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    I dunno if he's a fraud, but I have been harping all year that his locker room presence is becoming a problem. Starting to remind me late Brett favre or Cal Ripken in Baltimore. When a player becomes bigger than the franchise, mediocrity is almost always the result.
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    His threads are good for one thing, and one thing only: comic relief He doesn't watch games, he reads box scores and thinks the numbers will tell him everything. Flaming moron, that one...
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    Hell of a play by Bell to punch the ball out like that. Saints don't deserve to win if they can't muster 3 points out of this
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    Some clowns want to push an agenda that Rodgers is the greatest QB. These same clowns have a Fake News agenda that Brady is only good because of the AFC East. The truth is that Aaron Rodgers is only good because of the NFC North. Rodgers is 41-17-1 against his division. (.703) He is 37-27 against the rest of the NFC (.578) He is 24-16 against the AFC (.600) Rodgers is about 19.9% better in his division compared to outside his division. .703 compared to .587 Now lets compare him to Tom Brady Brady is 79-21 against his division (.790) He is 73-24 against the rest of the AFC (.752) He is 52-15 against the NFC (.776) Brady is about 3.7% better in his division compared to outside his division. .790 compared to .762 Its true that 2011 was an amazing season for Rodgers (14-1 with a 122.5 rating). Its true that he is the champion of the TD to INT ratio stat. What is also true is that outside of 2011, none of that relates to him winning much outside of his division. He is 52-42 (.565) outside his division if you exclude 2011 THAT is a QB who goes 6-0 or 5-1 in division and then goes 5-5 outside the division and makes the playoffs at 10-6 or worse 4 times. Rodgers is even 2-0 in the playoffs against his division and 7-7 in all other playoff games.
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    There was zero chance Cam was going to take them down the field. Zero. Thanks Saints. Now I have to go take a shower after rooting for them.
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    The Rams and Saints peaked too early.
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    Saints are an average team at best when playing outside their dome. If they don't get HFA, they will be one-and-done
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    Just some observations from last nights game. Even though Wiz will probably be gone after the season for cap reasons, I still believe our O-line plays better as a group with him playing LG in place of Seumalo. When was the last time the Eagles defensive line put as much pressure on a QB as they did last night? I can't remember but it has to have been a while. Notice how much better our practice squad secondary played with all that pressure on Goff? How long are we going to keep giving Elliot a pass on critical missed field goals because of the 61 yarder he made last year? Granted that missed field goal of 51 yards to ice the game last night was not an easy field goal but there was no wind last night when he kicked it. Hopefully we get some good competition for him in camp next year. I really believed prior to the game that Doug Pederson was going to turn Sproles loose on the Rams last night and for a while it appeared like I was going to be correct however Smallwood really stepped up to the plate in a capacity that I have never seem before. I never noticed Smallwood hitting the holes as quickly as he did last night. Congratulations to him on a great game. I still believe with two games left we should ride Sproles into the sunset to any capacity that he can handle. He is rested and opposing defensive linemean at this time of year are not. After watching the Rams last night I think its safe to say their weakest link is their offensive line and they are not the same team without Cooper Kupp. JMO
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    I love the maturity that Maddox & Goedert have shown this season. Goedert has become a good blocker and Maddox has done a great job learning the Safety position in such a short time. Both versatile players. I love seeing draft picks pay off!
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    I like what Nick Foles does. The fact that its obvious he isn;t as good as Carson Wentz, it forces Doug to call a better game (running the ball). The fact that the defense doesn't think he is as good as Carson Wentz... they play up and let 2 WRs get 10 yards behind them. He is a coach's dream because he doesn't mess up and lose it for you, yet you know that you have to call a smart game. The players in front of him know that he isn't going to bail them out of mistakes so they focus and take care of their job. Basically, everyone else does that they should be doing all the time. Other than the absolutely stupid play call and dumb throw for the INT by Talib, I thought everything was done well tonight. Some poor Andy Reid type clock mangagement by not running the ball at the end of the half and to start the 4th Q, and not waiting one more second to challenge the fake punt catch incase the play stood ... I thought Doug did a good job tonight. Foles must have told Schwartz to blitz a couple of times too. Credit Nick Foles, his consistent mediocre to solid type play has a positive effect on the rest of the team. All sarcasm aside ... my hope is Doug figures this out... try this type of game plan and play calling whoever the QB is. The game of football is easier if the opposing defense thinks there is a chance you might run the ball.
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    Girls and gnats got blanked, NE lost and we won - that's a good day. Wish Skins had lost.
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    If Foles gets the whole team to play isn't that your guy? No Goff was PRESSURED lol Even later when we weren't he still was gun shy HAHAHA
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    This is a snooze fest. A cam pick six is needed here.
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    Tough win,I'll take it.Mathematically still alive Hey "two outta three ain't bad" lol
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    Wow, that camera jerked and for a second thought he caught that, phew! Nice win we almost blew
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    Howabout Frank Reich? Turning that team around
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