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    And not that anyone cares or that it matters, but my race went pretty well. I finished in 2 hours and 30 minutes with two failed obstacles; meaning 60 burpees for penalties. Wasted time and energy on those dropped me from 3rd to 16th with not enough distance left to catch up (less than one mile after my final failed obstacle). Finished 10th. Not bad with 250 runners in the 40-49 age category with me being 48. The rest of the top 10 were between 40 and 41. Race was 15 miles and 34 obstacles. My doctor told me not to do it after I spent a night in the ER after my last race in late July. So i had to promise my wife that I would stop racing any race over 5 miles now. Temperature was perfect for my liking. And thank you all for the advice to hydrate well during the race. I am glad i did and felt good throughout the whole race. Two obstacles missed were the spear throw and Hercules Hoist, both of which I have nailed on prior races. I had never failed an obstacle before this race. The spear throw was just unlucky and i cramped big time on the hoist. Bag weighs nearly as much as I do, but still. By the way, there is WAY too much mud in Florida. Holy smokes, every low point on the course was muddy. Didn’t plan for that. Big time blisters!
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    After watching the replay of that fumble you'll never convince me that the NFL can't have "the most valuable team in the league" continue to lose. In plain English some of these games are fixed
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    Make it a 5th quarter. Same rules apply as regular game.
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    Unfortunately, it seems like Reich was the brains behind the whole offense. The Colts' quick turnaround and Nick's book seems to be evidence enough.
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    You know I can't even think about that. This team, this season is done. A Vikings loss in theory helps but this year is over. But I do want Minnesota to lose because it helps my narrative in my ongoing argument with my friend about Coupons.
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    They also endlessly expanded the franchises/teams to water down the product and generate greater revenues
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    After the horrific call by the refs to kill Our momentous start with a TO... the refs claimed there was no clear recovery, was straight up BS. That told me the NFL decided, then we were screwed. America team had to win this game. The ball was out and there was only one white jersey in that pile... The Eagles started like we hoped and their momentum was taken away by the refs. We started the game, running well with Adams, we drove down the field. Peedy got the I am smarter than everyone else and decided he wanted Sproles and Clement to dictate the pace, they failed to challenge Dallas D. when Doug stuck Adams back in, Kelce got nicked up, the running game and momentum had changed. All season our coaches have failed to utilize the talent on this team. Wentz was a QB last year that spread the ball around, now all he does is look for Ertz, last night he started to look at Jeffery and other playmakers on this team Peedy and this Coaching Staff did nothing to help, lack of creativity in the scheme. The O did NOTHING for three quarters, THE OLD " let’s fight furiously AFTER the Cowbit#@$& stick the fork in us.” is how this team looked, Wentz was not very confident in the biggest game of this season. This offense choked.This team failed to compete offensively like we were waiting for the GALS to get the lead before deciding to play. Our DB’s were our stated weakness, yet kept the Dallas Offense in check but our Coaches could not use our talent offensively. This is sooo disappointing considering how hard this Defense battled. Now I got to listen to my brother BS ...the Cowgirls fan aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh.
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    Congrads senhor! Still in phys therapy here, so wouldn't have been able to even attempt it. You're to be admired.
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    Drafting some new players will bring some excitement back to the team however I believe that next year new coaching will be more important to the club than any new players. I can't be convinced that the talent dropoff from being a Super Bowl champion the previous year to what we see on the offense this year is all caused by injuries. When you start ruling things out as causes for the poor play on offense, the only thing that remains is your answer. The strategies from our coaching staff.
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    Rooting for Seattle. I've disliked Minny since last years NFCCG.
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    The results stink! But I really felt like our guys scrapped hard out there. They put it all on the line. It just wasn’t enough. The cowboys have better corners than us. They moved their most athletic to cover Ertz(Jones). They have better LBs than us. Missing Sean Lee they still get the nod in this area. Smith can run. Vander Esch is a football player that diagnosis and reads well and can make the play. Their Dline gets consistent pressure. They are strong against the run up the middle. Lawrence and Gregory get in the backfield. Gregory is an idiot. He constantly makes dumb penalties and fails drug tests but he can rush the passer like a beast. They have a better RB. They have superior receiving options. About a push on Olines. Wentz is a better QB but Dak is hot right now and Wentz is off. Still ,being outgunned, we win this game if we win the toss in OT. Our D was gassed big time at the end of regulation. They gutted it out to keep us in the game. They had to pretty much three and out dallas or it was obvious they wouldn’t be able to hold.
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    This started when they handicapped Defenses, and moved refereeing to a monitor in Vegas where some bean counter calculates the profitability of the call and communicates it to the refs on the field. The most highly prized Sports franchise in the world the Cowitches, must become realitive again . It’s gonna become even more obvious the gambling influences as the game’s integrity is sold off to the highest bidders.
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    Sen ain't NUTTIN wrong with a top 10 finish.Nice job
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    Chiefs/Bears would be interesting. Probably boring, but it'd be cool seeing the best offense vs. the best defense.
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    In other words, they're going to search for a Gruden yes man.
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