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    We could essentially do this about a pick in every round. It doesn't matter, he isn't on our team, we can't go back in time to change it so who cares
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    I think the Eagles should have drafted Tom Brady in the 5th round back in 2000.
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    The biggest factor is cord cutting and people streaming games illegally. It does not help that it costs you 300 dollars to watch your team if you are out of market. I have been quiet content to chill in my office, listen to Merrill and Mike and glance at the red zone channel the last few years. if the NFL wants to get its viewership back up, they need to look at changing season ticket to mirror MLBTV.
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    Thats probably not as big a factor as you think. Most football fans couldn't care less about that ish
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    A Win is a Win is a Win. Defense played lights out. Wentz played a solid game. Special Teams were very good. Two real big issues: Why cannot we just run the rock a few plays in a row? Blount ran for 7 yards and they take him out to run Smallwood? How can we expect to establish a run game when we only let our bruiser in for a play at a time? Establish the run and you help out the O-Line. Play action passes would be nice to see. I hate backwards passes! I do not think I have ever seen one work. Get rid of that play. Dp was very predictable. Heck, If I knew what was coming half the time, I imagine the other teams will also. I am very happy we won, but KC is gonna kick out butts if we do not correct some things on offense.
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    WAAAAAAAAA!!111!1! We didn't draft Hunt!!!!1!!!!!1!!!! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!1!1!!!1!!!!! We drafted other guys instead!!!!!1!1!!!!11 WAAAAAAAAA!!!1!11!!!11!!!! Howie sucks!!1!1!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!11!1!!!1!!11!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prescott: 30/50 60% 238 YDS 2 TDs 2 INTs (1 Pick Six) 68.6 Passer Rating Ewok: 9 Carries 8 Yards and he was very sad
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    Another factor in all this, oversaturation. MNF, TFN, Early Sunday Morning games from London, Sunday at 1 PM, Sunday at 4PM and then SNF, followed by MNF, TFN and so on. I don't discount any of the other reasons given, they all factor in, but when you take a product, water down the quality and then feed that diminished product to your audience for upwards of 18 hours on Sunday, then Monday night and Thursday night, the audience is going to eventually pull away and begin to greatly filter out what they allow in. On top of all that, add the other factors that have been mentioned and then some that haven't been mentioned.
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    I am so tired of hearing about power struggles in Philly.....Now it is Schwartz undermining Doug.....If Schwartz wants to become a HC again his best bet is make a strong D here in Philly and then take a HC gig some team will come knocking.....As for Doug all the media bashing on him is insane he came into Philly(a tough place for everyone) coached a team depleted of talent from Kelly with a rookie QB(that he learned would be the starter 8 days before the season started) had no preseason to get him ready....and still got the team to 7-9....Then come into this season he opens up with a strong victory vs a divisional rival on the road that beat us the last 5 times we faced
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    Hey everyone. Power back on this morning and everything okay. I always heard others say that a hurricane sounds like a locomotive but my analogy is a 737 getting its engines ready for take off. LOL
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    Gotta say I agree with the comments about rotating backs in...why take Blount out after a good gain on first? Felt like we went away from the run right as we were building momentum with it too often. I understand the rotating backfield by committee but I feel it would be more effective just playing the hot hand and not over thinking rotations too much? I feel like that was our issue in the run game, I thought the Oline did their jobs for most of the day with some mishaps here and there. just my opinion maybe lol. Also, CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH THE SWING PASSES? I haven't seen one work yet. You can say one of those plays lost us the game in Dallas last year when Sproles got tackled for a loss out of field position, or at least the momentum we had in the game changed, and it could've done the same in this game with the fumble were it not for our defense showing up in a big way. Loved the attitude and the way they played today. Let's keep that up all season long. Finally ponied up the dough for Sunday Ticket so I can finally watch our birds every week out here in CA!!
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    hahahah , THis only gets better for the Redksins .... 2 Years ago could of locked the QB they liked for under 20 . Now they might justh ave to pay him 30 Million. This is getting outragous with the $$... Teams are better served spreading money around then on 3 players and rest get zip
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    Not saying local markets pay, but for out of market, MLB tv is a far superior service. It's only 100 bucks, can watch on all devices and phones, and u can even sync up local radio broadcast to TV feed. 100x superior service to season ticket. And for a 1/3 of the cost, you get 162 games per team instead of 16.
