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    Both games are being played at 4:25, so I'm not sure how much time he's going to have to scoreboard watch. On top of that, the 49ers aren't a pushover, they'll give the Rams a fight. The only scenario here is, if the Rams are blowing out the 49ers early, Nagy may pull his starters. Regardless of the facts here, if the Eagles win and the Bears don't, the Eagles only have themselves to blame for not making the playoffs. Sure, they've been decimated by injuries, but, they blew leads in a few winnable game, Titans and Panthers games come to mind. Had they won those two, they likely wouldn't need help.
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    Brrrr....I bet you bust out those mittens once it hits 65 at night LOL
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great holiday
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    Looks like the league figured out how to unlock big head mode in NFL Blitz 🤣 Link to story
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    Hope everyone had a great day. Deb got me the new Joni Mitchell 4 cd set. May not be your cup of tea, brings back great memories for me. Comes with a booklet I want to read before bed. Have a good one.
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    Believe GB used to live in Chi town where winters are brutal. They get soft when they move to FL tho. Watch out if it snows an inch - they can't drive!
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    Wow, Foles' ydg stats off the charts, top of all Eagles' QB's ever actually. Man I'd like him to stay
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    They have days to wear Pats gear to work. Deb proudly wears her Eagles gear. Once her boss gave her a Pats Tee, she thanked him but didn't wear it. She's trying on the Eagles jammies I got her.
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    If it happens a little payback is owed. Saints beat the Eagles in Philadelphia last time. we beat them in the dome years ago too. It's possible the Eagles could pull it off.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Mine starts at noon as Deb had to work 1/2 day. Those inconsiderate patients not being well for the holiday!
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    If they think about it, the Bears have multiple reasons to be motivated. That doesn't necessarily mean that they won't come out flat. They might. And the Vikings will be as motivated as they know how to be. Bu the Bears are the better team.
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    This was the very same situation we actually were in against in Dallas in 2010 I believe. We had them week 17 and if we win we had a chance at the 2nd seed and if we lost we would be playing Dallas again following week in the playoffs. We ended up putting out a stinker week 17 getting shut out and lost all momentum then lose to them again the following week in the playoffs. I don’t think the bears want to face the Vikings first week in the playoffs after losing to them week 17
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    Yes we have. The dude is something special. I have confidence he can beat anyone. I havent ever had confidence in any other Eagles QB like I do with St Nick. And his teammates believe in him too..you can tell their confidence is through the roof when hes in there, They feel like they can beat anyone!! LETS GET IT BROTHER!!
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    Consider it done..The mania is returning..and it will be the mother of all mania posts..so get ready BROTHER!!!
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    To all my fellow FANATICS... Merry Christmas may god bless you and your families into the New Year.
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    Mike Wallace activated is suppose to practice this week....Could possibly add another big play threat to our O
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    Well fans, another Christmas eve will soon be upon us. Where does the time go? Last Christmas we were all wondering again whether our team had what it takes to win a Super Bowl. We found out it did. An Eagles friend of mine told me that after the Super Bowl win he couldn't sleep that night because for the first time in his life his reality was finally better than his dreams. LOL I hope that you fans have a reality this year that is better than your dreams as well. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    He is definitely a keeper honestly think he deserves to be the starter next season....He started off rough but he hasn’t made strides....He has gotten better in coverage and should keep getting better, tackles well... and honestly he is one of the best playmakers we have as well
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    Love this kids length and competitiveness... he continues to get better. He is a keeper.
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    The knee bones connected to the...thigh bone,the thigh bones connected to the hip bone,the hip bones connected to the back bone and THATS why Wentz can't throw(thankyou no applause please HAHA
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    They are playing for a 1st round bye if they win, no?
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