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    Sign HAM up for locker room pep talks. You convinced me!
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    I don't wanna even drive 15 miles much less run it.
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    FL You will enjoy this site if you haven’t been there before
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    After FOURTEEN YEARS of sucking, it would be way PAST time to "trend" in the right direction. It is baffling how bad these three teams have been while the Patriots have dominated. Unbelievable actually.
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    In that case Ham, should Foles have been starting long ago? I absolutely believe Wentzs' play cost us quite a few games this yr.
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    Edit: December 23, 2018 NFC: Saints (13-2) Clinched Home Field Advantage Rams (12-3) Bears (11-4) Tiebreaker vs. Rams Cowboys (9-6) Clinched 4th Seed Seahawks (9-6) Clinched Playoffs Birth Vikings (8-6-1) In the Hunt: Eagles (8-7) Week 17: Rams Can Clinch a First Round Bye with a Win Bears Can Clinch a First Round Bye with a Win and a Rams Loss Vikings Can Clinch a Playoffs Birth with a Win and Eagles Loss Eagles Can Clinch a Playoffs Birth with a Win and a Vikings Loss Seahawks Can Clinch a 5th Seed with a Win or a Vikings Loss
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    Maddox to me is a sign we could let McLeod go to free up cap..... Though I do believe this Eagles D is at its best when we have 3 S that can play at a fairly high level....Allows is to use a big nickel set with Jenkins down near the line which I believe is were he is at his best
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    In reality, I don't really care, but if I had my choice, I think I'd prefer he never win a Super Bowl, as it would vindicate why so many of us wanted him gone.
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    Welp, in the fantasy finals.Wish me luck(Im gonna need it) Drafted 11th(ugh) Started out 1-4,then ran off a 9-1 winning streak,made the wildcard and then knocked off the #1 seed. ONE MORE GAME!!! 😁
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    So Pedey said part of Foles' success was due to the slimmed down game plan, which would have been slimmed down even if Wentz was still playing. Did Pedey admit they were trying to do too many things instead of fewer things better?
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    Yeah Im doin the what if too which I started last night lol
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    What really fries the brain is what if Foles started vs the girls? Things like this are why I don't do hypotheticals.
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    For me the best thing is the play of the secondary with a bunch of 3rd stringers and PS players. Props to them and the secondary coaches.
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    That's funny Wrang! Wonder if Sproles wants to give it another yr? Still need a power back.
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