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    I'm with Mike. I think the need to have attention elsewhere will onlyhelp the running game. I think the biggest issue so far with the run game is Doug not calling for a run. Early in the game and early in drives... so far when they have called for rns, regardless of the success, it has benefitted the overall result of the drive. I hope Doug sees it. But yeah, I expect the pass game to improve.... forget all the other stuff... 3rd down is key because it keeps the ball .... red zone is key because it puts the points on the board. Tate helps in those areas and its good. Looking back ... not converting a few key 3rd downs and not putting a few key drives in the end zone was a big cause for losses so far. Carolina at the end ... Tenn, the settled for FGs at the end of the half, regulation and OT. One TD wins the game there!
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    Elite clip board holding talent
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    Make fun of him all you want, they wouldn’t hold a tiebreaker over Cleveland without him.
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    Good grief. This S.F. vs Oakland game really shows just how bad Oakland is. We can be SO thankful our Birds aren't that bad!
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    Coleman has not impressed me much as the lead guy in ATL this year...Would be a decent fit here in philly but rather go younger and cheaper viva the draft
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    Joe where is the fun in that?. I didn’t see the kid overwhelmed during T.C. I think Mailata would hold his own right now, better than what Big V has shown as a much more seasoned player. I’ll say this, our H.C has proven that he has Nooooo problem putting the kids in the fire. J.P has worn down faster than I imagined, Lane could be out till December. Those young monsters Mailata and Pryor will see the field sooner than later if J.P and Lane health worsen. Tell me that after watch Mailata rugby buldozeing act , then we picked him up. That you didn’t see Mailata behind another lineman running the ball right down some opponents throat from the one. Joe tell me you didn’t visualize that at least once ?... maaan lol tough crowd around here . Hehehe...give Jordan the rock Doug.?
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    Wrong. Guy is a chess piece you can move all around and cause confusion for the defense, will help the running game.
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    Completely unfair to fire him while in the middle of his most successful season as a head coach IMO
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    The D blew a 17 point lead.Carolina made the adjustments at the half and we FAILED(Ped) to counter it(that is a coaching boo boo,not a player boo boo)
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    OHHHH Woody Hayes built a college team on "3 yards and a cloud of dust".GREAT as long as you can DO that every down.Love the GT trade. He may not have the numbers he's used to as we have many weapons.But I see him as a threat ANYWHERE on the field.Like Alshon,he can go get those "jump balls" which should help Wentz even if the pass is off a bit.He's also NOT a terrible blocker when asked to do it
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    I'm on a roll.Called for us to grab both Clement and Adams lol(even old guys get lucky once in awhile)
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    In a way, it makes sense to tank now and stockpile draft picks in order to be good 3 years from now. The Raiders are in limbo, playing their final year in Oakland. Next year, they could be playing anywhere. In 2020, they should be moving to Las Vegas. So there's no reason to be good now when you have all this moving out and moving around, and then have a bad season when you're in your new house. They want to start off with some good seasons in Las Vegas, when their future is really at stake. It's the equivalent of selling all your furniture when you're moving to a new house, and then buying new furniture when you get into the new house.
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    Right now in his Junior season (5' 11" - 223) haven't seen him play, but here are his numbers through his Sophomore year. Not too shabby. Rushing Receiving Year Team Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds TD 2016 Kentucky 186 1,091 5.9 48 13 2 39 0 2017 Kentucky 262 1,333 5.1 71 19 9 72 0 Career 448 2,424 5.4 71 32 11 111 0
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    Gruden’s in tank mode all the way. Already decided he has to drastically change the team and is wise to be patient enough to look towards the draft. He still will need to hit on those draft picks though. But if he gets the first pick for Bosa that will help his success rate.
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    Benched tonight. But I'm sure he looked good before getting pulled. Probably better than Aaron Rodgers anyway.
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    The Raiders should be docked their 1st round pick next year for this blatant tank job
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    I love the way he'd burst, then show patience following a block or two, then burst again. That's nice development for a young RB. Things may be starting to click for him. We shall see.
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    Also believe Josh Adams might be the answer to our running game he ran well vs the Jags we have been missing that north south runner.... Also bringing AG and Tate into the backfield could cause matchup problems similar to what Sproles could do back there
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    You are missinghte point it was helping you move the ball ... 20 runs to RBs 27 passes from Carson ... controlled the clock and led to 17 points... That's not opinion, its what actually happened. Doug went pass happy and got no where on 3 drives and scored zero points. If you watch the game again, tell me where I am wrong? What was working to get those 17 points and controlling the ball for 3 quarters ... .20 runs 27 passes. very simple. What didn't work ... one run in the 4th quarter (ironically the best play of the last drive other than the PI call)
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    Could Jordan Mailata see some playing time due to OL Injuries?
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    Golden Tate against Dallas earlier in the year went 8 for 132 and 2 TDs averaging 16.5 ypc
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    You should expect a higher degree of packaged plays (RPOs) and half-field reads, in my opinion. Tate is a very quick separator who can uncover underneath. This will help Carson get the ball out quicker, if they deploy him as I imagine. Ben Solak
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    Waiting to see who gets cut to make room for Tate
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    That's what I can't figure out. Why now and not 10 months ago?
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