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    My turkey was done about 12:35 and the Dallas Cowboys are about in the same state. Dez Bryant is a shell of his former self and Dak Prescott appears to be the next RGIII. For all this, I am thankful.
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    Jeffrey Lurie wanted it this way when he spoke of "emotional intelligence” late in the 2015 Eagles season. A coaching change was in the midst and Lurie outlined some of the attributes he wanted in the team’s next head man ... View the full article
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    Keep wentz's name out your mouths Dallas fans, your QB isn't qualified to shine Went's shoes. Bum QB.
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    grabbing their torches and pitchforks on the cowboys board right now lol
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    Forget Wentz, Dak doesn't even belong in the same conversation as Kirk Cousins.
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    Just came from the Cowboys board myself, pretty damn funny.
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    T SMith excuses will be coming .... Like well you had to know he would be rusty ... I was on Cowboys boards and its pretty dam funny right now ;D
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    And in what universe was Dak on pace for 39 Td this season, unless you're counting rushing Tds? after 8 games he had 16 passing TDs....
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    I'm not a big Cousins fan, he plays from the godless, soulless redskins. I just like pointing out the foolishness of calling him garbage and a bad QB. Last year he didn't carry the team on his shoulders in the last game of the season - Bad Kirk. But last year, the skins defense was complete garbage, which contributed more to their faltering than Cousins(just like letting the Saints score 15 points in a couple minutes last week). And both WRs left after last season because 'lil Danny didn't want them back. They could have easily signed either to an $8 mill a year contract for a couple years. Look at what they are paying Pryor this year. I never said Cousins was a TOP QB, just pointing out that he plays more like one, than not. He is a top 1/2 of the league QB, somewhere between 10-15. But this whole contract thing stems back from the fact that 'lil Danny NEVER liked him, always treated him as the red headed stepchild, compared to RG3. Snyder got in fights with the GM and coaches to NOT start Cousins. There is a TON of resentment from Cousins because of this. So the contract thing is based in that mutual dislike/distrust. But I guess if you were in Cousins shoes, you would have taken a deal worth 1/2 of what you could get elsewhere, right? You'd rather play in DC where they merely tolerate you, and not someplace that actually WANTS you, right? Again, I HOPE they get rid of him, I can't wait to laugh and laugh, as they march the Kisers, Fitzpatricks, and Osweillers of the league, through their dysfunctional organization. I'll be laughing the entire time. And I'll be routing for Cousins to do well after leaving DC, just like I hoped RG3 would turn it around after leaving. Only this time, I thing there is an actual chance of it happening.
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    I know RB's all want to be stars.But more important to me is everyone contributes in some way.The "only 15 touches" per game is a fantasy nightmare BUT it keeps all our backs fresh legged and will extend everyones seasons perhaps more years as they are not overworked or asked to carry the team.Cannot argue with the results of this plan can you?
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    I don't know how I've never seen this...
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    people keep forgetting, he bought his last contract out and said he would never play as a backup.... his GF insisted on them terms...
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    2 of the better pass rushing teams in the league the last 2 games and the OL has shut it down.
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    Yep, Looked bruised with a case of blotchy sunburn. Did one heck of a job last night. I just can't ever see moving him to left tackle. He is just too good at his current position and has gone up against the better pass rushers this year. That right side is where most of them line up now. I don't think Big-V has hurt us in any way up to this point. In fact he appears to be getting better with every game played. He even got to the second level of blocking a number of times last night. If I could ask Carson Wentz one question it would be, How much trust do you have in Big-V guarding your blind side?
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    Interesting game! Started out as I feared but once the 2nd half started rolling it was much more of what we're used to seeing. First half play-calling was bad. Like, last-year bad. Combined with coming out rusty after the bye and it was worrisome. I was surprised that we abandoned the run in the first half. Glad they adjusted. Glad they started catching balls too. Few thoughts: Grugier-Hill: lol awesome job dude! Darby: Looks just as we remembered him. Deserves to be starting with Mills. Jeffery: Showed us exactly what we've been waiting for, big hands with glue all over them. Mack Hollins: The only thing this guy can't do is drop a pass. It's time to try him out as a starter. Bring Smith in as the distraction to keep teams nervous but right now, even with a couple catches last night, Smith doesn't deserve it over Mack. Sturgis might get to come back? After Elliott's missed FG i was starting to consider it. He's actually started missing a fair amount of FG's. Can't remember, was it before or after he made that tackle that probably gave him the concussion? (which i gave him a lot of credit for) Good lord did Collinsworth slobber all over dem boys. I got so tired of hearing excuses related to injury without barely any mention of ours. Three seconds mentioning Peters and Sproles being out yet non-stop sloppy wet ones for Whitten and the guys they were missing. WTH does "officially questionable" mean?
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    Guess it's to be expected from the brainless, boys still being referred to as "undermanned", focus still on their missing players, not ours. At least Dak said they can't use it as an excuse after he got exposed on nat'l tv.
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