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    What other specific offense has Wentz succeeded in?
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    My thought exactly. I want him to go somewhere in the AFC where he can have success and the only time the Eagles play against him is in a Super Bowl or every 4th year.
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    Reich was still our OC he wasn't even speculated to leave till after Flipp joined the Vikings
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    Cool.... now trade us 5 first round picks for Foles.
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    If he decides to become a free agent we can then franchise tag him and then trade him
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    You guys bicker like siblings or a married couple I can't decide let's debate that next
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    DeFellipo got canned for refusing to run the ball
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    LMAO!! The guy on the right of the video is like--- We are F..ed.
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    This thread needs a serious bump considering most of this conversation was before last Sunday. Letting Foles walk to the Panthers/Saints/Giants or Pats for nothing other than a 3rd rd 2020 comp pick would be malpractice. Most important position in professional sports and we have an elite guy when the lights are the brighest but everyone is so excited to let him walk for free. Ridiculous.
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    I have to laugh at posts here and elsewhere saying Foles should be the future and not Wentz. I seem to remember, just a year ago, people saying Sudfield should be the starter cuz Foles sucks
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    And a reason why Howie needs to get assets for him. You absolutely no way in hell let him go to either of those teams for a 3rd round comp pick.
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    I would also classify the Saints and Patriots as "sneaky" possibilities.
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    The Panthers are a sneaky team to land Foles. There are talks that Cam could be sitting out 2019 due to his shoulder injury (similar to what Lucks situation was).
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    Yea man, lots of talented Rb’s and Wr’s in NFC East. Cox is one year older Jernigan is not a bad #2 at the adjusted salary I want some better D Line Depth. The replacement CB’s played well considering when they arrived on the team, but even with the injured guys we have to upgrade our S, LB, or CB’s positions. As far as how Schwartz schemes the CB that is another conversation Jenkins is getting to that age. So I am buying the youth movement hopefully we get the same Quality that we did from the 2018 Draft with players in starting roles as rookies playing well.
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    I don’t think the Eagles or any team hasn’t doubts that Wentz was the guy moving forward....Only people that seemed to want to make it a guessing game was the media.....And for a 25 year old QB that had a mvp caliber year under his belt on a rookie deal no team is going to get him for less then multiple 1st rounders in my view and even then I would still rather move Foles for a 2nd over giving up Wentz....But that is just my opinion
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    Hey man you had a great season I was surprised
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    NFC East all comfy on the couch now....
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    It's been that way since before 4k
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