Line discussion since he is such a contributor. Anyhow, when considering what our O line went through last year with all the injuries and all the personnel shifts, we did pretty damn good to be honest. We're deeper this year and have more experience. Something not mentioned though is that our O line is pretty expensive. I think that will take care of itself by next year though, for many reasons we've already anticipated. Warning: incoming overhyped anticipation: Given our O as a whole right now, honestly, we should dominate. With this O line, how do you stop Blount from picking up 2-3 yards? How do you cover the Pony Express with Jeffery and Smith outside and JMatt in slot? Or Ertz? Or something i'm pining to see, a 4 receiver set? Maybe i'm just seeing something that I want to see, but i get the impression that our units are gelling very well, because they want to. And that's a big deal. I understand that it's not like we have something noone's ever seen before (except the P.E.) but if our play-calling is good; holy cow man!
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    At this time of year no news out of the Eagles organization is good news.
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    I don't get the concern about Pumphery size limiting him in the NFL he faced many of those same players as a College standout...This kid surpassed HOF Marshall Faulk's college records all college players have to get stronger coming to the NFL...the fact that quite a few players of Pumphery has had success in the league... I am expecting big things from this kid. Traditionally many of us old heads were raised with the #1 back/ Lead Back getting majority of the touches, Ricky Waters , Duce etc...the game has evolved from a Safety/ Longevity of RB position and efforts to keep that position healthy. As much as I would love watching Blount punishing Defenses it is of greater importance to keep him healthy and share the load, if a playoff berth is possible. Times change, this is one change I can embrace.
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    I feel we have enough talent at CB to be better than we were last season, but I am hoping that either CJ Smith or Aaron Grymes win a starting role. All we keep hearing is how both of these players are making plays at almost every practice, but for some reason they get beat out by Mills and Robinson. We already have seen enough of Mills to know where his floor is, but what we have not seen is Grymes and Smith. I can understand giving an experienced player like Robinson a chance to prove himself here and even see the benefit of giving Mills a shot at starting again since he has seen some of the best WR's the NFC East has to offer. We need to see if he can improve upon last years performance. The bigger issue is speed and how our starters lack speed on deep passes. We really need to fix that deep pass problem and perhaps getting more help from the safeties is the answer. It's just that I would like for Grymes or Smith to step up enough to at least show what they can contribute or tell us that they are not ready instead of hyping them as possible starters.
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    Totally agree. As long as they don't rush SJ this year. I don't think they will. I'm taking the approach that Rome wasn't built in a day. We have the foundation to build upon (assuming we have the CB position settled and it appears we will by PS end). If our DL plays up to its potential of consistently having 4 serious pass rushers (with Cox being moved all over the DL for matchup purposes) and the LB team improving its contribution this season, we might just have enough firepower up front to give the CB's some breathing room from the fact of having fewer balls thrown into their area than last season. Seems to me we just have a better quality of CBs to choose from now and it's just a matter of time to develop the chemistry of working together and honing their skills.
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    They need Sidney Jones to play to his ability next season and probably add one more starting caliber CB to make this unit a top 5. Normally a good DC can hide a couple players with a good scheme. So I think this defense will make tremendous strides this season and will be a real strong point starting next year. I would like to add depth to the Linebackers too. An injury there could be a real issue.
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    Oh they WILL!!!!! Also watch for the "pony set" Sproles/Pumphrey.I bet we see it this year somewhere-depends who we play and their D's weakness.Both these guys coming out of the backfield on pass patterns and this gives you 5-6 receiving options for Wentz(2 WR's out,1 slot,1 TE and 2 RB's) Good luck defending that HAHA
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    Honestly, I think the time has come for people to show more hospitality to each other. Why is it wrong for a family to want to go and see their favorite team that may be the visiting team. I think we've taken this idea of making a sports facility a hostile place for opposing team's fans too far. Also, I really don't believe professional players really feel intimidated now by the fans in the stadiums. With modern free agency, one year a player can be with the Cowboys and hated by Eagles, Giants and Redskin fans. The next year he's with the Eagles and fans love him in Philly but he's totally hated in Dallas. In the old days - think Concrete Charlie - players stayed with teams their entire career but now, the current contract rules. I like to hear a loud crowd, but if a stadium is filled with a bunch of foul mouthed drunks, I'll pass.
