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    Just a cherry on top for me. I really don't care though as long as we take both games along with division.
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    Thanks for the news! Now I know my hex worked. The next incantation is for Lee & Vander Esch lol
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    I wonder how long it’ll be til they wished they didn’t have a pick in 2016 either.
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    These drops haven’t just been in tight separation or contested catch situations either. Nine of the 17 Philadelphia drops have come when the receiver has a step or more of separation from the nearest coverage defender. On those targets, the unit as a whole ranks 27th in PFF receiving grade. On the targets with a tight window for Wentz to throw into (less than a step of separation), the Eagles’ receivers are 30th and have caught an abysmal 68.4 percent of their catchable targets (28th among offenses). All in all, these receiving woes are spread throughout the skill positions. Wentz is dealing with a group of receivers that ranks 29th in percentage of catchable targets caught, 27th in contested catch rate and 29th in yards after catch per reception generated.
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    Exactly what I said: rather have Singleton than Brown at this point. Better for the locker room chemistry as well. Give me the hungry unproven(in this league anyway) player than the mouthy bad attitude old name.
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    The Rams haven't had a 1st round pick since 2016 and won't have one till 2022.
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    LOL, if everyone is pissed about Agholor's drops how would they feel about Matthews drops, guessing it would be the same and people would be asking why they let Agholor go.
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    We backed into the playoffs. That was freakish to even make the postseason. I wouldn’t count on entering the postseason on that kind of luck again.
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    Joining Cooper sitting out of practice Wednesday is fellow receiver Randall Cobb (back), left tackle Tyron Smith (ankle), right tackle La'el Collins(knee), corner Byron Jones (hamstring) and corner Anthony Brown (hamstring). Those are significant injury situations for sure. Both T. Two starting WR. And two Corner including their best.
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    We invested more in the offense. That side of the ball disappoints me more. DJax and Alshon have injury issues. Speed receiver is my number one trade target.
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    Dallas week baby!!!! Love it. I'm expecting the hilarious Monday of SB winning talk after a win Sunday night. Funny how swift the mood can change.
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    Not really a PLUS for a RB ,more of WTH are our receivers doing and why can't we get them more involved Sad commentary for the money we spent for receivers no?
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    I'm interested to see if anything transpires. I know Howie always has his eyes open and is willing to deal. Honestly, I think pass rush is more of an issue -- not saying CB is NOT an issue -- but I don't know of anything that is imminent or even possible. The focus is on Dallas today and this week. Getting a blue-chip player like Ramsey would have been great, but I understand the high price and the contract etc. Let's see how it works out. Peters did not work out for the Rams, and he's traded. We all loved this roster prior to the season. Gotta get this roster healthy.
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    People are angry at Howie now. Lol. If you are Jax and you got same offer from Rams or Eagles... which would you take? Eagles 50-50 shot at winning division. Goes up IMO with Ramsey. We win this week, the rest of the schedule is tough for Dallas to catch up. Very tough. I know, long season.. blah blah blah, but GM'S need to look at this. As in Jax's GM. Rams have uphill battle in that division. Tough schedule still. Good chance... probable even with Ramsey, that they don't make the playoffs. So I assume that Jax assumes the 2020 1st rounder from the Rams will be higher than the Eagles. Going forward, tougher division to win. So Eagles would in theory need to make a better offer. And to be honest... if it was two 1sts plus a 2021 3rd ( better than Rams 4th) Jax would still probably rather have the Rams offer. So are we going two 1sts and a 2nd for a CB? I'm not. Ramsey is excellent. But look at the game today. CBs don't " take away half the field anymore" they cover one of 5 playmakers. Gilmore shut down Alshon completely in the SB. We put up 41. They had Gronk, biggest mismatch in the game... they scored 33. I'm not giving up all that and still having mismatches in other areas. We need help on the DL... this year and going forward. No shot I sacrifice that and be forced to shell out the mega $$ for just one CB who can't have same effect on the game as Dion or Revis could. If anything, Howie just made the Rams spend more. Could be two picks in the teens and swap of 4th vs 5th when you look at Peter's trade. We shall see how they handle his contract too.
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    I guess I'm in the minority in being glad we didnt give up what the rams did for ramsey. Dude pulled up to TC in an armored truck with some clown announcing that he needs more money. How many of you morons would have bished about that all offseason and reg season. Anyway, giving up that many assets for a position that isnt even a priority in this league anymore is silly.
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    He didn't make any plays and he didn't fit in the locker room and I'm sure his comments didn't help
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