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    Bold prediction, someone finally steps up and punches Jalen Ramsey in the mouth. He goes up against OBJ in week 1. That should be interesting.
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    Aside from the merchandise hiccup I'm appreciative of the way he conducts himself on and off the field, grateful for the way he stepped up and won us two Super Bowls and I'm thrilled that we've had consistency at the position for over a decade, and yet, I don't really like Eli all that much. He's boring. Has no athletic ability, and has crapped the bed far too many times for my taste...many, many times with me sitting in the stands. I think he deserves one more season, unless the Giants start like 1-5. Then he needs to be replaced by week 7 and cut before the start of next season (saves $17M; $6.2M dead). If the Giants get to 9 wins with a tough schedule and he plays well then he deserves to play until his contract expires after next season. So for me, two more seasons tops.
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    I'm just curious, how much more time do you want Eli to hang in there? Are you in for the long haul or are you about ready to have him retire?
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    Every season, things happen that no one could forecast. Not in training camp, not in preseason, not until they actually happen. Who knew last year that McAdoo would be the first one axed when he'd just taken his team to the playoffs the year before? Who knew Case Keenum of all people would take the Vikings deep into the playoffs? Who knew the Jaguars would completely flip their record in just one season? And of course, who knew that Nick Foles would be the QB to win the Eagles our first Super Bowl? Obviously, these predictions are total shots in the dark based on nothing but guesses, but that's the fun of it. We know the unforeseen will happen; let's see if we can actually hit a few... 1) Jimmy Garoppolo goes from savior to bust - I'm going to boldly predict that everything that's happened since his trade has gotten to Garoppolo's head: the wins, the contract, the popularity, the publicity, etc. Last year's magic is gone as DCs figure him out and rattle him. By the end of the season, we're going to be asking how Garoppolo fell so quickly. 2) The AFC South becomes a two-team race between Houston and Indianapolis - Sacksonville turns out to be a one-season wonder. Instead, Deshaun Watson comes back and makes the Texans a legitimate Super Bowl threat, but they're challenged fiercely by a revitalized Andrew Luck who starts throwing like Drew Brees thanks to Frank Reich's pristine offensive schemes. 3) The NFC South goes from best to worst division - Tampa wins the division with an 8-8 record as we wonder what the heck happened to all three playoff contenders from a year ago. Drew Brees has a sudden fall off as age takes its toll on him, Matty Ice suddenly doesn't know where Julio Jones is anymore, and Cam Newton regresses significantly. 4) Sam Darnold outplays Tom Brady...twice - The Patriots still win the division, but they're swept by the Jets when Darnold pulls a Nick Foles and completely outguns Brady in both their meetings. Todd Bowles has finally figured Brady out and designs the perfect defensive game plan that befuddles him both times.
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    He will now need 11 years to get 20k rushing yards instead of 10 according to Redskins fans.
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    Just go on the day that you want to do the tour. There will likely be no shows, or in my case, I just happen to be there shopping and they asked me and my group if we would like to go on the tour since we were there... ticket was 10 bucks. Maybe the best 10 spot I have ever spent
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    If Eli plays at a pro bowl level, he will probably earn another year. Anything less, and his replacement will be drafted in April if he's not already on the roster
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    The NFL should make a rule that team names have to go by the city that their stadium is in. Philadelphia Eagles Landover Redskins East Rutherford Giants Arlington Cowboys
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    I agree, Barkley looks like one of those special backs that you can build around. The kind that can make an average to below average QB better, ala Dak and Ewok.
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    It's actually near Gillette stadium, too funny!
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    Mayfield looked pretty good in his PS game however I still think they made a typical Cleveland Browns mistake not taking Barkley now the Eagles will need to live with that mistake dealing with Barkley 2X /year for the next 10 years if he's lucky they even ruined an iconic NFL uni ...you didn't need "Browns" written down the side of the pants I have true sympathy for Browns fans
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    If I was a Browns fan, I'd be a bit pissed at Budweiser. After Philadelphia got free beer for an Eagles Super Bowl win, to now say that Cleveland gets free beer if the Browns just win a single game is just trolling the city of Cleveland lol.
