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    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope everyone had a nice holiday
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    Happy Holidays Eagles Nation! Got loaded w/ 6 new pieces of Eagles gear, including a replacement for my JP jersey. Dr - thanks for the Kath link, knew of him but I'll stick w/ my original misspelled assm't - beer, gin and red wine don't mix! Have to cook today, gonna be rough.
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    Starting to really like Kareen Hunt from Toledo underrated RB IMO think he would fit in perfectly with our rotation could be that 3 down back we need as well..... OL our 5 starters from 2016 will likely be back and Seamulo and Big V playing well gaining starting exp. was huge should give us 7 good OL got Dillon Gordon as the 8th looking for a C for a backup role and possible replacement for Kelce down the road.....DL Cox and Graham have both played really well not sure Graham is that elite edge rusher but he is a really good one Barwin/Logan I would think are unlikely to return next year and sadly Curry has not shown much this season in limited playing time maybe with more snaps and does better who knows
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    I think Fournette will come out and be a top 3-5 player at his position from day 1. I would be willing to give up this year's and next year's 1st and a 4th to move up for someone I believe in that much. I know serviceable/average RB's are a dime a dozen but an elite player like that is few and far between. When do we stop filling in with average players hoping they develop/stay healthy and actually fill the position with a starter? They are saying he is the best prospect to come out of college since Barry Sanders! Better then AP and LT! Yes he could flop or get injured nobody is can't miss, but I would take my chances. You could sure up our QB and RB with elite talent for the next 8-10 years barring injury. Plus if we needed an Offensive lineman what FA who wouldn't want to come here to block for them? Even though I would rather build that in the draft but if the need was there.
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    I hope they lose but they are a good consistent team that will be rested.
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    AR always seems to find a real burner. That Tyrek Hill is scary when he gets the ball.
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    I was actually rooting Baltimore... until this and forever more I shall root against you!
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    Thank you very much Baltimore and Pittsburgh for keeping that one tight. A nice double my money game that one.
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    They might be a much different team without Carr.
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    This might be my new guy at RB rated as a 4th/5th rounder right now but nice blend of size/speed has some good hands and his ball security is key over 700 carries no fumbles lost
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    With the Eagles and both Ohio teams out, Chiefs are my team this year. Rooting for Andy and Maclin!
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    Now I need the chiefs to win this week; and the broncos next week so chiefs win the division.
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    Randy Rhoades Merry Christmas GBFL. Hope you had a nice day!
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    Apologies for the detour to music. Hope we can close out with a win over the hated Cowladies and a Bears upset of the Vikes!!! Merry Christmas Eagles Nation!!
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    Dak would be total ish on this team. No receivers, no running game to lean on, shaky O-line. He would have been a horrible pick for the Eagles.
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    Yea ok buddy, I happen to like a lot of the Eagles fan here.
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    I'm from Texas, wtf did you expect? Now go get to work on your draft prep
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    Actually, you don't get it. Dude, once again, I've been in this thread since the beginning pages. Now I think its just a little dumb to continue to deny a player being good because of a lame joke. Let the thread rot.