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    I don't usually post here in the off season and as all of you know (and are probably very happy about) the Giants season has been over for a long time. But I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you guys on the Superbowl win. All those times people told you that you didn't know how it feels, well now you do. And doesn't it feel great? Enjoy it. That feeling should last from now right up until your America's game comes out in September. Congratulations again. Couldn't happen to more loyal fans.
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    I would start with worrying about your spelling first. Then I would worry about the next game which is the Panthers.
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    They are crucifying Belichick for benching Malcom Butler. They are convinced that if Butler had played that they would have won. This win was soooooo sweet. Not only do we establish dominance and cap off a storied season but the New England dynasty is beginning to crumble. I couldn't be happier!
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    Gronk also shoved Mills I think it was at the goal line so that PI on the Hail Mary BS can go out the window
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    No. Their fan base is a bunch of whiny bishes who thought they were going to be cute and "take over" Philly when all they really did was poke the bear then cried because it mauled them. F the Vikings and their fan base.
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