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    I think the Eagles should have drafted Tom Brady in the 5th round back in 2000.
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    We could essentially do this about a pick in every round. It doesn't matter, he isn't on our team, we can't go back in time to change it so who cares
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    Well, I guess the bugs the Patriots planted in the locker room malfunctioned before the game.
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    im hoping for a classic andy reid where they win a game they shouldnt then next week come out flat
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    Deep RB class but I thought we waited too long
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    I really don't want to see Eric Berry sidelined for the season. But 1 game would be nice.
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    Man,I am SO FIRED UP for Sunday. I hope that we take the skins' by storm & I honestly feel that the Eagles are gonna surprise them compared to the past few seasons. I'm still sticking by my prediction of an Eagles' W;31-20.
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    The decision to draft Sidney Jones made RB in the 3rd a non starter. We will get our back next year. They needed to draft a CB that could actually play.
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    He's more balanced than he's been in the past. Mainly cause Alex smith can't do what Vick and mcnabb could and win him games airing it out. It might actually save mahommes down the road that he's had smith to show him balance.
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    It's too bad one of them didn't happen in the Super Bowl.
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    Why I miss living on west coast. On sundays you can wake up to a game at 10 and SNF ends around 8:30
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    Injuries are always the wildcard. Losing Cunningham with the Bryce Paup injury was one of the worst early season injuries that really screwed things up. I remember how pissed I was. This is a costly game for the Chiefs, even if they win.
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    Sucks I have to work tomorrow and want to go to bed but I can't turn this game off!
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    Al Michaels "The Patriots have better Buffalo players than Buffalo has"
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    Yeah I'm on the "other" coast.We'll get hit too.Not as badly but still power will be out for ?????????? I think I'm good, got a generator and a firestick. if that isn't an option, sportsarefree.xyz usually streams games live without buffering or freezing at all if the cell towers stay good. I just wanna see Graham clean Cousins clock one good time before power goes out.
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    Of coarse Vatai gets mentioned giving up two sacks against the Skins. Kerrigan owned him. But let's not forget Lane suffered the same humiliation against Ziggy Ansah. Ziggy abused him on his move to left tackle. The main thing is that the Oline is on the same page and work together. It had to happen in practice because they didn't get much time together in the preseason. Oline f-ups can cost us the game...the season.
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    Lesean Mccoy 600 yards rushing and 300 yards receiving with 4 combined tds is an impact rookie, but Jordan Matthews 879 receiving yards and 8 tds isnt? Nice logic.
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    Yet the Eagles went winless against the Patriots under Reid.
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    Posted this article on D packages from Lawlor the other day; http://igglesblitz.com/2017/09/packages/ There are several where Kendricks could be used more. Our CB's should be able to do their jobs w/ Crowders' hip flexor acting up and Doctson just coming back from a hammie. Their C Long is coming back from knee probs, so their are several weaknesses to exploit. I'd like to see Kendricks in a hybrid LB/CB role, the guy's had a good OS and deserves to play. Schwartz may blitz a little more, really depends if the secondary holds up.
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    It was a blessing that Carson was able to start all 16 games w/o injuries last year. Imagine the mental process he went though being told a week before the season " you will start this season". That experience, a healthy deep O-line,new play making receivers (wish we would have kept Jordan Matthews) and an improved running back group will help his play/progress a ton this season. Hopefully Carson will lead us to the promised land (playoffs) this season, I'm hoping wild card. Hopefully (knock on wood) he will play all 16+ this year. Hopefully the coaches will run more (Duce wants too) than last year & find a more productive balance than last year. I think the E-A-G-L-E-S should establish the run game early in every single game, setting up the play action, bringing the DB'S up & opening up the field for the passing game. Pick your poison! This is the best team we have had in a long time in terms of balance,i.e., offense, defense, special teams (since the Andy Reid days) hopefully we start to show that come Sunday at 1:00 PM at Fedex Field against a tough division foe!!!! I can't wait, I'm pumped!!!! FLY E-A-G-L-E-S- FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we will.
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    A match up from Heaven!! Never saw a better match up. Great chart. Believe I saw it from either PFF or Football Outsiders plus your post a while back. This is gonna be real interesting to watch. Norman is a great shut downer, no question, but I see Alshon grabbin a few balls over Norman's head. Norman is 6-0, and 29 while Alshon is 6-3 and 2 years younger at 27. Can't wait. Go Eagles!!
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    UMMMM if he took responsibility,he would have stopped at the 2 game suspension lol
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    Quit apologizing and GET BUSY!!! Let's get it on!!!!
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