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    Jeffrey Lurie wanted it this way when he spoke of "emotional intelligence” late in the 2015 Eagles season. A coaching change was in the midst and Lurie outlined some of the attributes he wanted in the team’s next head man ... View the full article
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    This is a better closer argument then dak vs wentz. That argument just seems very very silly right now
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    Someone even mentioned they should get Cousins: https://cowboyszone.com/threads/sign-kirk-cousins.391053/.
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    Keep wentz's name out your mouths Dallas fans, your QB isn't qualified to shine Went's shoes. Bum QB.
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    grabbing their torches and pitchforks on the cowboys board right now lol
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    Forget Wentz, Dak doesn't even belong in the same conversation as Kirk Cousins.
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    Just came from the Cowboys board myself, pretty damn funny.
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    Tony should not be calling Cowboys games, it's clear he still has an emotional attachment to the team.
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    This game is forcing a civil war between the "Best offensive line in the league" Cowboys fans and the "best QB in the league" Cowboys fans. It's brother against brother, father against son, moron against idiot.
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    Those holding calls on Dallas were not called last year. Since Jerry stirred the pot they are getting called now! Best offensive line my butt. I know there is a hold on every play but even those blant calls were not called against Dallas last year. Love it!
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    And in what universe was Dak on pace for 39 Td this season, unless you're counting rushing Tds? after 8 games he had 16 passing TDs....
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    I'm old,been a fan for awhile and believe this is the best team I have seen-EVER.And we're only going to get better!
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    Greetings from Wentzlvania and Happy Thanksgiving! Seeing these guys genuinely happy in each other's success and not their own is great! This team will further itself with that attitude.
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    people keep forgetting, he bought his last contract out and said he would never play as a backup.... his GF insisted on them terms...
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    Yeah I guess when we go 14-2 we still won't have played anyone(jealousy is so ugly lol)
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    Yessir. Big V had a huge block on that Ajayi run. If he can become a solid tackle in this league, it will open up a lot of options this offseason. I still have high hopes for Seumalo once he is able to stick at 1 position and work out the kinks there.
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    Yep, Looked bruised with a case of blotchy sunburn. Did one heck of a job last night. I just can't ever see moving him to left tackle. He is just too good at his current position and has gone up against the better pass rushers this year. That right side is where most of them line up now. I don't think Big-V has hurt us in any way up to this point. In fact he appears to be getting better with every game played. He even got to the second level of blocking a number of times last night. If I could ask Carson Wentz one question it would be, How much trust do you have in Big-V guarding your blind side?
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    Always go with the hot hand and ride it till it folds
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