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    I do not want Duce as a DC! Yikes, that smells like a Juan C move to me.... Duce is offensive minded and needs to stay on that side of the ball. All think he is pissed. I think he is fine. Look, he has been a RB coach for 2 years, right? What has he done before that? I would not read too much into this. It is what it is. Groh is a better choice. He has much more experience and is also great as a motivator. As much as the RB's loved Duce, the WR's love Groh....
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    Duce might not have been named OC but he did get a nice new promotion of sorts being named asst. HC congrats to him
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    I don't usually post here in the off season and as all of you know (and are probably very happy about) the Giants season has been over for a long time. But I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you guys on the Superbowl win. All those times people told you that you didn't know how it feels, well now you do. And doesn't it feel great? Enjoy it. That feeling should last from now right up until your America's game comes out in September. Congratulations again. Couldn't happen to more loyal fans.
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    Agree with Stein, where does he have D experience in any stretch?
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    The only reason I think they might trade Foles is they stashed Sudfield on the active roster when Indy tried to pick him up. With all the injuries they had using that spot was significant.
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    This Eagles D is built to be a 43 unit we are not going to change to a 43 makes no sense while we have a top tier unit.....If/when Schwartz leaves you look to replace him with another top 43 guy and I would value a 43 guy over a 34 guy for THIS team
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    True, but a stupid squirrel doesn't know what to do with it when he does find it.
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    Happy for Duce and Groh. We shouldn’t forget Stoutland. He would be good to also become run game coordinator. And I’m really impressed with what Peele has done with the tight ends. Maybe he can do WR and TE.?
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    Isn't it nice to have Wentz and not worry about all that! Go EAGLES!!!!
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    SB Champions must take advantage of trade ability of high value assets like Foles, Sudds, Bradham, Curry, Kendrick’s even Tory Smith with rumored interest from Baltimore. Hell.. in Howie’s world most on this team would be available at the right price. Foles is forever a Philly son. I agree that we wait as some have already discussed, until we’re sure Carson has no setbacks. The way Doug was willing to throw Carson into the fire as a rook, there is no reason if Wentz isn’t ready, Foles is traded, that Sudds now a second year player with a full offseason wouldn’t be the guy. That is if Howie doesn’t trade him to the Colts...a team with rumored interest in Suddsfeld. One thing I am most confident is this is Howie’s time of year.
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    Joe I think everyone agrees that we are not going to sell Foles cheap it will have to be a pretty good offer to get him away from us...And honestly would not be shocked to see Howie wait it out till TC to trade Foles let teams settle in with who they have see what injuries happen and at this point only way to salvage a season if you lose your starting QB would be a trade would likely give us more leverage and increase Foles value on the market......As for the Bills and Foles not as interested in the McDermott connection to AR(which might not hurt but not a huge factor) but what Foles brings as you listed and being led by a D minded coach.....most D minded coaches believe they can win with a good ground game, good D and a QB that takes care of the ball Foles brings all that and it doesn't hurt to have Jmatt and Shady on O already either both of which played with Foles.....As for why they might jump the gun if they miss out on the FA market of QBs they could get desperate to find a QB before the draft sitting so far back unlikely to get there top guy.... As for the putting us in a bind for the off-season not sure I agree would be bit different if we were mid-way through camp and we knew Wentz wasn't going to start the season and we were then trying to switch QBs....But this early in the process if we looked to move Foles I see Howie,Joe,Doug having a plan in place to replace him whether that is a FA we like or Sudfield who the coaching staff and players know more about then us fans and might have more confidence in?????....
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    I like the Buffalo angle with McDermont and Shady being there. If Foles is going to leave I want him in the AFC... Denver, is probably the better choice over the Jets , Buffalo, Indy. I get IF Nick wants to start elsewhere we would try to accommodate. However, picks that pan out, will keep our Cap # low. Bill Polian thinks 2 # ones and 2 # tow’s for Foles? hell, knowing Howie a score like that is possible. I would take half of that and be happy. Nick can come back and retire as an Eagle. We have raised our status as a ELITE team... I like how that feels after 42 yrs of suffering. It’s Howie time.
