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    I just worry about winning a SB myself. Spin the roster however you like ... but I think it's a bad idea to keep a guy only because you don't want to put dead money on the books. If the replacement is better and actually saves money ... ie 10 mil to keep a guy, but 5 mil dead money if you cut him ... the replacement is 3 mil... that just saved you 2 mil ... if the new guy is better, make the move. Dead cap is irrelevant ... Eagles had over $19.7 mil of DEAD $$$ in 2017 ... doesn't make the Lombardi trophy look any worse IMO.
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    The more I listen to Foles, the more I believe he's going to complete his contract then retire from football and go into ministry - kudos to him if he does.
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    As for Curry can see a restructure. One column I always hate seeing is dead money on players no longer on the team, drives me nuts
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    Preparation for the 2018 season is fully underway as the personnel department puts the final grades on potential free agents, the coaches close the books on 2017 and the entire football operations staff readies for the NFL Scouting Combine which begins on February 27 in Indianpolis and ends on Monday, March 5 ... View the full article
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    Does anyone know who the commentators are on the SB LII DVD? If it's Al Michaels (who I like) and that buffoon I'm not wasting my lettuce on it. I just watched the SB replay again last night (8:30-11:30 PM) and it's worse every time listening to 'him' when he's talkin' about the Clement & Ertz TD's that they shouldn't stand. I dang near pushed my mute button out the other side of the remote Yeah, that's a little exaggerated, but 'he' makes me cringe worse every time I hear it. The tone in his voice when he's spewing that garbage out of his mouth makes me wonder just how much $$$ he had on the patsies to win!!! Better yet, I hope he bet on his job for the pats to win and agreed to never do commentary again!
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    Curry is the guy in the group that is overpaid for the production he brings. Solid player, and I agree with Ham, he probably needs to be on there more for run downs etc. good player, not worth the money when looking around the league. He isn;t in that 11 mil group. Certainly you also have to look at the pay scale on your own team. Graham is longer tenured and a better player. Graham should be $10-12 mil. So for me, I'm hoping they can restructure to keep the rotation. If not then a trade/release of Curry to me would be done due to $$$ .... the thought of a 3/4 defense shouldn't enter into anything at this point. I'm not putting Cox and Jernigan back into that 3/4 ... and for sure I'm not putting any of our 4/3 DEs back as OLBs. The new DC ... if there is oneany time soon ... I would tell him to play 4/3. No questio s asked... if its a 3/4 guy, then he shouldn't be a DC here in the next 5 years. While I like the 3/4 ... we finally established a good rush from both sides of the ball, plus the middle. I believe the key element to winning along with the QB. i'm not changing that with this group. Move on to other issues, do not mess with Wentz of the DL.
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    I’m not sure that is a fair assessment of things. You could say that Barnett and Long are strictly pass rushers and not as much every down players. So to get them involved optimally they came on for passing situations. Maybe that isn’t a verdict of Curry the pass rusher as much as the limitations of the depth players. Long has been in the league for years. His track record is pretty well cemented at this point. Barnett will improve as an every down DE. But as a rook he was primarily a pass rusher(and don’t forget ST). —-Anyway if you take Curry out on most of the primary passing downs because of this to bring in the NASCAR package then of coarse his sack numbers will be down.
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    Howie will find a way! We can restructure Cox's cap hit for this year and save close to $7MM.
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    Don't you think he's earned it.....even without the strip sack. If they can dish out 4 year/48 mil with 26 mil guaranteed for Jernigan they should do something for BG. One thing is for sure, BG won't lay down like Jernigan did after receiving a new contract, he'll play harder.
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    Obviously if you can sign SUH for the vet minimum it's a no brainer as he could be easily cut at any point.
