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    Why did you wait almost a decade to ask this question?
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    Super Bowl 52 ref, and also the infamous index card ref lol I did like him more than most refs. Dude seemed like he was having more fun than most people in the stadium.
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    A few years ago, Peter King did an in depth behind-the-scenes article about an NFL referee's work week. It was an excellent read. It was Steratore's crew they followed. I've been a fan of his since. Very good ref. Was happy when I learned he was going to handle Super Bowl LII.
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    I remember deciding to just go out for the day, wait for the games to be over and not pay attention to them. I was pleasantly surprised to find we still had a shot. Great day. I was so hyped up as the game went on. My son was only 2 and I had him running all over the house excited and screaming and he didnt even know why.
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    Probably could have anyways. Winston and that team are overrated
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    The Eagles needed the Bucs to lose to the Raiders, and have ONE of the other two games go their way. It was the Bears losing to the Texans or the Vikings losing to the Giants. They had the option of showing either game. They were both equally important. It just so happened that the one that was televised didn't go the way we needed but the other one did. I was a the stadium that afternoon, and both games (well, all three when you include the Bucs game) were shown on the screens on the concourse.
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