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    If we dont repeat Im rooting for the Chiefs this year. Watching them last night really makes me root for Andy. Would be great for him to finally get his the year after we did. Not giving up or anything. Just saying if we happen to not make it go AR!
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    I just read where Malcolm Jenkins got the key to the city of Camden That's kind of like getting the key to the outhouse isn't it?
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    There still must be something mentally wrong with him and catching deep balls. Especially that one on 3rd and 21. That was a beautiful strike by Wentz and Agholor let it hit him right in the facemask.
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    I'd stop harping on the WRs and focus on the dreadful O line. If Wentz is constantly scrambling for his life, it doesn't matter who is out there waiting for his hurried throws.
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    I guess next game is a real test of how far Ag has come mentally. In his first two years that kind of performance would see him regress in to his shell. I hope that's not the case now and I hope he balls out next week. But man he does need to improve because last night he had a horrible game.
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    Exactly. He has always been able to put up pretty numbers. He also seems to choke when he is most needed.
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