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    The Rams are terrible but even saying that I have no idea how anyone could lose to San Fran 28-0. I'm hoping they don't fire chip just so I can hopefully see him go 0-16 next year. I want him to crash and burn so terribly that there is no discussion when ppl talk about who is the worst coach in NFL history. I think going 1-31 in his last 32 games would put chip right at the top of the list. I hate the man soo much. I want his name turned into a punchline for when you are talking about someone being terrible at something. For example if I were talking about how bad Agholor is I would refer to him as the chip kelly of wide receivers. I don't want to limit it to just football tho. I won't be happy until his name is referred to in every aspect of life when discussing someone being so inept at something that they are inarguably the worst person who ever did that specific thing of all time Then and only then will I feel like his penance has been paid for what he did to the Eagles.
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    I was having that issue as well. And to make matters worse, trying to scroll past it, it would force the thread to scroll back up. I had to constantly refresh the page until the tweet came back to get it to stop.
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    Yes, same. Still getting "This Community is Not Available"
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    Very strange behavior today. Keep getting a "This community is unavailable" message at random times, giant post formatting at random times, can't reply at random times. Anyone else?
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    So what penance should the rest of your Front Office pay? They hired him. They allowed it to happen. The OWNER of your team signed off on all those trades and releases.
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    They would've been better off keeping Jim Tomsula than hiring Chip Kelly.
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