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    Sign HAM up for locker room pep talks. You convinced me!
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    I don't wanna even drive 15 miles much less run it.
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    Depends on how the week 16 games shake out. If the Eagles and Skins win and the Vikings lose to the Lions, Eagles/Skins essentially becomes a playoff game with the winner getting in and the loser being out. I think that's your Sunday nighter in week 17 if this week plays out like that.
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    FL You will enjoy this site if you haven’t been there before
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    After FOURTEEN YEARS of sucking, it would be way PAST time to "trend" in the right direction. It is baffling how bad these three teams have been while the Patriots have dominated. Unbelievable actually.
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    In that case Ham, should Foles have been starting long ago? I absolutely believe Wentzs' play cost us quite a few games this yr.
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    Was thinking about this in the other thread and how it will effect the Eagles. Hypothetically, lets say everything goes accordingly and it comes to week 17, the time of the games will effect the the Eagles directly. Ex - If the bears/Vikings get flexed, the bears will know before kick off if they have a chance at the 2 seed, or they can sit there starters. - Maybe they go Carolina/Saints if Carolina wins week 16? - looks like Tennessee vs Indy would be a win and your in game. But we(eagles fans) cant have the bears game flexed.
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    31 NFL teams opinion of Nick Foles. Meanwhile some of our fans think we should trade Carson Wentz. Comedy.
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    Maddox to me is a sign we could let McLeod go to free up cap..... Though I do believe this Eagles D is at its best when we have 3 S that can play at a fairly high level....Allows is to use a big nickel set with Jenkins down near the line which I believe is were he is at his best
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    That being said, I'd like to see the Eagles get Agholor more involved in the passing game this week. Give him some opportunities. You've been asking him to do the dirty work all year with very few touches. Don't have to feature him; just get him involved. Keep feeding Jeffery unless the Texans take him away....which then opens things up for Tate and Ertz. Get Goedert involved and keep the chains MOVING. I think the Eagles will have to score at least 30 to beat the Texans too. And running the ball SUCCESSFULLY was nice to see. We need Adams to understand the situation if they are going to run him on 4th and 1. No dancing on 4th and 1 dude. I like Bradham. I think his play has fallen off a little bit, but I think he was the MVP of the defense last year. Somebody here said Jenkins was losing it. I totally disagree. Jenkins is playing great football. If not for him, the defense would be in serious trouble. Maddox has been a welcome addition. I like LeBlanc. I think he plays sound football. He's not perfect and he makes mistakes, but his effort is definitely there. And hats off to Wiz. He played outstanding subbing in this past week.
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    The Texans are playing great ball. Probably playing as well as anybody in the league. We are deservedly underdogs in this matchup. But I refuse to let negativity bring me down. I’m not waffling! I back the EAGLES! I believe! We can do this. We aren’t out until we are out. Times like this test who you are. What you are about. What choice do you have? For me there is no other. We have to win! We can win! WE WILL WIN!
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    Kuechly is clearly the brain of that defense. It’s not just his ability...you’re correct. He makes everyone better. The Saints have faced him enough they admit that they actively try to trick him specifically. Bobby Wagner is the next guy at LB. He has incredible talent. Tackling machine with great instincts. Maybe better athletics than Luke. But he isn’t the brain of the D like Kuechly. Only thing slowing Luke is the concussions. Shame he’s had so many.
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    Like I said last night, even if the docs approved of Wentz playing, I'd stick with Foles. Matter of fact, I would have gone to him weeks ago. Foles is mobile, doesn't have the "have to make a play" attitude, finds the open guy not just Ertz and throws downfield!
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    OK... the idea is that 3 months to fully heal, but I also saw that they think he may be ready to play in a couple of weeks. you don't put him on IR if he can play, because if you make the playoffs he is the backup, not Sudfeld. That's really the answer. It's not to start over Foles who would have been playing and got you in the playoffs, but as the backup to him. If Wentz can't get any worse, then he goes in as the backup. It's the right move in a win or go home situation.