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    So looking at Groh and Press....seems like the Eagles are sticking with former Qbs.....Press a former college QB....Groh a college QB spent 1 year in the NFL as a backup with Ravens....Not quite the track record of Doug and Riech though.....Excited to see how these guys do some big shoes to fill also curious to see who we get to coach our Wrs now
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    You don't take your best pass rushers off the field on 3rd and long though or known passing downs....you didn' see us take Graham or Cox out on the known passing downs did you....That says something clearly Long and Barnett(a rook) were viewed as better pass rusher.....Curry is a good player and has value just not worth 11m
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    Groh is a good choice. He came in and immediately delivered results. He has shown as an excellent coach so far.
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    Not only did Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson and a Super Bowl victory convince Blount that he wants to be here for the long-haul. But Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley left a pretty big impact on him. According to Pro Football Talk, Here’s what Blount had to say about his short time in Philadelphia: It’s early, so we’ll see,” Blount said. Obviously, I like it a lot there. They like me a lot there. It’s a mutual respect and mutual agreement thing about how we feel about each other. You guys know how I feel about the guys, the team. I love those guys and I can’t stay enough about Duce just for the simple fact of how well I was coached there and how good he helped me understand things. I feel like Duce is one of the best running back coaches, one of the best coaches I’ve ever had in my entire life. Obviously, I want to be a part of that for a while so we’ll see how it goes.” Do they bring him back? The chances of Blount returning to Philadelphia are pretty high. Considering he would be one of their cheaper offseason signings, Howie Roseman could probably get some good value out of Blount. The three-headed monster strategy finally worked for the Eagles and it would be a major plus if they could keep the Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Corey Clement band together for at least another season. Considering the Eagles will probably make some major cuts in the near future to clear up space, don’t be surprised if Blount is one of the reasons why. Clearly, the player-organization chemistry is sky high in Philadelphia, so the Eagles will probably do everything that they can to make it happen. https://insidetheiggles.com/2018/02/19/philadelphia-eagles-legarrette-blount-showing-heavy-interest-returning/
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    Ham, that's fine with the ILB. Just looking at the DL .... Cox and Jernigan got paid ... those big contracts you love. I'm just guessing it isn't to be 2 gap 3/4 DTs Barnett was drafted at pick 14. I'm thinking its to be a 4/3 DE. But I'm with the LB that can play in either system... I don't think its that hard when you are talking ILB. We've seen that switch before. It's the OLB/NT/DT/DE that fit different.
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    Yep... the top guys for DC are 4-3 guys. I agree. So lets not change. BTW.. I'm not planning on Schwartz going anywhere. Would you hire him as head coach? The D played great a home, then got lit up in the SB. I think the perception around the league is Doug as the offensive coach ... and we have good defensive players. That's my perception. To me, a good DC can confuse a QB and get him to hold the ball for a while... don't take much when your DL gets there in 2 seconds for me to consider you a good DC. You play your hands now... absolutely no crossroads. You just paid your DL HUGE money... now you want to change the system LOL. Wait ... LOL. Come on now. Stop overthinking things. Staying in LA before the game was smart, saved their legs... got them used to the business trip of what the SB would be like. They didn't miss their own beds. They had no distractions being away from home.. pure business. Same issue here, lets not overthink.
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    Good...or great Defensive Coordinators don’t just grow on trees. Today’s NFL is mostly Nickle anyway. With Dime thrown in on top of that. Decent amount of situations you have to run goaline package. So 3-4 or 4-3 isn’t as big a factor as it used to be.
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    All I am saying here is, I LOVE Sproles,however you MUST look at the age factor now.One more injury to him,and he could be in big trouble.We paid him to ride pine all year and a repeat of that is not something we need.So I will hold to my opinion that we stay YOUNG and head for the future.Clement has show as a ROOKIE,he can play at the caliber Sproles did and if that got us a ring why change it? Clement will only get better.Like to see more HOLLINS next year too!!! These are the young guns
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    I'm pretty sure it is an away game for us. Titans are listed as an away opponent. EDIT: Its the Jags we play in London not the Titans, that was the other possible opponent to play across the pond.
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    Thanks. But, remember we are the Eagles, we don't settle for 1. We are aggressive. We go for two.
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    The Browns. That is a dedicated fan base that deserve better.
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