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    So let's get this straight right now: you credit any good things Foles has done with the scheme and not Foles and call him smoke and mirrors.... so the Raiders took his QB coach and made him their OC.... ...so if Carr improves he'll be benefiting from the scheme and it should be no credit to him. That's your logic.
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    Yes he did. It's very well documented. He ran it in his combine and there's nothing else to suggest hat he ran a hundredth faster. There are many reasons as to why he was successful. One being his W Payton like training routines. He was so much more fit that the other 21 players on the field that come the 4th quarter, he was by far the freshest and most explosive player on the field, hence why most of his memorable catches and runs came later in all those epic games with Montana. Like Owens, he was a workaholic and a true competitor, he's quoted as saying "whenever the ball is up in the air, I believe that the ball belongs to me. And that's the attitude that you have to have." Sometimes the NFL isn't all about size and strength, its about who wants it the most. Look at Doug Flutie, Steve Tasker, Sam Mills, Steve Atwater, Pat Fischer. To your other point, Owens wasn't necessarily a "bad route runner". Yes, he didn't run good designed routes IE - Spot, comeback, hook etc, but he was phenomenal at running shallow cross, post, go, deep dig etc against zone coverage and there were very few CB's who could even hope to get a jam on him even if you did try to play man. Yes, he had a problem with his hands later in his career (I think he lost motivation after his first year in DAL) but his numbers speak for themselves. And for the record, I do agree with you that he never had the natural talent of a Megatron, or Randy Moss etc., but his career is literally a deafening example of what can come from being a self-motivated individual who has a relentless work ethic. When he came into the league, he was JAG, but TO literally worked himself to the top, and that's why he's got multiple top 3 career numbers.
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    "I have my franchise quarterback, I have my franchise quarterback." ~Dan Snyder 4/26/2012
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