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    Rough on Kendricks for "biting" on the short route and getting burned. Go back and watch the film. He made a couple of very nice one on one tackles. Kendricks is not to blame for the loss. Neither is the coach. When did the coach throw a bad pass, drop a ball, fumble a ball, get called for holding, etc, etc? It was a TEAM LOSS! Own it and move on. We as fans will whine about the play calling, referees, blah blah blah. It sucked! But I rather it happen now than in the playoffs. I want to see this team rebound in a big way. I don't want them to get in their own heads and make costly, unnecessary mistakes next week trying to make up for it.......like we do when we hit a tee shot out of bounds. Just take the next swing like it was your first and get back to playing winning football. Sometimes you get beat. It is a league of parity. Eagles just need to regroup. I rather have the Eagles team than the Seahawks team this year. Just saying.
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    @GreenbleedinFL. .hahaha. u were the first to say " We are due to have a STINKER... RESPECT. I didn't see the Eagle Team I've watched all year in Seattle last night. What was the Game Plan? Where was our run game... I didn't expect Doug to listen to fan Hype thinking...PASS. PASS, PASS; and PASS some more because it was a perceived Seattle weakness. I thought we were a run first team?... where was that commitment last night? Seattle did what we normally do to other teams; they made us one dimensional. Sloppy play, Ball Security issues, Poor Discipline, Poor Tackling showed it's ugly head in the Bears game and continued here @1wranglerNOW THAT I GOT SOME OF THAT OUT OF THE WAY.
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    When the schedule comes out at the beginning of each year most of us fans pencil in a couple games that we think will be STATEMENT games that let us know just where we are as a team in the rebuild process. It lets us know where we stand with the big boys in the league. The Seattle game was one of those games. The first priority every year is to win the division and we passed that test with flying colors but to be talking about a Super Bowl win is very premature at this juncture. Like Pete Carroll said last night, The Eagles remind him a little bit of the Seahawks a couple years ago but in order to be like the Seahawks they still have to prove it on the field.
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    Clearly Trey Burton is a matchup nightmare. Seems like we should be getting him more involved. He came in and Wentz went to him three straight times. I don’t care if he technically is the third string TE. Clearly we haven’t been using him anywhere near his potential.
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    Let’s face it ...we are who we are. Which is probably a shock to many that thought we were the most dominant team in the league. It’s a thin line between loss and victory. Everybody owns a share of this loss. Have to take it as a positive. It’s an opportunity to shed some of the hype that was only beginning to swirl. This loss is a great time to refocus.
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    Just hope you don't get a Chip who would release OBJ. I laugh because it hides the hurt.
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    This is the only way to handle a season as disastrous as this. Clean house. As a Giants fan, this is new territory. We're usually pretty stable at the QB position as well as coach and GM. Should be interesting....and maybe a little exciting.
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    I have to agree with Joe on this one the ground game was not the issues we were committed to it the entire 1st half the issue was the passing game.....Our passing game looked like last year' in the first half with all those dink and dunk passes and it wasn' working not sure what the game plan was but seemed like we went away from what got us to 10-1 the entire 1st half
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    Wow... they ran it 19 times for 91 yards in the first half??????? what do you mean commitment to the run???? The problem was they completed 9 passes for 45 yards. Go downfield vs the weakness of the opponent, they were conservative and played not to lose in the first half. The run isn't going to win you every game like it did Dallas... but its used to move the ball and set up the pass.... the problem is we missed on a few passes..and then chose to throw a 3 yard out to Smith???? The run doesnt need to set that up. LOL
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    Honestly though losing now might be the best thing for this team they needed to be grounded can' make the mistakes we have been making last couple weeks vs playoff teams or we are going to lose like vs Seattle
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    BTW, speaking of just being better ... how about Ham's boy Lane Johnson just owning Bennett last night.
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    We were bound to have a game like this at some point. If you only look at the stat line you'd think we won by 2 TDs. The ability to bounce back next will be very telling.
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    Yes, it was extremely frustrating cook! The refs didn't help matters at all either! Way too many mistakes, the OL didn't have a good game as a core, and on & on. I still feel that had the Eagles been on their game they would've won that game and are the better team. Russel Wilson was sumthin' like 84% of the seagulls offense. I think they jump on the Rams fast and win 33-17 next week. Goff is gonna have his hands (and head) full, as he's not on Wentz's level of reading D's! I'm glad that Agholor didn't let the bad game that he had last season @ the seagulls bother him mentally. He had a monster of a game. I see Nelly improving every single game. I'm SO PROUD of Agh! All he needed was to have that burden of being the #1 WR lifted, as he wasn't ready for that + to be used on the outside on top of that, which wasn't his game at USC. He was a prolific slot receiver and with the combination of being moved to the spot that fit his abilities the best and a more experienced WR coach in Mike Groh has paid huge dividends for him and the team.
