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    I don't usually post here in the off season and as all of you know (and are probably very happy about) the Giants season has been over for a long time. But I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate you guys on the Superbowl win. All those times people told you that you didn't know how it feels, well now you do. And doesn't it feel great? Enjoy it. That feeling should last from now right up until your America's game comes out in September. Congratulations again. Couldn't happen to more loyal fans.
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    I am pretty sure he congratulated Eli both times he lost before. I don't think Brady is a lifetime jerk, he just lost his cool on a night when he played out of his mind and still lost. I would rather give the credit to our team for getting him to lose his cool. He has been nothing but classy over all the Deflategate stuff. (you are a moron if you believe any of it) I will say that his Facebook post (Twitter, whatever) congratulating the Eagles was pathetic in that it did not really congratulate them and did not mention Foles. I really hope this is the last Brady Super Bowl. The Eagles would forever be the executioners of the dynasty. Foles will forever be the QB that beat him in a shootout. I don't dislike Brady but c'mon 8 Super Bowls is enough even for the GoaT.
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    I see myself as a pretty courteous driver. I often let people merge into lanes while others are boxing them out and they can't get in. Some people roll down their windows and wave, giving thanks. Some people act like it's their God-given right for me to have let them in. I used to get ticked off about people that did not show gratitude. Then I realized I have no control over it. I can't control how others are going to act. I don't have to let anyone merge in front of me, but I still do it because I feel I'm doing the right thing. I'm still cool with offering random acts of kindness. How others take it is completely up to them. If Brady is comfortable looking like a sore-loser that's his prerogative, but I'm not going to whine because he didn't go and congratulate Foles, even though we all know if the situation was reversed Foles would have been right out there.
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    It kind of shows a lack of character. Which we all knew he lacked anyway, because he's a convicted cheater. Still though, it's a shame that he's that self-centered that he can't even congratulate Nick on the remarkable run he'd just completed. One of the most remarkable post season performances by any QB to date. At least his wife showed a little class after the game. Still though, last time I checked, the Eagles still own the Lombardi...
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    Not as long as Dallas' offseason
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    Anthony Miller will be on your radar soon... lol I’m a fanboy of his now I guess.
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