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    We evacuated Naples on Friday night and headed 150 miles North to Lakeland. Watched "Front Row Center" the eye come through at 1:30 AM. Unreal!!!! Downed trees and flooding in Lakeland. Naples and the surrounding areas did not fair as well. The Keys are demolished as is Marco Island. My home and neighborhoods around us are ok but we will have now power for quite a while. Gives renewed appreciation for water, lights, food, AC, family and friends. Oh yeah...........The FRICKIN BIRDS WON!!!!!!
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    Reporter: "Coach, those lateral passes to the outside didn't work the first 49 attempts. What did you see that was different on the 50th to allow us to gain that 1 yard"? DP: "Well, as you've heard us mention lately. We're taking a mathematical approach to things, studying the analytics and recognizing when the odds to go for it make sense. The stats indicated that this play has a 1 in 50 chance of working, so once that 49th try was over I knew it was in the bag on #50." Reporter: "I see. What was the reaction by the other coaches during that streak?" DP: "Well they were with me. You know, Frank and Joe both told me that it was so crazy that it just might work! We've run that play numerous times in practice, during the offense drills. It works every time there". Reporter: "But aren't those drills done without the defense?". DP: "Yeah. Yeah they are". Reporter: "Thanks, coach".
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    Good win! I still hate those swing passes.
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    The guy is 37 years old. How many players in the NFL are older than that? Time is undefeated.
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    Making the change to Warmack is shocking he clearly has potienal to be a good G but has not shown it and lost the battle in camp.....Would think of we made a change would go Wis but maybe Warmack has been showing signs in practice.....All I know is the OL play has to get better Wentz is under way to much pressure and the ground game has to get going
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    I was happy that Chance was added to the team. But Stout needs to unlock him still. He has the ability to absolutely maul people. But can he lock on his guy and keep him off Wentz? I like Seamalo also. Nothing like learning on the job. Hopefully the demotion doesn't have a negative effect on him. But it actually puts our depth in better position if you consider Seamalo as a C/G/T off the bench. Warmack being strictly a G. The weird part is Wis was better, in my opinion ,than Barbre or Seamalo last season. He should have been the starter last season. Yet here he is getting skipped over again.
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    We should be playing like the cornered animal. We aren't the world beater team that can make the playoffs just coasting. We have to scrap together any wins possible. And then still relying on the team improving massively as the season goes on. We need to get desperate right now.
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    So the Gints are 0fer. That makes them a dangerous team. They're gonna either come out with fire or fall apart. Eags need to come out hard and slap them early.
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    Let's pause for a moment to celebrate Zeke's 8 yard game.
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    This game vs the Giants is a really big game. Getting to 2-0 early in the season in the division would be an important step.
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    Ok im just going to say it....The head coach should be ashamed of himself! That qb is clearly not ready for the NFL! it's embarrassing Oh, and Watson doesn't look that great either
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    And yet here we are watching... You know you're addicted to football when you're watching a Thursday night game between two 0-1 teams.
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    Out of that article, this makes me happiest: That is huuuge!
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    Maybe a different verb here, pahtnah'.
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    The decision to draft Sidney Jones made RB in the 3rd a non starter. We will get our back next year. They needed to draft a CB that could actually play.
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    Deep RB class but I thought we waited too long
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    Well, I guess the bugs the Patriots planted in the locker room malfunctioned before the game.
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    im hoping for a classic andy reid where they win a game they shouldnt then next week come out flat
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    A win Week 1 in Washington would be a huge victory.. division rival , on the road, and first game.. I think it could really set the tone for the season, so I am hoping they pull off the W.
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    I hope they add 6 additional games for two reasons: 1 - He's a Cowboy 2 - He plays with a star on his helmet
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    A little mush for you guys.Before the season,I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you.You know being deaf is not easy and being on here has given me a way to communicate.I may disagree with some,I may fight with a few,but I have always continued to learn on this board.From one fan to another,no matter your views,it's been alot of fun for me and I have learned to get to know some of you with personal comments.I just wanted to thank you all before I kick off lol
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    Absolutely! The LS is a protected player now ... snap and run up field. Fans of 31 other teams understand why the move was made, the sentimental investment in the person and the stability we have had for so long with the last 2 LS is the main reason why many fans don't understand the move. Age, cap space and the current stage of the roster made the timing perfect.
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    I know, right?!? Howie should have an "opinion box" email address for us "experts" to assist him in his work.
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    given our in depth knowledge of every player on our roster, Eagles fans can enjoy game 4. I don't think any other team's fanbase knows as much about their team as we do ours.
