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    The mad scientist developing the new game plan for Sunday! Doug Pederson's outside-the-box thinking and risk-taking has propelled the Eagles to this point and will only continue.
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    Keenum had a passer rating of 5.1 when under pressure against the Saints. If he thought the Saints gave him pressure....welcome to Philadelphia!
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    With Kamara in the game, New Orleans primarily used "11” personnel, (a three-receiver set with a tight end and a running back.) This forced the Vikings into their nickel package, typically leaving six to seven men in the box. The Saints ran the ball effectively with Kamara in the backfield through the first three quarters. Just one of the rookie’s seven carries over that span went for less than four yards.
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    Cunningham, for the record, I hated Chip Kelly and knew he would ruin this team. The fact that the front office and Coach P turned this around so quickly is so awesome! I was worried the Eagles would be in the cellar for years after Chip. You don't give away star players. The worst and hardest to even comprehend was the straight across trade of Shady, arguably the best RB in the LEAGUE for a one year good rookie season but torn ACL LB in Alsonso. An absolute joke of a trade. Yes, that is just my opinion. I never liked Jackson, because he gets hurt too often, but he did stretch the field and the Eagles got nothing for him. I could go on and on.
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    Cunningham, my man, you gotta take a valium. Football is a game of inches. Vaitai has to protect. Period. If Foles holds onto the ball too long, it could be a problem.....but maybe not. The players will decide it. We can cheer and scream. In terms of contracts and players, that stuff will work itself out too. We will find new players just like every team does every season. In terms of the schedule, any given Sunday any team can win. The key is to win in the division. That's how you get into the postseason and then you have to execute with precision and be healthy enough to win games at that point. Losing Peters and Sproles IS a big deal, but other teams have lost key starters too. The Wentz injury is the one that has all of us fans, ok most of us fans, thinking that the Eagles won't get to the Super Bowl, much less win it. Let it play out. It will whether we as fans agree or not. But hey, right now the Eagles are part of the final four! It's awesome to have the media talking about the Eagles at this point. Yes, I think Foles is not good enough, but I'm his biggest supporter right now I will promise you that.
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    It's the opposite, the NFL would WANT the Vikings to be at home. Local fans would come in droves to the festivities. The game will sell no matter who plays. But they will make a lot more money during the events leading up to the super bowl if the home team is involved. The eagles aren't nearly as interesting to the rest of the league without wentz, I don't think it would be the draw you think it would
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    Every years you seem to complain about contracts yet every year we never have issues getting deals done.....Remeber last off season when we weren' going to be able to get FA or resign them plus sign our draft picks man yet we still got Jeffery,Robinson,long,Graham, Smith etc. Oh yea we even signed Jerrigan and Jeffery to long term deals....Clearly Howie knows what he is doing with the cap and still have yet to see us be hinder by any of his moves
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    Wrangler the big thing you failed to point out was coaching changes. Getting rid of Fisher and hiring McVay can’t be understated. More examples....
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    reports on NFL.com say he's going to play on Sunday. Maybe he'll need a softer ball to throw...oh, wait.
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    Much as I dislike Belichick he has the right idea. Just do your job. If everyone does that I like our chances.
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    I’ve said it all year ... this Eagle team, is " the most Complete Eagle team,” EVER? This Next Man Up cliche, fits this team like no other previous team. There is a Real Possibility this team, built from the lines out.... some might say, built the right way. The perfect mix of Youth and Veterans, peaking at the perfect time. Roseman getting his due. If Doug wins this weekend, he could be the Coach of the year. All this success may be Tooooo much for us suffering Eagle fans to handle ? lol. We won’t, can’t let ourselves believe that after losing Carson this team could still be the Best team in the league? We know No One Else believe we can win it all, but a few of us Fanatics. Vikings are in our way.
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    Davis Webb is highly regarded by who? The HC and GM responsible for drafting him are long gone and Webb was inactive for all but the final 1-2 games. I liked the pick but this notion that the Giants brass are really into him is far fetched.
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    I really think we are going to find out sunday.
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