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    Reality, I guess.
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    I am going to Green Bay Sept. 30 with 3 daughters and their husbands. 10 of us in all. So going to the Carolina Game Oct. 21st. Did not want to see Minnesota again and the Colts did not look like a promising game to attend. Plus Wentz should be playing by the 21st of October.
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    Sometimes it's better to remain silent I guess
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    Jerry Jones has grounded the organization. He won Super Bowls because of the team Jimmy Johnson built. Then Jones ran him out of town because he wanted more control of player/personnel decisions... The Cowboys won another Super Bowl 2 years later with Switzer and the holdovers from Johnson's team, and hasn't even gotten to a NFCCG since. Nice work there, Jerry!
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    The schedule's out, and after months of hoping/praying that the Birds would be playing at the Linc on Oct. 7, I got my wish. That's when I have a break from work and can finally...FINALLY...fly to Philly for the first time. My plan right now (which could change) is to fly in on Saturday (time TBD), catch the game on Sunday, and explore Philly on my own Monday (and possibly Tuesday if I need another day to see the whole city). I'll take any recommendations you have: what to do, what to see, where to eat, how early should I get to the Linc, etc.
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    Well the way hue Jackson bounces between quarterbacks I'm sure they will both get plenty of playing time
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    It's hard to sell this move to a fanbase if you had two picks between #10 and #20 let alone in the top 4 picks. It's also not the best way to sell your top pick(s) QB on the idea of being the face of the franchise. "We're really excited to build around....one of you." And that's outside of just...the value of the picks. Maybe you get a QB at #1 and a tackle who's gonna protect him for 10 years at #4. Maybe it's a QB and his WR. But a QB and another QB, when you can only play one of them at a time...You gotta remember - the goal is to never be forced to draft this high again. So they can take this as an opportunity and try to spread talent around the roster...or focus on two QBs, and create confusion.
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    Its essentially what the Jets did, which is really, really not intelligent. You're basically saying your scouting department is so inept that you can't find a difference between the top 3 qbs (in this case if rb is 1 overall), and youll take anyone. If in any way you find 1 qb being superior over the others, you absolutely have to take him at 1. 3 draft spots is worth Peyton over Leaf, Luck over RGIII, Ryan over Flacco, Smith over Rodg... well, you get the point. Take the best QB, only go RB if you feel none of the qbs are as special. Plus, its far more likely someone will trade you for 4 than 1, and you may get more compensation than even a Barkley is worth due to qbs still being on the board at 4.
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    No no, the game comes with everything normally, the amiibos add special things you cant get anywhere else. Like in Zelda they give him alternate outfits, in Madden it would just be special cards or a secret play mode or something. nothing required, just little add on stuff.
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    I get a chuckle when reading about teams difficulty of schedule. Last year at the start of the season the experts said we had the 2nd hardest schedule. By seasons end these same experts were saying we coasted to the SB with an easy schedule. What fools.
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    Not really. The M sections, especially M12-M14, will have a lot of the visiting team's family and friends, as that's where the Eagles usually set aside the required tickets for the visiting team. Otherwise, opposing fans are usually spread out wherever they can get tickets. Will this be your first game at The Linc?
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    Hope your right stine. Looks like the second year in a row we play the Rams away and can't remember the last time we played the Saints here in a regular season game. After reading an article about scheduling on the NFL's site about all the considerations that have to be taken into account, it's a wonder a schedule could ever be produced that is just perfect for everyone. Seems the Patsies are tied for the 10th easiest schedule in 2018. I'm not going to ask how that miraculously happened.
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    The Ringer's Kevin Clark reports the Browns have "considered" drafting a quarterback with both the No. 1 and No. 4 overall picks. It went from "considering" to "considered" so it most likely won't happen.
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    Would be hilarious if they signed Dez
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    I am not so sure they are as successful now as in the past without Brady. I don't think guys are "all in" for Belichick like they have been in the past. I have no real proof other than the stories I read online though. Some reason I'm almost as excited to see the Patriots season as the Eagles. Probably because I live in CT and I love the taste of Pats and Giants tears.
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    This is like saying there's no big gap between Strahan's teeth.
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    There’s definitely a gap in the coaching staff
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