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    Why did you wait almost a decade to ask this question?
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    If true, obviously he's an absolute piece of garbage and should be locked up... Here's what troubles me, in the post, the person says they overlooked child and animal abuse that McCoy supposedly perpetrated... So to hell with McCoy if this is true, but if that person and the person he beat up didn't take action when he was abusing animals and children, they can go straight to hell as well. This world is a messed up place.
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    That interview was absurd. The guy is a complete butt head and I'm very happy he's gone. That said, yes the Giants made a bunch of good moves and will be much more competitive this season. If the schedule was a bit easier I'd have them down for double digit wins...but the Giants have one of the more challenging schedules in the league when you factor in travel schedule. It's fair to question how the Birds will handle success. This is new territory for that organization. Insulting Philly and Washington doesn't mean he'll never get a job again...his incompetence and abrasive personality ensures he'll never get a job again.
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    I wouldnt be surprised if TO showed up, unannounced, and started doing situps in the parking lot with the fans.
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    "LeShawn McCoy" sure is facing off against some top end attorneys.
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    maybe it was Bryce Brown breaking in looking for his career?
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