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    Ross Tucker named the QBs on his morning show, this morning, and pretty much called it a sham to have those QBs in the Pro Bowl. If they're going to have this game, they need to move it back to the week AFTER the Super Bowl and they need to find a way to make those that are selected, show up. Well, 'make' them show up isn't really the right phrase. Incentivize it enough that they will show up. What could they do to make sure those that are selected actually show up? If you don't show up, unless certified as 'injured' by a league medical staff, your potential induction into the Hall of Fame is delayed by an additional 5 years upon becoming eligible? lol Seriously though, they should get rid of the game and make it a skills competition, like ESPN used to air. Those were awesome.
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    So, is the other bet officially being welshed on?
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    Pro Bowl QBs now consist of Eli Manning, Jameis Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr.
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