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    He was running around to take time off the clock. If you don't wanna lose money, don't gamble - it's pretty simple
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    As an eagles fan I am sad to see you retire. I feel like we watched you grow your entire career. We watched you come up short every year you played Mcnabb, Vick, Foles, & the last time you beat Wentz the guy was a rookie. Wentz only needed one game to adjust and learn how to sweep the giants every year. We could always count on you for 2 easy wins per season. Every April when the schedule comes out, it has been Eagles fan tradition to pencil both giants games as W’s for the past 12+ seasons, & now we may actually have to put some thought into it. Your most losses, interceptions and sacks came against the eagles, you lost 20 of your last 24 games against Philly, but you always handled these relentless beatings with class. All in all you had a solid career, very durable, and finished with 2 SB rings, both against the cheats. We will also always respect you for handing the cockroaches their first L in their new Dallas stadium. We will miss those 2 easy Ws and who knows, maybe we see this face again in the commentator booth on Sundays as the Giants are getting blown out or shut out, you know, like always.
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    If he makes the hall it's a joke
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