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    Here is what the commissioner will be saying next April 30th " With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select Marcus Mariota, QB, University of Oregon " Here is your reaction
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    Unlce Rico had great intangibles just look at this footwork here against Bama back in 06, now that's a throw Foles couldn't dream of making. You got cover 2 out of the defense and he reads it all the way. The pass was so accurate and strong that the receiver couldn't even make the grab. NOT RICO'S FAULT. Now another one: Boom, what do you see right off the bat? The ability to create space with his legs. Rico feels the pressure and steps up into the pocket delivering an accurate strike to his target. Foles doesn't do this well and often times will be flushed out to one side and make a bad decision forcing the ball down field. AND FINALLY LOOK AT HOW MY MAN RICO SELLS THE PLAY ACTION, there wasn't a shirt on that line that saw this coming.
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    Good for him if he does. No one here has anything against him. I don't think that any Eagles fan, other than rstarter, really cares about the success or failure of Derek Carr in the NFL since, you know, he's not an Eagle. But, even if he becomes a servicable starter, which I hope for his sake and for the sake of Raiders fans that he does, he'd have to end up better than Aaron Rodgers (and do it very soon) to redeem rstarter. And that's pretty unlikely to happen. This otherwordly talent was supposed to be plainly evident right out of the gate, remember?
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    And on his tombstone it says...., HE HAD GREAT ARM TALENT.
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    Here's Nick Foles, Rstarter, and Uncle Rico watching film back in 08 That throw at 0:25 nobody in the league could pull off today.
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    on to poise: Always looking down the field standing tall in the pocket is key for a good qb in this league. Rico has it, Foles doesn't You know I sit here watching all my coach film all day of Foles and I say to myself man this guy right here doesn't look like the type of guy that could throw a pigskin a quarter mile, thats just not who he is or what we need
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    Quoted exactly as originally posted. Strike through and all.
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    This assessment roughly corresponds to the averages revealed, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, by an NFL personnel man in Paul Zimmerman's "The New Thinking man's Guide to Pro Football," which are: Offensive tackles: 26 Centers: 25 Quarterbacks: 24 Guards: 23 Tight Ends: 22 Safeties: 19 Middle linebackers: 19 Cornerbacks: 18 Wide receivers: 17 Fullbacks: 17 Halfbacks: Derek Scored a 20 its funny Vick also scored a 20 ......Well below the average of 24 for NFL Qbs here are some examples of scores including this years QB Draft Jeff Matthews (Cornell) - 40 Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) - 32 Blake Bortles (Central Florida) - 28 Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois) - 24 Derek Carr (Fresno State) - 20 Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville) - 20 Blaine Gabbert - 42 Alex Smith - 40 Eli Manning - 39 Matt Flynn - 38 Colin Kaepernick - 38 Matt Stafford - 38 Andrew Luck - 37 Tony Romo - 37 Sam Bradford - 36 Christian Ponder - 35 Aaron Rodgers - 35 Ryan Tannehill - 34 Tom Brady - 33 Matt Ryan - 32 Matt Schaub - 31 Phillip Rivers - 30 Andy Dalton - 29 Nick Foles - 29 Drew Brees - 28 Kevin Kolb/ EJ Manuel - 28 Peyton Manning - 28 Mark Sanchez - 28 Russell Wilson - 28 Joe Flacco - 27 Josh Freeman - 27 Brandon Weeden - 27 Jay Cutler - 26 Carson Palmer - 26 Ben Roethlisberger - 25 RGIII - 24 Cam Newton - 21 Jake Locker - 20
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    So you can get to this after church ??
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    Back in '82, Derek Carr used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile.
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    Like uncle rico and throwing a football over dem mountain
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    Carr has got some impressive moves!Why hasnt he shown this yet in his 0-6 season??
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    That's not "reiteration", it's revisionist history. Going to be interesting to see how you "reiterate" this 6 months from now.
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    That's not what you said - you said he would be one of the best ever & a "once in a generation" type of player.
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    No thats just another of the 100 things people have shown you why Nick is better but you refuse to acknowledged . But keep posting your silly little gifs . You are even a sorry excuse for a troll and have shown more then 500 times that you have no knowledge of Football
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    I thought we were supposed to be doing that by the bye week? Remember that promise, rstarter? Now, in case you are still wondering, this is the part where you ignore my post, disappear for a few hours, and then come back and pretend like I didn't just call you out in embarrassing fashion. It shouldn't be hard to do. You've done it about 10 times already.
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    This thread is gonna be hilarious if Carr ever does become a good quarterback.
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    Dropping by with my condolences for Carr's short nfl career....
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    Every young QB is prone to mistakes and patience during their development is key. If only some Eagles fans would have the same attitude toward their own young QB there would be a lot less ****ing and moaning around these boards.
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    This has nothing to do with one Eagles fan's perspective. Here we have waited for this kid to come to Oak, he has a great arm but he is prone to rookie mistakes. He is raw and with time, he will mature and get a better receiving line. Currently we are pleased with Mr. Carr, and we are fully expecting some more growing pains. As I have said many times, the kid is a raw talent with a strong arm, and once he settles in and matures, he will be very effective. We like Carr, and will stick with him.
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    rstarter enjoying a Raiders game, look at that arm talent
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    This is your problem. If you not trolling...which i think you are, every arguement you use is an extreme. This is the reality: Foles: A good, promising young QB who has shown he can play at an elite level for stretches. No one is saying he is the next Rodgers or Peyton, just that he "could" be a really good QB for a long time. Hes is not Vick or Newton athletic, but hes not as unathletic as Eli like you make him out to be. He does not have an arm like Flacco or Cutler, but its also not as weak as Chad Penningtons like you make it out to be. He has proven a team can win a lot of games with him as a starter. Carr: A rookie qb who has an above average arm (its not nearly as good as Rodgers or other top flight arms like you say it is), who has shown some flashes and could possibly be a starter someday. Has potential but has shown no sign that he is a sure thing. He has proven nothing except the coaches think hes the best QB on the Raiders roster.
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