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    Definitely the rams I’d they have to face the bears. I don’t think Andy has won a playoff game in KC 🤔
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    Foles has 7 tds ties the nfl record did it in 3 qtrs as well still pissed Chipper didn’t let him get the record 8th td
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    I'm not much of a bar person, but assuming you are staying at the Grand Hyatt in downtown DC, which is at 1000 H Street NW, Washington, DC, there will be plenty of bars in the intermediate vicinity. The hotel is not far from Capital One Arena (home of the NBA's Washington Wizards and NHL's Washington Capitals, located near 7th Street and F Street NW, 3 blocks east and 1-2 blocks south), which has many bars and restaurants nearby, including a few sports bars. There are also a number of bars a short train/bus/taxi ride away in neighborhoods like Dupont Circle (to the west/northwest) and U Street corridor (to the north/northwest). As far as getting to the Eagles/Redskins game, using an Uber/Lyft to FedEx Field (which is in Maryland roughly 8 miles/13 km east of downtown DC) will be very expensive. Traffic near FedEx Field is also horrible before and after games if you drive. Your best bet, if you don't mind walking, is to take the Washington, DC subway system, more commonly known as Metro or Metrorail (WMATA is the agency that operates the Metrorail), from downtown DC to the stadium. More specifically, you'll want to take the Metro Blue or Silver Line, which has a stop at Metro Center, only 2-3 blocks from your hotel, to the Morgan Boulevard Metro station. Morgan Boulevard station is a little less than 1 mile (or approximately 1.25 km) from FedEx Field. Though it is a bit of a walk, many people, including me, use this method to get to/from games at FedEx Field. One more thing - which airport are you using to get into DC? The most convenient airport to use to get to downtown DC is Washington National Airport (aka Reagan National), but because you are flying in Europe I'm guessing you are using Washington Dulles Airport, considerably further to the west of DC (roughly 20-25 miles, or 30-40 km) in Virginia. There is no rail transit between Dulles Airport and downtown DC, and the only bus transit available is the WMATA Metrobus 5A route. Your best bet to get to downtown DC from the airport probably is something like SuperShuttle, Uber/Lyft, or a taxi. Here are some links that might help: *Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Grand+Hyatt+Washington/@38.8995633,-77.0284919,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xeef081ecdbf51546!8m2!3d38.8992558!4d-77.0264005 (this link is centered on the Grand Hyatt in downtown DC) - you can view restaurants, bars, and other amenities on the map *WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) website: https://www.wmata.com/ *WMATA Metrorail map: https://www.wmata.com/schedules/maps/index.cfm?t=maps-rail-wrapper (your hotel is near where the Red Line intersects the Blue/Orange Lines on the map, i.e. the spot where most of the stations are clustered; Morgan Boulevard near FedEx Field is near the second station on the right side near the Blue Line) *Washington Dulles International Airport: http://flydulles.com/iad/dulles-international-airport *WMATA Metrobus 5A schedule/map: https://www.wmata.com/schedules/timetables/upload/5A_170625.pdf (the last stop for the route from the airport, L'Enfant Plaza Station, is near one of the major WMATA Metrorail stations, also called L'Enfant Plaza)
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    Okay, From what I understand, Wentz's injury will take 3 months to fully heal from the time he stops playing. It will not get any worse if he plays but it will be somewhat painful and restrictive. So even if he played if Foles got hurt, there would still be time for him to heal before the start of next season. I think most of us noticed that something wasn't right with Carson earlier but couldn't put our fingers on what was the problem. When you think back on some previous games and how he was forcing the ball to Ertz it makes some sense now. Last year he could run around in the pocket to buy some time for his wide receivers to get open further down the field but with his injury that option was not available this year. If Ertz was open first, he got the ball. When Ajayi tore up his knee and Clement was hurt as well it just magnified the problem because it took awhile for Pederson to gain confidence in the running game. Pederson chose to throw the ball more and Wentz couldn't run around until his receivers could get open down the field. This will probably be the last year that Ertz has a record breaking season like this and it probably happened by necessity.
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    Crazy. I started watching the game last night very relaxed as I thought the Eagles would get destroyed. I was pretty nervous by the end. Great win! Love the fact that they didn't quit with everything against them. Some observations: * I have no issues with Doug going for it in 4th and 1 from around mid field after they had gotten a turnover. It was an "extra" possession anyway. I just didn't like the call, or rather, WHO they called the run up the middle for. Adams has to understand the situation. It's 4th and 1! The box is stacked and you have extra Olinemen to help. So hit the whole downhill and quickly. That waiting around for a hole when the box is stacked is never a good idea. * LeBlanc - I kind of like this kid. He is not the most talented necessarily, but he is around the ball and plays with good aggression and angles, especially for a guy we hadn't even heard of prior to three weeks ago. * The offense seemed to FLOW more last night. I'm a big Wentz fan, but he needs to self scout and realize he needs to get Jeffery more involved. He needs to get off of Ertz a little/lot more. I'm a little bummed that the team has decided to exclude Agholor after the tremendous progress he made last year. But it is what it is at this point. * Finally, the Rams....they play small ball. I was not impressed. But I do think they will fix it. With all of the backup to the backup to the backup DBs on the Eagles team, they did NOT test the secondary much at all. Cox was a force limiting that, but even when Cox was on the bench, the Rams did not force the issue downfield.
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    You think +- in Hockey is borderline useless? 21 of the top 22 +- players are in the Hall of Fame and the one missing was literally a beast for about 10 years (McCrimmon) He won a cup in Calgary and he helped take his team to a 7 game series with an OT loss for Philly against maybe the greatest team of all time. Some clowns who agree with you voted an absolute joke as MVP last year in Taylor Hall. CLARIFICATION - THEY are clowns for taking the 6th leading scorer who ALSO was only +14 and giving him the MVP. I disagree with you on this, but the decision of the MVP voters is what I am attacking here. Its like LeBron ball hogging vs Golden State and trading his 2s for their 3s while down by 15 in the finals. Lets worship him for his 34 points 7 assists and 10 rebounds... and his -22 🏀 The -22 is kind of a big deal Jock sniffers were pumping up LeBron as MVP of the finals in that sweep. He may have been -75 in 4 games, but I love me some Bron Bron! Carmello could still put up good stats for your team if you did not mind the -25 every night. Also, your 40 points in 16 losses is goofy theory, nothing close to it has ever happened. Maybe Alex Smith's playoff career? But I understand the context and don't blame him for his record. I'd never blame Rodgers for his playoff loss to Warner's Cardinals, but he did not really do much in his 3 NFCCGs. Rodgers is a pretty boy who cares about stats and commercials and does not score enough points to win enough important games. People who don't rate QBs by win loss don't understand football. No one in their right mind wants their team to go 6-10 with pretty stats. There is CLEARLY a widely accepted myth about Brady and the AFC East. I have simply laid out how that myth is actually true for Aaaron Rodgers. Rage against the audacity of people holding QBs accountable for wins but at the end of the day, Rodgers is the highest paid loser in the NFL the last 2 seasons. How dare we expect Rodgers to win in Chicago... it's not like Brady threw 3 TDs and scored 30+ there this year or something... oh, wait. Rodgers should still be a first ballot hall of famer, but he does not belong in any conversation with guys like Brady or Montana.
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