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    The Hall of Fame should skip inducting him.
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    Here is some perspective on the voters. Jim Kelly is a great guy and he belongs in the Hall, but he went first ballot because he was friendly with sportswriters. Think about the QBs in that era, year by year was he the 7th best? 8th? He was fantastic in 1990 and 1991 and pretty mediocre the rest of his career. 3 of his 5 pro bowl seasons are absolute jokes. Does the 6th best of anything get in on the first ballot? '86 he was 8th in QB rating (behind Ken O'Brien) '87 he was 10th (behind Marc Wilson) '88 he was not in the top 10 (behind Wilson, Everett, Kosar, Lomax, Simms, etc) '89 he was 6th (behind Esiason, Everett, and Rypien) '90 he was 1st '91 he was 3rd '92 he was tied for 10th with Cody Carlson and behind O'Donnell and Hebert '93 he was not in the top 10 (behind Testaverde, Brister, Mitchell, and Hebert) '94 he was 7th (behind Everett and 5 Hall of Famers) '95 out of the top 10 (behind Kramer, Mitchell, George, Chandler, and Testaverde) '96 out of the top 10 (behind Johnson, Testaverde, Brunell, Hostetler, and Detmer) His first 4 years in the league he was an 82 rated passer with a one game under .500 record and he already went to 2 pro bowls? Again, he went to 4 Super Bowls (with a great team, not Elway style) and if he eventually gets in we are all fine with it, but he is not first ballot unless the voting is heavily flawed. From 1986 through 1990 Kelly had 105 TDs and 71 picks. Cunningham had 106 to 63 over the same period. (another guy who had 2 fantastic years and also had struggles) Digest that for a second, Cunningham was the better PASSER from '86 to '90 when compared to Kelly. BTW, Cunningham also ran for 3232 yards and 23 TDs at 7.1 a pop during that time. Its clear who the better player was over that 5 year stretch. Cunningham is a borderline Hall of Famer and I could concede that Kelly had the better overall career, but first ballot to not elected difference? Maybe the USFL was a factor? Then why is Hershel Walker not in the Hall? If you combine the 'carried in the playoffs' stereotypes of Kerry Collins, Trent Dilfer, and Rex Grossman they have a total of 20 TDs and 19 picks in the playoffs. Jim Kelly has 20 TDs and 28 picks in the playoffs. The jokes are a combined 10 wins and 7 losses. Kelly was 9-8 in the playoffs. The Art Monk fiasco should have led to real change. I hope this writers as hurt feelings snowflakes fiasco does. I would suggest the writers have a say in a vote, but that Hall of Famers and a former coach/GM panel each have equal if not more say. These voters should know what the hell they are doing and they should be more like the players (not a bunch of old, fat guys who never played a sport at a high level in their life) 8th in catches, 2nd in yards, and 3rd in TDs means first ballot. Voting is not about teaching players a lesson. All the coaches and GMs did that when TO could not get a job following a 938 yard 9 TD season. 30 GMs did that 2 years earlier when he was stuck having to play for Buffalo and Cincy. I loved rooting against him in Dallas and I hated his guts, but that does not mean he was not a great player.
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    Meh. 2017 Eagles would beat all 4 Giants superbowl teams simultaneously.
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    Let's do a little fact checking on that, shall we? 2017 Patriots Offensive Rankings: Points 2nd Yards 1st 2011 Patriots Offensive Rankings: Points 3rd Yards 2nd 2017 Patriots Defensive Rankings: Points 5th Yards 29th 2011 Patriots Defensive Rankings: Points 15th Yards 31st 2017 Point Differential Ranking: 1st 2011 Point Differential: 3rd 2017 Yardage Differential: 9th 2011 Yardage Differential: 10th The 2007 team was the best in the league and had an epic choke, so I won't take anything away from that Giants team. As much as I hate the Giants, I wasn't unhappy that the 18-0 Patriots had the most epic choke job in the history of choking. But at least try to be accurate when you post.
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    Wake me up when the jester is finished everyone.
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    39 starts, 1 Super Bowl MVP. Took Eli 55 starts …
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    If so, they better be ready to pay up BIG. I'm talking a first rounder and then some... I personally wouldn't trade him unless it's stupid great value. Nick is proven to be an asset. While draft picks are all gambles.
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    Eh, I mean the guy was SB MVP and it was like a for real SB MVP not the Eli kind. I can see him being number 1 until Wentz is healthy and does the same. I’m fine with it.
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    That's crybaby-ish. He's a grown man, he ought to act like one and not an entitled pos. Getting into the Hall of Fame is an honor and he's lucky to be honored with it. How many years has Harold Carmichael been waiting? That man should have been in a long time ago. As for '1st ballot', that should be an honor reserved for the most rare best of the best of the best. It shouldn't be something that we see very often because very few of those that get in on the first ballot, are the 'rare best of the best of the best'.
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    If he doesnt play he might as well hang around. It makes zero sense financially for him to retire, the colts are still on the hook for 25 million annually. Why not just rehab and get paid? Getting hit is a different story.
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    Just curious why Wentz automatically gets the top spot and why the hell would you put Smith ahead of Eli? Wentz is unquestionably the guy you build your franchise around, but the kid still hasn’t won a big game in his short career. Also I’m assuming in this scenario all things would be equal, correct?
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    Clearly it is: Dak Alex Smith Nick Foles Carson Wentz Eli Manning
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    Phila Chimp was wishing Foles would fail since 2013 when he replaced his man crush, Vick.
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