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    Per PFT. Which added into his current contract puts the entire contract average at 5 years, $138m. An average of $27.6m per year. Do it Jerry .. doit.
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    Absolutely.... in theory he is the most valuable WR in the league. Not the best.... but look at the impact he had on the offense. It's his first new contract... go for the big pay day!
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    Well mini camp over and no major reported injuries. You can't ask for more at this point
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    Couldn't wish these money probs on a nicer team; Joel Corry‏ @corryjoel Joel Segal, Amari Cooper's agent, has no incentive to get anything done with Dallas until Julio Jones & Michael Thomas have new contracts since the deals should positively impact the WR market.
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    I’m sure the beach is great on Kodiak Island also....until you get eaten by a bear.
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    "Don't give your kids all the things you wish you'd had.Instead give them all the things you wished you'd KNOWN"
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    I know that I have said this before but I think it is worth repeating on this father's day. "My father didn't tell me how to live my life. He lived his and let me watch him do it"! A good character is the best tombstone. If you carve your name on hearts while you are living it won't be necessary to carve it on granite when your gone.
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    While he didn't play in the post-season, he pre-paid the check that got us there:
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    I have a lot of questions about our starting 22 but they can't be answered right now so I have been pretty silent of late. Can Wentz stay healthy being the biggest of course. I hope our receivers are as good as they have looked because they are that good and not because our secondary is that bad. The DBs struggled as a whole group last year and couldn't cover much but they had a lot of injuries (not that they were any good before the injuries happened either though). On paper our WRs look like they could be special but we need to see it on the field. How many years have we heard how great they were for them to be just average. I have injury questions up and down this team. The last 2 years have been really hard on us injury wise and is that on training/medical staffs or Peterson's coaching style. Can JP actually stay on the field a whole game, Darby, Mills, Jones, Barnett and Brooks just looking at some in particular. I have questions at LB as well. Can Brown cover? That has been an area of concern with him over his career. Hicks was decent in coverage and all over the field on defense when he was healthy but that was his biggest problem health. Do we have a 3rd LB I wasn't to fond of Hill or Gerry last year can one of them step up their game this year. How will Malik Jackson look in our D can he stop the run. He was benched last year for that reason he struggled to stop the run. Definitely question the G position both Seumalo and Wisniewski struggled last year can one of them step up and show they deserve to be the starter. Can we run the ball? We got 2 new RBs but how will they fit in our system is yet to be seen. Can Barnett step up and be the guy on the outside we need him to be is yet to be seen as well.
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    You are close. Two PB's, Yeah, I liked Mathis as well due to his personality and keeping the rest of the guys on the line loose. Some were upset when he left like homers can be however I think the Eagles called it right letting him go. First of all, he only played 7 games his last year due to injuries with the Eagles and was going to be payed 5.5 million the next year. He was 33 which was the oldest Guard in the league at the time when he went to the Broncos for 2.5 million with a chance to make 4 mil with incentives. Doubt that he made the 4 million because he only played 12 games that season. He started at the beginning of the year and was then beaten out for the starting job for 4 games and then went back in for the rest of the year after the guy who beat him out got hurt. He did get a Super Bowl ring though and the fact that he started 12 games that year plus the playoff games was probably worth the cut in pay because he certainly wouldn't have won a Super Bowl with the Eagles before he was finished playing. Sometimes you just have to be happy for a former Eagles player you like whether he still plays for your team or not. I'm glad Mathis got his Super Bowl win. Wiz got his as well and Peters is still trying. Sure he got one but I'll bet he isn't bragging about it.
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    We have a strong team all around hell even most of our backups could make strong cases on other teams for playing time lol
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    Hey fans, Have a look at this! https://www.yahoo.com/sports/former-patriot-marquis-flowers-tweets-224039791.html
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    I heard that Joe Douglas told the press that the reason he accepted the title of GM from the Jets was because "Miracle Worker" was not an official job title. LOL
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    I love the mountains but c’mon everybody loves the beach more. Both have great nature views. And both can be desolate or crowded. Though desolate beaches are getting very hard to find. But if for no other reason than at the beach women wear almost nothing. In the mountains they wear three layers. I vote bikini over beenie and thick jacket all day!
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    Never ever! LOL The more I'm around some people, the more I wanna be around my dog LMAO
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    What's the hold up? Pay him all that and more.
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    I kinda like Farming, Quaintness, and no excitement. I've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime. Maybe 2 lifetimes.
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    Here are the stats ham https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/tampa-bay-buccaneers-team-stats?season=2018&week=100&category=RECEIVING
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    But here is a new play I haven’t seen. Have two QBs on the field both lined up on each side in the slot off the line of scrimmage. Then snap it to the RB and he can toss it backwards to either side QB who then can throw it downfield.
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    He has to win now... that's it. He wanted out of Tampa. He wanted to come back here knowing Alshon is the #1 and Ertz gets all the targets. He didn't come for money or stats, could have gone somewhere else for that. He will be judged on helping us win or lose this time.
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    As Joe pointed out once long ago(and I'm not saying this is the case now but...) When Wentz played it seemed as if some were kicking back expecting him to do it all.When he got hurt and Foles came in,players knew they had to play harder because Wentz was out and this gave the appearance of the team "gelling".if we can gel from the start,with Wentz and everyone plays hard,it's easy to see a SB run for me
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    Yep, way too early. Going to be a really interesting camp, lots of battles. Have to consider contracts, upsides of the younger players. We have good depth in a lot of areas so let the games begin! See how many RB's vs WR's we keep, CB's where multi position players come into the picture. Rasul showing up, hope his tweeks improve his consistency as he's always had the ability. Every time Whitesides' name pops up I can't help but get excited - need more clips! Will get them when camp rolls around. Pretty excited for this team although I know it's early. 37 players vying for around 10 spots, as most of the 53 is filled. See if any gems show up.
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