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    Thing with Grymes is that thus far he's been able to keep up and do well / stand out in OTA's. I get it, OTA's.. but it's the rationale for some hope! :) Agreed completely that CFL does not = NFL but there are aspects to it that could be beneficial experience. Every bit helps i guess. Let's see what's for real in the coming weeks!
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    I respect BOTH of you guys a great deal! I think the picture of Carson is somewhere in between. I still think he has the poise and intelligence to be "Peytonesque" quite soon - I love his ability to read the game situation, and of course he has a ways to go in execution, but with an improved offense and loosening of the coaching reins, we long suffering Eagles fans should hardly believe our luck in landing a potentially elite QB. Even right this minute, I wouldn't trade him, one for one, with ANY QB in the NFL, except MAYBE Aaron Rodgers.
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    I wanna see Celek used in the passing game much more this season. He still has juice in the tank and he's a great receiver and just bulls would-be tacklers over with his RAC!
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    While I can appreciate your concerns, Stine gimme a little more optimism than a 1-2 game improvement! I actually agree with almost everything you said, those things are gonna happen. But keep in mind, Wentz was basically the #3 guy right up until the opener without even getting a full PS in as that. But not just that: Smallwood was a rookie. Seuamalu was a rookie. Mills was a rookie. Big V was a rookie. Vaeao rookie. Wisniewski, new. DGB was new. . Treggs. Turner. Defensive coach, QB coach, Head Coach - all new. There were also others but i think these names cover the meat and potatoes. Holy smokes, after listing those i am pretty pleased that we got 7 wins last year. lol Now we've got a fair amount of new guys, and the gelling has to begin all over again. But think, how does this year's newcomers compare to last year's? (on paper cuz that's all we got). Higher skill level? Lower skill level? I will assume we all agree that this year's newcomers, rookie or vet, are of higher level players than of last year's. (if not please feel free to converse!) Now Wentz gets to at least become familiar with his guys before PS even starts. PD has had some time to evaluate, as have all the other coaches. That's a huge factor! And for what it's worth, our past WR coach sucked. Now, by all accounts, it seems we have a guru. The TLDR version: I think we are in such a better place this year when the season begins compared to last year. The drama factor alone makes a huge difference just as much as the peeps on the roster.I think that gives us 2-3 more than last year. Again, all on paper.
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    Seems like a decent roster turnover has occurred. Both starting outside receivers. New Starting RB. Starting LG will be different(hopefully...Barbre has to be replaced. Some team will get desperate for an Olineman and give us something in trade). On defense: DT,DE,Possibly end up with a new 4-3 Starting LB, New outside corners. It could take some time for chemistry. Much of the third string and practice squad guys are here but to me it's a significantly different team.
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    Alshon Jeffery has arrived in North Dakota to work out with Carson Wentz [UPDATE]: Prior to the end of Philadelphia Eagles minicamp this year, Carson Wentz confirmed he’ll be working out and bonding with a number of his teammates in North Dakota before the start of training camp.………I haven’t seen other Eagles players tweet about being in Fargo, North Dakota yet so maybe Jeffery got there before everyone else. Other receiving targets expected to show up include (but isn’t limited to): Torrey Smith, Jordan Matthews, Zach Ertz, Trey Burton, etc. The start of Eagles training camp is only two weeks away. Rookies, quarterbacks, and select veterans report on Sunday, July 23. (The rest of the team reports on July 26 to start full participation on Thur. the 27th.) In the meantime, Wentz will get some extra reps in with his wide receivers and tight ends. Nice to see the Eagles’ young quarterback showing leadership and building chemistry with his teammates both on and off the field. UPDATE: Nelson Agholor has also arrived in North Dakota, per his Instagram.……………… UPDATE TWO: Torrey Smith posted a video of him and Shelton Gibson at the airport today.……………… https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2017/7/9/15943612/alshon-jeffery-north-dakota-carson-wentz-work-out-eagles-philadelphia-passing-camp-teammates-twitter Great news seeing these guys following through with getting a casual head start to Camp! ☺
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    DGB gone? No one should be surprised about that. He wasn't going to make the team anyway. Clear lack of effort and passion on his part. It is evident that he doesn't love the game. He had the body and the skillset, but that doesn't cut it at the highest level of competition to become GREAT.
