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    Episode 6 of the Carrbage show "Dealing with Disappointment: Again." Guest starring Rodger and Sheryl Carr
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    Episode 5 of the Carrbage show, "Is he better than his brother?!" guest starring David Carr.
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    Let's not forget that new Disney movie:
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    This is what it would look like if Rtarter and Carr hanging out would look like watching Carrs Real highlights , with ANY Sane person has Napoleon . " Anyone notice how familiar that shovel pass looks
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    "And don't miss our brand new series, Keeping Up with Connor Cook, airing next spring! With the host of Carrbage Time, the one and only Carrstarter!" *pre-recorded 50s studio audience cheers*
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    RTarder is really gonna act like Carr "audibles" "Oh crap, looks like a blitz. Guess this next pass will have to be 2 yards rather than 3"
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    YOU are a stats guy... when you want to use them as a point in your 'favor', so that's your "thing on stats". The post that I quoted of yours begins by talking about stats and using them to support your position that Carrbage is better than Foles. So I gave you the stats as they stand. You don't like the true picture that the stats paint, so you now want to say you're not a Stats guy... that's total Carrbage and you know it.
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