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    EF YOU!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Always root for Andy unless hes playing the eagles.
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    That depends. Are we talking round planet or flat planet?
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    The incentive is the bye week, which is huge.
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    They are playing for a 1st round bye if they win, no?
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    I think my idea in TATE works best. Have Wentz cryogenicly frozen. Play Foles until he decides to retire. Thaw out Wentz. Proceed as originally planned.
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    that was a tough call by the refs. if there are any saints' fans on here, i think this video really shows the clear pass interference: oh wait...this is your heartbreaking playoff loss from last season...not from yesterday. wrong play...my bad.
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    Saints fans. Please dispose of your whistles in the provided trash receptacles on the way out. Thank you
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    Couldn’t happen to a bigger, more arrogant scumbag. Eff you Sean Payton. You get what you deserve.
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    Dear Jerry, Please sign Jason Garrett to a long extension. Give a $100 million contract to Dak Pedestrian. And give a huge extension to the Ewok, banking on him to be the very rare RB to be worth a second contract. You are SOOOOOOOO close. Sincerely, The rest of the NFC East
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    If we put everything into this context, then Steve McNair is the greatest QB of all time. Imagine if he had someone OTHER than Fisher during his prime years!
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