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    I'm gonna throw a true under-the-radar name out there for peeps to keep an eye on during PS: Marcus Johnson. He's a UDFA wide receiver and they're apparently pretty pleased with what they've seen. With DGB's departure It's possible he could be #6. Additional note- This would be his second year. He was on the practice squad last year.
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    One thing Wentz has to learn from last year is not to stare down his receiver. But I still think we are going ti KSA this year!
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    I think the Eagles are in store for a really good year, we can hope that it is one written about ages later, like these. Been an Eagles fan all my life, and haven't been this excited about the upcoming season in a long time, maybe never. Jeffery will help out tons by not dropping the ball, and getting contested catches, and Blount will get ppl to stack the box, and leave Jeffery and Smith one on one... not to mention whoever is in the slot, and have stellar TEs too... oh then there is Sproles, and his apprentice Pumphry.. and I haven't even gotten to the Defense... They got the guy who broke #92s sack record, color me impressed.... I could go on and on, but I really just want to see them play. GO EAGLES!!!
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    I feel we are much better, but as I mentioned below, so are many other teams. We also have one of the most difficult schedules. Not ready to put a number on how many wins I think they will get, but I would not be shocked if they got 8 just due to our schedule. Everyone is saying play-offs or bust, but I can see us falling short. I want to see them make the play-offs as bad as anyone on here, but It is a long year and we are not even 8 weeks away from opening day yet. Schedule? With the balanced format, literally every East Coast team has to make numerous trips out West, and vice versa for West Coast teams! If the Eagles are truly the improved team we think (or hope), 10-11 wins should easily be within our grasp.
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    I think letting go of DGB was the right move. The Eagles need to be smart this year & get rid of any 'unreformed party boys" before the season starts, and DBG had that reputation, yes? (Along with... ?) Plus, apparently he dropped a lot of balls in OTAs, which likely says something about how hard he worked in his offseason. If Matthews remains injury prone, and Agholor can't get over last years' "yips", both possibilities, the Eagles will need Paul Turner in the slot. Therefore, I don't think it's right that Turner always gets mentioned at the very end of these articles (*after* the late round draft picks here), if at all. Surely, last year Turner proved he's a better player than that? Don't forget that if Turner's stats from the 2016 pre-season & regular season are combined, he had a better catching percentage than Antonio Brown, a better yard per catch average than Brown (albeit on fewer pass attempts), and was easily on track to surpass 1,000 receiving yards for the season (that's way more than AG & DGB combined), if the Eagles had only been smart enough to use him more often. Turner is also the same height & size as Brown, and has almost exactly the same 40 speed as Brown had in his first two years in the NFL (though Brown has since gotten faster, so why can't Turner also do so?). In sharp contrast to every other WR on the Eagles team last year, Turner caught everything thrown in his direction, with his only ball drop coming from a slightly tipped pass in the Washington game. He also helped us win games, and didn't directly contribute to any losses. Besides, even if Turner doesn't develop into another Antonio Brown, every team needs a player like him, who opposing defenses won't pay enough attention to or fully prepare for, when they've got Jeffrey, Smith & Matthews to worry about in key situations. So, you'd think Turner would get more respect, being that he was the Eagles most dependable receiver last year. Hopefully, he'll have another 'league leading' pre-season as he did in 2016, & Mike Groh will see qualities in him that Eagles coaches failed to fully appreciate last year.
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    My Daughter works for PD in Worcester MA. NE fans can be a nuisance lol
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    The fans don't instill fear in the other team...but this does: Pepper Johnson launch in 3...2...1...
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    Ham, Barnett has shown he's the real deal to date and I'm confident he'll continue to show this when the pads go on in TC. All who have seen him say so. Doug, most likely, is going to use RBs in a committee approach making the running game more versatile. With this approach, if we stick to it, no RB will be a featured/franchised back but each will be used in certain situations to create mismatches with their particular skill set. IMO, I don't see Pumps as a "project", prospect yes but a "project, no. Where does he have to make a significant adjustment to the NFL in order to use his skill set? He doesn't need two or three years before he can effectively use his skill set in the NFL. Ask Duce if he thinks Pumps is a project. Would love to see Pumps and Sproles in the same backfield, a nightmare.