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    Time to play devils advocate.... Every NFL player knows the risk. They all also know that they get no insurance. They all also are very willing to sign contracts for millions of dollars and retiring much earlier then the average Joe. No one is forcing them to play football. No one is stopping any of them from choosing an education and non physical career path. Just read a story on how he showed up to camp in a rolls royce , wearing a fur coat..... Ya. I don't feel bad that he is broke. Sucks about the cancer. Not the NFLs problem. As for CTE itself.... there is no way to eliminate it. Make all the contact rules you want. It will still happen on tackles, heads hitting the ground, etc.... so what can the NFL do? Offer 2 choices.... 1. Give players lifetime insurance but explain they still might get cte and won't live past 50 anyways 2. Don't give them insurance, let them use some of their millions earned to provide it for themselves. 3. End the game Btw. You can buy an insurance policy for roughly $500 a month. Over 30 years that's about 200k.... no reason these guys can't afford their own healthcare. They choose not to.
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    I hope everyone is having a good and safe memorial day weekend
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    A lifetime comprehensive health care program for retired players should be the #1 priority of the NFLPA in the upcoming CBA negotiations after the 2020 season.
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