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    Ham, a couple of things. 1 Do you feel like Peter Carroll will have the edge in a rematch? Like he has more things to learn than we did from last night? I don't. I feel Doug should learn that he needs to coach the same way every game, not tighten up vs the good teams. 2. For the first time in a long time, I actually think we have had the better talent every game so far. The last 2 Seattle losses, clearly they were way more talented than us. Last night, to me, not so much. Unless you assume Wentz is going to fumble and miss a couple of TD passes every game? Unless you assume we won't throw to alshon or Ertz for an entire half again? I think last night was the perfect way to lose. It wasn't any "chess match scheme crap" it wasn't because they were more talented. It was because the coach set the tempo for playing not to lose (which is not this team's identity) and because the QB made a few mistakes that I don't anticipate him to keep making. I belive the QB will be ok. The coach, well, last night was his Andy Reid impression, is this who he truly is when he anticipates a true tough matchup? I heard Jerimiiah Trotter on the radio a few years ago He said the players knew they were going to win when they had the better talent. But when they thought it was even, he (along with other players he didn't mention) didn't have confidence in Andy to out coach the other guy if needed. That's what Doug needs to prove to me. Not game planningor anything else. But last night he took the ball out of #11's hands at the end of the half. The pitch reminded me of last year with Detriot. It doens't get any mre "scared"than that. Brutal. I still have an open mind about Doug, because he came out after not running vs KC and ran the ball every game excpt 1st half of Dallas where he again made the proper adjustment. So the Rams game is key, just to see how he coaches. Hopefully not like last night.
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    Hats off to Carroll and his STL team. Pre-game interview he said "it's how you finish" 3 times - they did, we didn't. No OL, your, QB's your RB, banged up secondary, no problem. The way Wilson scrambles and all his receivers adapt is hard to pull off - and hard to defend, at least until Wilson gets hurt. On our side we simply didn't execute - players and coaches share this loss. On to the Rams. Gronk should have been kicked out of the game, better get a suspension - so should the ref.
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    Calls go with, calls go against.......rarely do calls determine the outcome of any given game. The Iggles got outplayed, pure and simple.
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    Yes, Pedey has to challenge that ‘lateral’
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    You mean Al Michaels. Al Davis would be a whole different story in the booth.
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    Mara " Eli, give this note to McAdoo please. Then get on the plane quick"
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    Normally, I'd be delighted to say that Simms didn't 'win' his second ring, but he played 14 games that season earning the Giants an 11-3 record and recorded the best passer rating of his entire career. He threw 15 TDs and only 4 INTs, that INT ratio is also the best of his entire career. Now, I'm not going to sit here and argue that he should be in the hall of fame or that his accomplishments were better or the same as Manning, but I think it's safe to assume that without his 14 games in 1990, the Giants don't go on to Super Bowl XXV. Hostetler came in and did well, did all that you'd want him to do, as a Giants fan. But to say that he should get more credit for that Super Bowl season than Simms, isn't correct. Winning a Lombardi and a Super Bowl Ring aren't just a symbols of a single game, they're symbols of an entire season. So Phil Simms definitely won/earned his second Super Bowl ring, even though he didn't play past game 14 that season.
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    In my own view, the HOF should be reserved for the truly great players. In the last decade or so, it's been reduced to the Hall of Very Good players To me, Eli is/was a very good player that showed occasional flashes of greatness, and more than a few flashes of abject stupidity Will he get in? Yep, eventually Should he? If it were up to me, no, but again, I have the bar set pretty high for who I think deserves to get in.
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    A lot of interesting points made so far, both for and against an Eli induction. My two cents: In his favor: Two titles, cumulative stats, very durable, good locker room guy. Against him: The titles came with 9-7 teams, he had three seasons with 20 or more INT's, and has never had a full season with less than 10 INT's. Bottom Line: He's a compiler - one of those players that plays a long time, accumulates stats. He was never the best, or even really close, based on stat comparisons with his peers. But he was durable as heck, won two titles (albeit with 9-7 teams), and is considered a good locker room guy if not the most fiery guy around. To me, he's on the bubble, but likely will get voted in eventually. Would I vote for him? I've read every comment to this thread so far and looked over his career stats, and it's really a tough call. I tend to lean toward a No. One more thing: The eye test - Over the last few years, the Giants have seemed to come out looking flat for a lot of games, both home and away. That's mostly a matter of coaching, but sometimes I've wondered whether Eli simply doesn't inspire his team. He seems like such an 'aw shucks' guy, it just makes me wonder sometimes.
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