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    On another note, looks good for my wife's nephew to make the Falcons Squad. Coach told him he was his Number 1 rookie. No reason to tell a Free agent that unless he is impressing the coaches. He is getting married next year, so I may be able to get autographs. Not that I would want any lol....
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    BTW I still want the Kelly green unis back
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    I was gettin' ready to watch that vid and got sidetracked last night Thanks for posting it.
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    You got that right Brother! I was like- OH NO, not again. I was 3 sheets in the wind too which added insult to injury. LOL
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    Lets DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT Liberal "selective" outrage
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    Head and Shoulders shampoo works great. I caught 3 skunks in my barn this spring.
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    Nothing like something crazy like that happening to you in the middle of the night.
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    So, y'all want some news? I've got some news! News that'll either make you laugh or make you cringe. While standing out on my 'veranda' at 1am this morn' having a smoke and taking my dog Rocky (not named after Balboa) to do his business, he gets sprayed by a skunk. You could say he had 'The Eye Of The Skunk', LOL. This is the 2nd dog in a row that this has happened to. Not just to him, but also to me. Well, I'd say he got the worst of it. Absolutely repulsive! BTW, if anyone ever needs a great de-skunker recipe, it is 1 qt. peroxide, ΒΌ cup baking soda and 1 tsp. of dish soap well stirred. After you drag the rag and your dog is well soaked with this solution then rinsed, proceed to bathe with your favorite dog shampoo. Works wonders. I should know. LOL
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    I like Maddox, a lot, he's likely our best corner at this point but isn't that pairing a little under sized? And Jones inside? I mean he may need to forge a path at the position but I really don't think it plays to his strengths.
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    Here is what I see short term at cornerback: Darby and Maddox outside with Mills pushing. Jones/LeBlanc inside. Douglas a fourth CB. That is, assuming Darby returns to full health. The advantage Darby and Maddox have is their ability to run. They match up better against speed than do Mills and Douglas. At safety, the starters are Malcolm and Rodney. Sendejo is the third S. Countess will have a shot as a S/CB backup. I don't want to look long term at either position. The Eagles will have some contract decisions to make and, of course, performance will dictate the actions taken. I like the CB situation a lot and I think S is much better with Sendejo here and I happen to think Countess can really help.
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    You are right- that has to be worth $45 million a year at least.
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    Noticed that my bill had increased, and one of my DVR's is dying (needs to be reset 3 or 4 times a day), so I called DirecTV last night to get a new DVR sent out to me. Also threatened to switch to Vue if they didn't decrease my bill. So they gave me the usual $50 per month for 12 months ($600). One of these days, I will actually drop DTV, but for now I'll just keep it as is.
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    Dolphins under. They look like they are playing for 1-15 or 2-14 record this year.... It's tough to see them get over 5 wins.
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