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    I believe the NFL’s policy regarding the pre-Super Bowl Championships is dead wrong. I researched the issue and just self-published an article on-line titled "Wake-up NFL And Join Reality--A Suggestion To The Owners: Restore Those Ignored NFL Championship Games.” I'm a big Eagles fan and we have 3 championships that are arbitrarly ignored. Why aren't pre-Super Bowl NFL Championships not counted for the real total? Every other major league sport counts all championships from the league's origin (1937 for the NFL). If you have 10 minutes, here’s the article. Paste it in your browser or go to Medium.com and search for the title of this post. https://medium.com/@ric62551/wake-up-nfl-and-join-reality-62c5496132f
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    So Josh Rosen is the next Jeff George???
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    11 million for our starting pass rusher sounds about right to me. Curry really surprised me on how excellent he became at setting the edge and stuffing the run also.
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    I not worried about the cap I never really do...Howie will know doubt rework some deals...Kelce can likely be reworked more guaranteed money lower cap hit sure he could work something similar out with JP if he stays again(though we just redid his deal) you look at Curry and likely rework his deal lower the cap hit......Celek likely reworks his deal or retires that gives cap help.... Kendricks is another name could redo his deal help lower the cap if we want to keep him.....Plenty of things can be done to help the Eagles and our cap situation and Howie will have it under control.....
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    Go full bore Kelce in Mummers regalia Dave! Sub the Philly Special diagram for the barbed wire
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    Why is this thread half about the Dallas Cowboys? GTFO!
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    I hope it works out that the London game is one of the teams' Away games so that we still have 8 Home games.
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    Agree with all of that. Those who support the 'ban' of pre-Super Bowl lore often get bogged down in some sort of convoluted logic that variously says: "The times were different, the game was different, the people were different, there were only 10, 11, 12, or 14 games played in a season, athletes now are much bigger, faster & stronger, you can't compare then & now . . . blah blah blah blah blah." So WHAT?!? Doesn't matter! The game was played and those championships were won under the conditions that existed DURING THOSE TIMES. But that in no way invalidates the accomplishments of the winning teams. A Championship is a Championship! PERIOD! No other professional sport does this. The NBA, NHL & MLB all went through growing pains & numerous changes in the 19th & 20th centuries. The NFL needs to get hep and acknowledge their history. It's the right thing to do.
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    Clearly it’s more overblown than deflate gate, toms balls were under flated
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    Restore? They've never been revoked. Stop listening to opposing fans who want to invalidate any history that happened before they were born.
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    Sorry it took so long for your post to reach me all the way up here on cloud 9, but I hope you'll accept this belated Thank you!
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    It's easier then you think. The older I get, the easier it gets. If the Giants are in it, I'm all for them all the time. To the point many call me a homer. But when they are out of it then I have to look around. I live 3 hours from Phili, 3 hours from NYC, and 3 hours from Buffalo. Lot of Bills, and Eagles fans around here. So a lot of my friends have never seen their team win a championship. A lot of really good fans. So I rooted for the Eagles pretty hard this past week. I wanted to see them do it. Now I hope the Bills get one. (Of course in a year where the Giants are out of it). But we'll see. But anywho I'm not gonna check in until next season. Then I'll go back to being the Foosball Boogyman love's to hate. Remember this warning, now the Eagles will be the hunted. Repeating is very difficult. Almost impossible.
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    I think most of us knew that the Eagles would eventually win one. Especially mid way through this season with the way Carson just lit it up so we just accepted it, and moved forward before it even happened. I never really liked the "no rings" jokes anyway so it didn't bother me too much. Either way, congrats to you people. Long awaited and well deserved
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    Appreciate the class. I know it isn't easy to congratulate a rival, though I was actually pulling for the Giants in both the Super Bowls against New England. I think Dallas is the only team I dislike more than the Patriots (I live in New England...) And Tom Brady's 3 super bowl Ls are all against the NFC East, which is pretty nice.
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    This thread and Rtarter will go down in EMB history .... I really wish Iluvda was not banned or manned up if he is still around to come out of hiding behind new SN :edit also special shout out for Bronx for longer with us
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