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    Absolutely they matter .... ONCE your team has the right starters and reaches the top level of success. Where we are at now, since the roster is finally built correctly. Give me as many of these type of guys at RB and CB ... where other teams will waste their cap space on "stars" and be low on depth, I like the mutlitude at these spots. RB by committe and CBs that can cover the 3rd and 4th WRs. If my RBs can be deep enough to sustain injuries and keep performing all game long, and my CBs can eliminate any mismatches other than the opposing stud #1WR (who we should be looking to double team anyway) then I think it makes the game a lot easier to win. Give ma as many "great underdog, UDFA stories" as possible at these spots.... I'm with you Ham. Let the other teams worry about the McCoys and the Talibs. Give me 3 Clements and 4 Bausbys all day. Allows me more cap space to secure both lines, the middle of my defense, the franchise QB, #1 WR and stud slot/TE spots. Oops, sounds like I'm talking about the 2017-18 Eagles?
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    Of course Wrang brought up a good point if he has PS eligibility. We may keep him there as an insurance policy should Sudfeld not work out. Definitely better than Callahan! That dude sucks. In any event, this gives Hackenberg another shot. Maybe the QB whisperer Doug can get the most out of him.
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    Thank god for the NFL channel...I got that ish on DVR...the 90’s were a great time...I could look down and see my Johnson and Dallas was good .
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    Agreed. I don’t see us winning more than 3 games in the post season again.
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    Greetings, and Dilly Dilly! From the Oracle of South-Delphi, a fanciful foretelling of the surreal 2018 season: Eagles-Falcons game: D-Birds OL can’t protect Ryan, Freeman/Coleman run and screen game cracked by Eagles’ D-Front and HardNickel. Eagles WR’s and TE’s make plays. First new offensive scheme gets a try, and we learn from it. Elliot misses an XPT. Eagles DB’s win the game 4 us, picking off Ryan, because Eagles DL keeps squeezing the ball out early from Ryan under relentless pressure. Eagles-Bucs game, we let Sudfeld finish, and put most of our 2’s and some 3’s out there. Vinny Curry is so very hard to see again, Eagles fans actually cry. Fitzpatrick is tougher than C-Mac! Might be part wolverine. 5 Interceptions not even his worst day out. Once threw 6 in a day as a Jet. Survived a day as a chew-toy, finished the season to hand over to Blak Dak, the new Buccaneer QB. Eagles-Colts game we give some 2’s the start, and we sub in Sudfeld late in the 3rd. In a gesture, both teams play uncharacteristically ‘nice’. Luck not lucky. Eagles DB’s are ridiculous against Colts passing game. Bradham can finally catch footballs. Elliot misses his last XPT of the season. Eagles-Titans game We gameplan well for the zone and play-action playground of Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota. Their staple offense gets bottled up by midgame, after which point our coverage eats their desperation alive. We put up a 50-burger on the Titans. Vrabel wants a new Defense. Eagles-Vikings game we go to the wire in a close game, both DL’s tough, both DB corps tight. What goes as a defensive battle breaks open on Eagles Special Teams, Kamu!!! Behind in the score, a then desperate Cousins throws it right to us. It becomes a Cousins rout. Our OL finally gets our running game home late in the game. We do the ‘Sproles’ chant. The Vikings become assassins of other teams after this game. The New Ugly. The Purple Career-Eaters. Chuck Bednarik’s bust is stolen from US Bank stadium during the Christmas holidays, some Eagles fans are indicted for it. They call it a rescue operation worth da stretch. Defiantly they hold out on the return of the bust ‘Until the Vikings live up to it and stop targeting players.’ They sit out the remainder of the season behind bars, frequently paid visits by delivery vans from Corleone’s Italian Bistro. Eagles-Giants games: The rushing contest Saquon Barkley-vs-Darren Sproles/Jay Ajayi/Corey Clement/JAMJ. Eagles TE’s and zone schemes eat up the Giants defense. Giants new OL gets Barkley home, but Graham and Long get to Eli, and Eagles D scores points. Giants try the RPO, and newly mint the RSO, the run-sack option. Giants Pride somehow survives the Eagles, but not the Vikings. 