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    From the Cowpie boards; -They're not happy w/ their OL -"Byron Jones can't cover a zombie, the slow moving kind" -Zeke has done no wrong and he won't get a fair shake -They're basically not positive about their team this yr
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    Here are my thoughts on Thursday night's Eagles-Dolphins game: 1. Offensive Line--The O-L protection for Wentz once again totally fell apart when the opposing defense blitzed. If they don't get better at handling blitzes, Wentz will be sacked often by multiple players in the regular season (when he sits in the pocket), and that will likely lead to an injury. (Imagine if Wentz had played all 4 quarters on Thursday night? ) So I hope Foles throwing arm really is 100%, and his absences "precautionary", as claimed. The first-string O-L didn't run block well enough either. They weren't as good as the Dolphins' O-L in this respect. That and the O-L's failure to protect Wentz in the pocket has me skeptical about how good they really are right now--as a unit. 2. Running backs--I'm not overly impressed. They're okay, decent, but no one really stands out as a great RB. I hope Blount will shift into another gear once the regular season begins, and that coach Pederson has figured out how to use him most effectively. The addition of Sproles will undoubtedly help (and may be enough). But it's looking more and more like the Eagles have overloaded on D-L and WR at the expense of their running game. Watching Clement and Pumphreys, I couldn't help but think the Eagles could have done much better if they'd drafted some combination of Joe Mixon or Dalvin Cook, Samaje Perine, and Tarik Cohen in the 2017 draft (as they had a chance to get 3 or 4 of these players). Each of those rookies has looked more dynamic & athletically gifted in the preseason than Blount, Clement, & Pumphreys. I also found myself wondering if the Eagles haven't underrated Byron Marshall versus Clement and Pumphreys? Marshall impresses me as a real fighter, with possibly more grit and determination than the other two. 3. Wide receivers Hollins, Johnson, and Treggs have greatly impressed in the preseason--it looks like they've got a ton of talent. Unfortunately the Eagles don't need all three WRs, not when they've got Jeffrey, Smith, and the refurbished Agholor. Although the team can always use a WR as quick and speedy as Treggs, who looks to be the fastest player on the offense. Treggs makes players miss, & that gives the Eagles offense a much needed extra dimension. I hope the Eagles will find a way to keep 6 WRs in 2017 (and maybe place the injured Turner on the practice squad or IR). There's so much talent on this WR squad right now that it would be a shame to lose any of these young, promising receivers, when looking to the future. 4. The Eagles have a similar glut at DE and DT. Again, they have more D-L players than they can use. Curry, Barnett and Means could all be starters on other teams. Of course that's not a bad problem to have. If I were a GM, I'd be closely watching to see who the Eagles might cut at DT, DE, and WR. Therefore, if possible, Roseman should try to trade a DT and/or a WR in the next week for a future draft pick, or to supply more depth at O-L, LB or for a first class RB--rather than to simply release those players in a couple weeks. Maybe the Eagles could even pick up the hard hitting LB Reggie Ragland from the Bills, for instance? My only real concern about the Eagles' defense right now (other than some lingering doubts about CBs & LB depth) is--will they be able to stop the run well enough in 2017? (I have no doubt their pass rush will be awesome.) I'll be curious to see how well they contain RB Samaje Perine (or whoever the Redskins start at RB) in week one. If Perine rushes for over 100 yards it won't be a good sign. 5. CB Ronald Darby--I'm not in a panic over how Darby played Thursday night. Here's why: on the first play where Darby got beat, his hand was only inches away from deflecting the ball--so his coverage was tight. Secondly, even though the Dolphins WR took off running after catching the ball, Darby was able to shift into another gear and catch up to him before he reached the end zone. That showed tremendous effort & first class speed. Darby did the same thing on the next play where he got beat, showing another huge burst of speed to catch up to the Dolphins WR in the end zone. Both plays nearly went in Darby's favor. As I see it, Darby simply needs to locate the ball a little earlier, and he'll be fine. (Plus, you've got to give the Dolphins WRs some credit, they're very good.) With that said, the Eagles could possibly consider using a taller CB when there is a significant height mismatch to the 5'11" Darby. 6. Finally, I thought Jalen Mills played well Thursday night. I've always liked the way Mills tackles, but what a huge difference between Mills' coverage in the 2016 preseason and now in 2017. I still worry about Mills getting beat long--due to his less than ideal speed, but I may be finally coming around to him as a starter. I thought C.J. Smith and Rasul Douglas played well too. Add Sidney Jones into the mix and the Eagles are going to have strong outside corners next year, with very good depth at the position.
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    What if Sanchez played behind Jake Butt?
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    Love hearing Dillon Gordon was dominating the Phins number one pick Charles Harris. His emergence made Tobin completely expendable.