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    "LeShawn McCoy" sure is facing off against some top end attorneys.
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    Look at that, the flat earther thinks this is a conspiracy. Who would of thought?
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    maybe it was Bryce Brown breaking in looking for his career?
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    We already know she was beaten up. Accusing someone of hiring a person to break into their own home in the middle of the night to attack them, and set up someone else, is definitely a conspiracy.
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    A woman being deceitful is hardly conspiracy.
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    Yes. Falsely accusing him this way could have the effect of destroying his career. Suppose for a moment that he's falsely accused and still convicted. What happens to him? Remember, he's falsely accused, yet still convicted. If her friend is (knowingly) falsely accusing him of this crime, she (or he, I'm just assuming it's a she) should face the same punishment.
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    Why did you wait almost a decade to ask this question?
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    Not the most reliable source on the planet but:
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    There's the proof Shady is innocent. She was living with LeShawn McCoy. Mistaken identity. If she's going to pursue this against LeSean she should find some better lawyers.
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    Unless she is the one that turned down the marriage (which i highly doubt) then shady literally has no motive that i can see here. If he rejected her (more likely scenerio)this looks like scorned revenge to me.
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    If I did, it was only because Zeke is a walking, talking, crop top wearing, dewsh bag. ?
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    If true, obviously he's an absolute piece of garbage and should be locked up... Here's what troubles me, in the post, the person says they overlooked child and animal abuse that McCoy supposedly perpetrated... So to hell with McCoy if this is true, but if that person and the person he beat up didn't take action when he was abusing animals and children, they can go straight to hell as well. This world is a messed up place.
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    Putting a hit out on yourself to get someone to beat the crap out of you to con someone else for ? reasons fits the definition of ‘’conspiracy” to the T. Especially when there is no evidence yet to point to that whatsoever
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    Keeps saying it’s only one side of the story, then makes this statement like he knows all the facts.
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    Maybe its a case of a classic mix up I'm anxiously awaiting the Ian Rapoport report of "Shady either had everything to do with it, a little to do with it, or nothing to do with it."
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    Congrats on winning the most moronic post of the day award. Why the hell would he be suspended if he had absolutely nothing to do with this?
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    This could be just a friend overreacting or jumping to conclusions. But having the house targeted with the attacker asking for specific things does make this sound all the more fishy
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    Something fishy is going on. They were set to appear in court today, McCoy wanted her to move out of a place he owns. So that being the case why would he do anything that endangers that happening, when he's already brought spot light to him and his ex? At this stage he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Then her one friend suggests he hired people to pistol whip her and rob her? That doesn't even make any sense. He's rich and was already getting a court order issued to remove her from his home that he owns. It's likely she was already going to be forcibly removed via law officials, why would he get thugs hired to do this. All that being said, he has made a career as a RB where he suffers violent hits to the head. I'm not saying that absolves him of anything or gives him a reason as to why this happened.. just trying to understand the 'why' part, since the timing seems... interesting.
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    To me, it looks like a money grab, or a way to try and win her court battle against him. She doesn't want to leave his house that she's staying in, and was supposed to be in court today, but she somehow gets beat up right before that, and her lawyer has a family illness. Yeah... OK. Also, the post on IG from her BFF made it out to be like McCoy beat her up, and she made all these other allegations about him abusing his son, his dog, and taking PEDs. Again, all these allegations right before her friend is supposed to go to court. In that one link you sent, another friend of the victim now claims that McCoy hired people to go into his house to rob and beat her up. I swear man.. what's next?
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    Chip did us a favor by sucking so much that Lurie was forced to fire him, and we got our Lombardi with Dougie.
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    That's my thought as well. Stand by and let him beat his dog and his kid, but now that it's her friend, she draws the line?? I don't believe the story and I don't believe the IG poster. This is just 2 miserable women trying to bring a young successful man down.
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    Nah, they don't look alike to me at all. and she's only got the one pic. Someone on there told her to post the police report for validation.
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    NFL would be smart to broadcast this story far an wide. Good for their image. Cool story. ND, Wharton, pro-bowler, SB champion...no wonder Goldman hired him, that’s a hell of a resume. They should be able to reach out to a lot of wealthy athletes with him as the face of that dept.
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    This is a theory I could subscribe to. Pretty keen insight into the not so obvious but something going on behind the scenes. Ego sure drives a lot, uses a lot of energy.
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