2 tough games, both good tests. Eagles-Panthers: We put Cam Newton on IR, rack up 280yds rushing, and become the next-most penalized team in the league for one game, next to Carolina. Sproles 4 TD’s are thought to be his season high water mark – until the Rams game. Sproles key contributions to every close game and his postseason plays are more important and more meaningful to the tale of 2018, but the Panthers game is iconic, and is still the most talked about by fantasy league junkies. Eagles-Jaguars is like a SuperBowl game. We go to war. We win that war, messing up the Jags British bromance a little bit. Ajayi is wrapped in the flag, Eagles fans rep strong enough to teach the world to sing. This game is the first test of our 13-14-22 schemes to break the Jags coverage. Eagles forensic Gameplanning and Playcalling win the day. Next Men Up are many. "Eagles Invade London” London Times. This close game Foreshadows SB53 for the rest of the year. Bortles regresses a bit. He chokes in SB53 in part due to the hype that never left him since this game. Eagles-Cowboys games OL run game and QB protection contest, Ezek –vs- S/A/C/A. Dallas OL tries to zone run like the Eagles, and the Eagles employ their new zone rush defense downfield. Cowboys RPO’s to Beasley are very good. Eagles adjustments confuse Dak, who has "The Dak Attack” that gets him traded to TB the next year. Cowboys visibly demoralized –again- thus, Jason Garrett never gets them back. Wentz breaks Foles 7TD Record in the 2nd Cowboys game, throwing for 8 TD’s in 3 quarters, running for 1 more, Eagles put up 79 points, a new NFL record. Jerry Jones is hospitalized with unspecified problems ‘as a precaution’. Eagles-Saints game is a Wentz -vs- Brees and DB’s -vs- WR’s showdown. Another playoff game, a pre-NFCCG showdown. Physical, Tough, like the Carolina game of ’17. Turnovers decide, and the Eagles are decidedly on top. By game’s end, the demoralized Saints have found Jesus, and he wears number 11. Kamara shaves his head. Marshawn Lattimore plays lights out, keeps the score much closer than it might have been. Eagles-Redskins we put in Sudfeld in during the 2nd Qtr. Now playing with a Starter’s gameday confidence, Sudfeld rocks the ‘Skins. Already giving our vets games off, our rotating depth is like having two teams to play out the season with. Alex Smith has 2 TD’s, 1 INT,3FF in 2 losses. Eagles-Rams game is another Playoff game, Wentz-vs-Goff quick pass game, Gurley-vs-SACA, WR/TE-vs-DB’s. Our TE’s and our DB’s win this game for us, but Sproles is forever remembered for this game. The feared Donald-Suh beast is trapped and teased into a fury. LA’s Platinum All-World Cornerbacks cannot block The Eagles Lean Green Zone Blocking Machine, Talib hates Sproles, is ejected for it. Goff was relaxed all day when he wasn’t on the ground. Todd Gurley is the best RB playing football. Eagles-Texans game , Playing against what’s left of the Texans after 13 weeks of injuries, this game is still grueling and in places very competitive, and we are willing to give it a close shave to rest our vets. Foles finishes, leading our 2’s and a few 1’s to a comeback win. Almanac Weather. Foles makes everyone feel happy on the holidays. Eagles-Redskins Sudfeld starts, Callahan finishes. Score is meaningless. Mailata plays, and plays well. He makes a snow angel next to an exhausted Ryan Kerrigan. Mailata fans always remember this day. Eagles Regular Season: 15-1 Divisional Eagles-Rams 29-16 NFCCG Eagles-Saints 44-24 SB53 Eagles-Jaguars 58-18. Wentz goes to Disney World. Foles goes to Foxborough. Sudfeld goes to the Colts and the 2020 Pro Bowl. Eagles draft a new #2QB in the first round, and sign another one as an UDFA in 2019. 2019, Deion Jones signs with Eagles in FA on a 1 year 1mil deal. Kaep is offered the backup job for the vet min. His activist girlfriend refuses the offer. Kaep dumps his once girlfriend and takes the offer, including a quiet understanding he will stand for the national anthem. Which he does. Kaep will even get to start a game late season, but he is there to be a fearless backup. Which he is. Khalil Mack comes to the Eagles on a 1Yr-2Mil deal. Earl Thomas signs a surprise 1Yr deal and spends the whole year on the bench. Eagles just keep winning and people believe in success again. Too good to pass up. Must-see TV. Wentzylmania. What is Faith and Why is it Fearlessness Defined? How is that the trick to winning? How does that happen? Eagles Nation becomes a ministry of Sundays, with the occasional Monday Night. Huge following. They are a cult of worship around the personalities of the team. Americans fairly trample their new fixation of interest, in truest American Ugly form. This even gets noticed. Prince Kelby is released from pill confinement, and is baptized by Wentz in the Schuylkill at Fairmount Park on the 4th of July, which is a Sunday. Eagles Nation marches 1 million fans to the White House to demand the Helmet Rule be removed by Presidential Order as a matter of National Security. Or Did I Just Dream All This...? ?
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    3 wins? A 3 and 13 record? Man that would be terrible. What an awful season for fans to go through.
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    No surprise. There was tons of content last season. I’d argue the worst season that I’ve ever witnessed.
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